The count of Monte Cristo(French: Le Comte deMonte-Cristo) is one adventure novel through French author Alexandre Dumas (père) perfect in 1844. Itis one of the author"s most famous works, in addition to TheThree Musketeers. Like plenty of of his novels, it isexpanded indigenous plot outlines said by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet. The story takes place in France, Italy, and also islands in the Mediterranean during the historical occasions of1815–1839: the era that the BourbonRestoration throughthe regime of Louis-Philippeof France. It beginsjust prior to the HundredDays duration (when Napoleon went back to power after his exile).The historical setup is a fundamental element the the book, an adventure storyprimarily involved with themes that hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, andforgiveness. It centres around a man who is wrongfully imprisoned, escapes fromjail, acquires a fortune, and also sets about getting revenge ~ above those responsiblefor his imprisonment. However, his plans have actually devastating consequences for theinnocent and also the guilty. In addition, that is a story the involvesromance, loyalty, betrayal, and also selfishness, presented throughout the story ascharacters progressively reveal your true inner nature.

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Alexandre Dumas (French:, born DumasDavy de la Pailleterie ;24 July 1802 – 5 December 1870), likewise known as Alexandre Dumas, père,was a French writer. His works have actually been analyzed into nearly 100 languages,and he is among the most widely check out French authors. Plenty of of his historicalnovels that high adventure were originally published together serials, including The counting of Monte Cristo, TheThree Musketeers,TwentyYears After, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne: Ten years Later. His novels have been adjusted sincethe early twentieth century for virtually 200 films. Dumas" last novel, The knight of Sainte-Hermine,unfinished at his death, was completed by a scholar and published in 2005,becoming a bestseller. It was published in English in 2008 as The LastCavalier.
Ø Exposition:Edmond Dantes and Fernand Mandego room asking for aid their captain fromconstructive brain fever to England Soldiers.
è Thebeginning the the story is one night, Edmond Dantes and Fernand Mandego lookingfor someone for therapy of their captain native constructive brain fever. Then,they stopped at the side sea and saw a crowd of England soldier who ride thehorses. Edmond dantes is asking for help to the soldiers however got rejectedbecause his fault and also Edmond Dantes and Fernand mandego have actually a fight with thesoldiers till they satisfy Napoleon Bonaparte who gives to assist them.
Ø RisingAction : Napoleon Bonaparte offered a letter to Dantes and asks Dantes to store thesecret that the letter from other world including Mandego.
è AfterNapoleon Bonaparte bring away Dantes and Mandego to some place, Dantes and also Mandegotake a rest for a while and also suddenly Napoleon comes to them and to inform themthat their captain to be died. Then, Napoleon called Dantes come come out and also gavehim a letter for Monsieur Clarion and also asks the to keep the secret of the letterfrom other civilization including Mandego however Mandego witnessed the conversation betweenNapoleon and Dantes.
Ø Climax:Edmond Dantes was declared as a traitor and then he sent out to the Chateau d’lf byMonsieur Villefort.
è Onenight, there space some soldiers come to Dantes’s house and also take him to meetMonsieur Villefort. Dantes to be caught due to the fact that Mandego and Danglars notify villefortthat Dantes gained a mystery letter native Napoleon at Elba. Dantes tried come explaintoVillefortbut Villefort decline it and sent him to the Chateau d’lf prison. At theprison, Dantes punished by MonseiurDorleac and also he obtained slashing in his back. Fiveyears later, Dantes fulfill a pastor that looking for way out come escape. Castle aregetting close and also Pastor provides Dantes the knowledge about economic, math,philosophy and science. Dantes desires to be knowledgeable man and also he learn andpractice exactly how to use the sword and also how to protect himself native the rival.Someday, there is one accident whereby the minister died because he hidden under theground, but before the pastor was died, he gives the information about treasureand also gives the map for the location of treasure. Unfortunately, Danteswants to take it the revenge by using the treasure also though the minister bannedhim however he still desires to do that. After ~ Dantes escaped from the prison, Hisname changes currently become Zatarra and also he shot to uncover out the treasureaccompany through Jacopo and they succeed.
Ø FallingAction :Dantes uncovered the endowment in order to take it the revenge to Danglars,Villefort, Fernand and Marcedes.
è AfterDantes found the treasure, he straight takes the revenge come the human being whoalready do him suffered. Jacapo help Dantes to carry out his trick. Jacopo bought abig castle for Dantes and also held a solemn event in order come invite his rivals tothe lock in Monte Cristo island and become he come to be Count Monte Cristo. Dantesdid his plan to take it the revenge to his rivals and also defeat his rivals one by oneand likewise he met Marcedes who currently realize him as Edmond Dantes.
