She to be a breakout star on among America"s most well-known sitcoms in the 1980s and early "90s. "The Cosby Show" turned NBC"s Thursday night lineup right into must-see TV and also Lisa Bonet into a hot commodity. In fact, Bonet to be so renowned that an entire spin-off series was based approximately her character"s adventures in college together Denise Huxtable gone into a new life.

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"A different World" was initially a Bonet vehicle, regardless of her only lasting one season through the collection (via Biography). She at some point did return to "The Cosby Show" but was phased the end of the series, leaving many fans to wonder why.

The "High Fidelity" star was simply 17 year old as soon as she landed the duty of Denise, the many free-spirited that the Huxtable kids on the landmark sitcom. Bonet was likewise a complimentary spirit in actual life, and also her personality brought about butting heads v Bill Cosby, the sitcom"s star, creator, and also executive producer. Stories of stress and anxiety on the collection between these 2 performers playing father and also daughter at some point emerged, through Bonet criticizing the show and allegedly often getting here late because that work. This didn"t sit well through Cosby, for this reason he convinced Bonet to sign up with the spin-off.

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Lisa Bonet made several life transforms during the very first season of "A various World" in 1987. First, she starred in the racy film "Angel Heart" v Mickey Rourke and also chose come pose topless for Interview Magazine, follow to Biography. Then, she married musician Lenny Kravitz and soon announced she pregnancy, which ended her operation on "A different World."

According to TVWeb, producer Debbie Allen suggested writing Bonet"s pregnancy into the show, thinking that having a pregnant college student might be innovative. Cosby supposedly responded with, "Lisa Bonet is pregnant, but Denise Huxtable is not." Cosby additionally feared Bonet"s way of life would detract native the wholesomeness he to be trying to portray on his sitcom.

So, Denise Huxtable got married come a former military man and also showed up on she family"s doorstep with him and her brand brand-new stepdaughter, Olivia, play by a pint-sized crow Symone. Bonet was ago on "The Cosby Show" whereby she started, yet it didn"t critical long, and also the actress to be fired permanently in 1991. Cheat sheet reports the Cosby claimed the actress to be let go because she had actually outgrown the function and the product she to be given. However, Kravitz saw points differently and wrote in his memoir title "Let Love Rule" the his previous wife"s "relationship v Bill to be tense and eventually untenable." 

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Although he hadn"t starred on a television collection since 2000 – "Cosby" was canceled after 4 years (via IMDb) – Bill Cosby again do headlines in 2015 as soon as he was shockingly accused that sexually assaulting a slew of ladies over a number of years by giving them drugs and also then assaulting castle (via The Cut).

In 2018, Cosby to be convicted for sexually assaulting one of those women and sentenced to 3 to 10 year in a Pennsylvania state prison. However, top top June 30, 2021, Cosby"s conviction to be overturned by the Pennsylvania supreme Court based on a technicality and he to be released the same day, follow to CNN.

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Back in 2018, Lisa Bonet disputed the accusations through Net-a-Porter. She to be asked if the revelations of Cosby sexually assaulting women adjusted her memories of her time working v him. She replied, "No, it"s precisely as i remember it. There was no knowledge on my part about his certain actions, but... Over there was simply energy. And also that form of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed."

She later added, "And if I had anything more to disclose then that would have happened a long time ago. That"s mine nature. The reality will collection you free."

As the this writing, Lisa Bonet is a 53-year-old woman and mother that three. Her first marriage to Lenny Kravitz finished after simply six years and produced she daughter Zoë, that went on to it is in an actress prefer her mom, per IMDb. She later wed "Game of Thrones" star Jason Momoa and also the pair have two children together, follow to Biography. 

While she has stayed out of the Hollywood limelight because that the many part, she has actually still ongoing acting and has appeared in a number of television collection since she "Cosby Show" and also "A various World" life ended. They include "Life on Mars," "Drunk History," "The Red Road," and "Ray Donovan." In 1998, she starred in two large feature films, "Enemy the the State" and "High Fidelity" (via IMDb). Notably, Zoë starred in the 2020 TV reboot of the latter.

When Net-a-Porter asked she why she never became a bigger star during her adult years, she replied with a laugh. "I don"t know!" she admitted. "I constantly had one foot in and one foot out of the business, therefore that"s part of it. However also, it"s slim pickings out there! there aren"t endless avenues for ladies of color."