The Five civilization You satisfy in sky By: Mitch Albom Plot heat Eddie is working as head of maintain at Ruby Pier Amusement Park. While freeing kids indigenous a damaged ride, Freddy"s totally free Fall, among the carts falls. The tries topush a small girl out of the way. This iswhen Eddie dies. In heaven, the first person Eddie meets is the Blue Man. They talk around Eddie"s life together a child. The 2nd person Eddie meets in sky is the captain that saved his life in civilization War II. The third person Eddie meets is Ruby. Ruby Pier was called after her and also built by she husband. The 4th person Eddie meets is Marguerite. Marguerite to be Eddie"s wife who passed away young native a mind tumor. The 5th person Eddie meets is Tala. Tala was a young girl that Eddie unknowingly killed in the war. If burning under an adversary camp, she was in among the burn buildings and also couldn"t get out. Ultimately Tala forgives him and he move on to his item of heaven.Eddie"s heaven is Ruby Pier through everyone he ever knew and he finds out he conserved the tiny girl"s life. Setting The story takes location in Eddies home town which has an amusement park, Ruby Pier.Ruby Pier extends end the ocean. Eddie functioned at thepark together head that maintenance, likehis father before him.The story starts at the end of Eddies life top top his 83rd birthday. Personalities Eddie is the protaganist in this story. The is strong, brave, smart and also loyal. His wife, Marguerite, is loving, pretty and quiet. Eddies father was a hardworking, old fashioned man with a drink problem. His mother was loving and in she older work a bit dilutional. Design template The layout of this story is every little thing happens for a reason. There are no arbitrarily acts. The main example of this is when the captain shooting Eddie in the leg crippling him, but saving his life. Eddie doesn"t obtain to live the life he wants toandstays in ~ Ruby Pier,but due to the fact that of it he saved a girl"s life.

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disputes There are two main problems in this story. The first one is human being versus person. Eddie blames his father for no letting him seek a careerer and for dieing, because he had actually to take treatment of his mommy the remainder of his life. The other dispute is human versus self. Eddie is filled through regrets. He blames self for his wifes death and what he did in the war. He also has to get rid of being shooting in the war and unable to efficiently use his best leg. referrals I would certainly recomend this greatbook to anyone that has ever wondered what wake up after death and how your actions impact people. quotes "This is a story about a man named Eddie and also it starts at the end, through Eddie dying in the sun." The suggest of watch of this story is third person omnicient. "There is no same in life and also death. If that were, no an excellent men would certainly die young." "There room no random acts.

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We are all connected. You can no more separate one life from one more than you deserve to separate a breeze native the wind."