Ø Resolution: Dantes success to take his revenge and also finally that gather with Marcedes andAlbert (his son)
è AfterDantes success to defeat his rivals one by one, he has a last fight withMandego, they hit each other until Dantes is stabbing Mandego v sword athis heart and also Mandego was died. Finally, the gathers through Marcedes and alsoAlbert that actually is his son. They live happily ever before after.
Theconflict indigenous this story is Edmond Dantes knows the FernandMandegois a traitorand Dantes is gaining mad and wants to take revenge someday.
Ø EdmondDantes was caught by Monsieur Villefort and also Dantes was declared as traitor.Then, Dantes sent out to prison however on his method he try to escaped and come toMandego’s residence to educate that he asserted as traitor yet Mandego speak thetruth the he is the one who give the information about the letter thatreceives by Dantes come Monsieur Villefort.
è Inthis story, Edmond Dantes is acquiring mad come FernandMantego and wants to takerevenge. This is around the doubt the feeling due to the fact that at the end of the story,Dantes realizes the revenge is not the good idea.
è Inthis story, Edmond Dantes take the revenge to some world who do himsuffering.Dantes loss his rivals one by one till he succeeds come againstthem.
At the an initial time,Dantes is a stupid man and not dangerous since he is naïve and can’t review butafter he was in prison, that met v the old man and old man provided him knowledgeabout economic, Mathematics, Filsafat, Ilmualam and how to defend himself.After that he can escape from the jail and also he want to take it revenge come peoplewho made him suffering.
·Based on the main part or roles in thisstory, Dantes belong to main or significant character. Since the story focuses on Dantesand many of the story is talking about him indigenous the beginning until the end ofthe story. In the story tells about the guy who was trapped by his friend whosename Mandego and also he resided in prison for a long time about thirteen years. Afterthat, the learned just how to read and got knowledge around economic, mathematics, etcthat provided by Old guy and additionally how to defend himself. Finally, he can escapeand met with people who made the suffering, so the he take the revenge
·Based ~ above the personal traits, Dantesbelongs to facility or ring Character. Due to the fact that he showed her depth personalityin this story and He possess both an excellent and negative traits. He aid his captain andbring the to cross the border that the sea to discover out the cure. He believed withhis girlfriend Mandego till he was in prison and also he realized the was trapped byMandego yet he desire to take the revenge for whatever that taken place to him
·Based ~ above the opportunity to change, Dantesbelongs come Dynamic character since at the beginning, he to be a naive man butuntil in the jail he got knowledge, he establish that already trapped byMandego, Villefort, Danglars and Mercedes who married v Mandego.After that,he became a bad person because he desire to take it the revenge by act the sametrick to trap them and at the end of story, he battled with Mandego.
·Based ~ above the normative value, Dantesbelongs come Protagonist. Due to the fact that the story described about the an excellent moralbehavior that Dantes.
He to be Dantes’ friend. He betrayed Dante since heloved and also wanted to take it Mercedes indigenous Dante. He to be a poor person since onmany cases such together corruption, eliminated people, etc
·Based ~ above the main part or duties in thisstory, Mandego belong to key or major character. Due to the fact that the story focuses onMandego and also most the the story is talking around him native the start until theend that the story. In the story tells about the male who betrayed his friendDante because of girl and he to be a greedy male that want to preeminence the island
·Based ~ above the personal traits, Mandegobelongs to complex or round Character. Due to the fact that he confirmed her depth personalityin this story and also He own both an excellent and negative traits. He also help his captainand bring him to overcome the border the the sea to find out the cure that withDantes and also protect Dantes from army bullet. Then, he observed Marcedes and also hewant to take it Marcedes native Dantes. The trapped Dantes by report him to MonseourClarion. And then, he married through Marcedes. Finally at the finish of the story,he combated with Dantes.
·Based top top the possibility to change,Mandegobelongs come Dynamic character due to the fact that at the beginning, that wasDantes’ friend butwhen they arrived on Marseilles he readjusted become a traitor. He educated toDanglars if Dantes that has a letter that provided by Napoleon Bonaparte and also theyalso educated monsieur Villefort.
·Based on the normative value, Mandegobelongs to Antagonist. Since the story described around the negative moral behaviorof Mandego. We have the right to see the in the story, the betrayed his girlfriend (Dantes) bytrapping Dantes with notified him come Monsieur Villefort and took Mercedes come bemarried v him.
Mercedes :Mercedes is Maurel’s daughter. She was Dantes girlfriend that really loves Dantes,and married through Mandego yet still loves v dantes.
Monsieur Clarion :The father of Villefort who constantly felt he was a leader.He doesnt want any readjust of position.
Monsieur Mondego: He to be a fierce judge, envyand greedy also though he has actually a many money but he desire to add his money. The doesnt feel happy if who is betterthan him. He was unfaithful person, and also like to flirt v some girls.
Monsieur Villeffort: he to be a fiercejudge also. He trap Dantes and also send him to the prison on the grounds that hehas made the country’s disgrace.
Armand Dorleach :he to be a cruel chief prison which whipping dantes everyyear as long as he is in jail.
· based on the an individual traits, LuigiVampa belongs to level Character. Because he showed his simple character in thisstory. She just concentrated on money and his dirty job as burglar and smuggler. Healways took benefits from that.
·Based ~ above the normative value, LuigiVampa belongs come Antagonist .Because the story described around the negative moralbehavior of Luigi Vampa. The asked Jacopo and Dantes to fight each various other andsometimes also he assisted Dantes to steal treasure of Mandego.
Pastor : The old male who an extremely kind with Dantes, hehelp dantes to escape the jail and give Dantes the knowledge in order come makeDantes knowledgeable.
· based on the an individual traits, Jacopobelongs to level Character. Because he proved his an easy character in thisstory. He invested himself to offered Dantes.
·Based top top the possibility to change, Jacopobelongs to revolution character due to the fact that the personality of Jacopo is still remainingthe same. He always served and also protected Dantes from danger.
·Based top top the normative value, Jacopobelongs to Protagonist. Since the story described around the good moralbehavior that Jacopo. We deserve to see in the story Jacopo constantly saved Dantes fromdanger and Served Dantes as lengthy as his life.
·Based ~ above the main part or duties in thisstory, Albert belongs to minor character. Since the story perform not focus on Albertandhe appeared at the end of the story as a Dantes’ son
·Based ~ above the personal traits, Albertbelongs to facility or ring Character. Because he confirmed his depth personalityin this story and He own both good and bad traits. In ~ the an initial time, hebelieved come Dantes since he was helped by Dantes yet when Mandego wasattacked by Dantes. Albert tried to protect Mandego indigenous Dantes but in the endof story, as soon as he knew the fact of genuine father was Dantes and accepted.
·Based top top the opportunity to change,Albertbelongs to Dynamic character due to the fact that at the beginning,he thought to Dantesbecause he was assisted by Dantes however when Mandego was struck by Dantes. Alberttried to protect Mandego indigenous Dantes but in the finish of story, once he knew thetruth of actual father to be Dantes and accepted.
·Based on the normative value, Albertbelongs come Protagonist. Due to the fact that the story described about the an excellent moralbehavior of Albert. We deserve to see in the story Alberttried to protect his belovedpeople.
Ø ar : Chateau D’if, Mersielles, Monte cristo,and Paris.
Ø Time : Morning, afternoon and night.
Ø Function: The duty of setup of this story as background because there’s norelation between the conflict and setting. The conflict of the story is aboutthe backbiting and also revengeso it way there’s nothing to do in between the storyand setting.
The template of this story is retaliation will not solve theproblem
Ø Thepoint of check out from this story is Limitedomniscient/selected suggest of view (third human omniscient suggest of viewbecause the story is not told indigenous the suggest of view of any kind of of the charactersbut simply through Edmond Dantes and additionally the writer knows what the people arethinking however not all the time. The author not simply telling united state what occurred butalso telling around what Edmond Dantes is thinking but we don’t know what anyoneelse is thinking.
è Thekind of price is beginning symbol due to the fact that it is using based upon the context of thework. Cheese isassociated in the popular creativity that define the status of society life.

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è Thekind of prize is beginning symbolbecause it it is using based on the paper definition of the job-related and also in this story treasure method that the resource of wealthwhich can readjust someone life.
we personally think the this storyis really interesting. Thisstory tells aboutfriendship, betrayal, misery, and also the battles of life the occurs due to the fact that ofcaste in society. Culture is regarded according to their wealth, and also those whohave good wealth was provided the title of "Count". Caste in social life is described in achess suggest that came to be a symbol in this story.
There room some ethical values likewise that we have the right to in this story. Thefirst, in social life should be no location or caste was affected by possessions. In fact, all males are equal yet the fateof distinguishing. Second, execute notbe envious the the lives of people better than you. Envy will damage everythingyou have actually in your life or who else.
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