I am having actually THE hardest time reasoning of one accent color to go with purple. The purple that I determined for my bridesmaids dresses is called Majestic (from the dessy goup- alfred sung is the designer). Mine wedding is in October so i was thinking of a autumn theme therefore I an initial thought the I"d accent it v a deep orange or rust color. However, that appears sooo BORING. Everyone have any kind of other suggestions?



silver is pretty through dark purple.

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A the shade of blue might look nice, however it depends on if you want that "feel" at her wedding.

Yellow is the complementary color to yellow, if you want to walk by the color wheel.

Red is likewise becoming much more popular... Think those larger ladise who wear the red hats... What are they called?



I to be at a wedding freshly where the main shade was eggplant and they accented through green and also it to be GORGEOUS! simply a thought.



Thanks, Hayley!

I don"t really have a favorite flower... I execute like gerber daises though, i think b/c they room so colorful...

I do want to remain away from silver- or white together an interval color...


I"ve attached photos of purple matched v silver (and a lighter purple), blue (plus, a tiny pink), and also yellow.


I to be going to say a saefoam green is stunning v that... But the green in the photo above likewise looks great!

Aw i guess I"m boring, lol : (

I was going to say gold/rust, hah! ns think eco-friendly works well with it, as pointed out above. Ns LOVE gray/platinum v it. Really elegent i think.


Sorry hope i didn"t violation you! The colors ns originally chose were purple/rust/gold, therefore we room on the very same wave length! haha I simply wasn"t certain if I wanted to go with those colors.

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TriSaratops - thanks for the pics!

I"m making use of wine and eggplant by alfred angelo, I understand there"s a few other board on this exact same question, you might be able to find some an excellent resources by running a search

My wedding is going to be Wisteria (david bridal"s purple) and green. I am putting splashes that silver through it too. Watch my catalyst boards on mine profile for just how the shade combinations look.

No problem! Your color was my original shade for mine wedding therefore I have actually thought long and also hard around what works with purple

Good luck through your decision! let us know what friend decide!

Oh friend didn"t offend me-- ns was just offering you a tough time

I don"t have any type of pictures that a wedding through those colors, however I love the color combo! I favor the snapshot posted above with the silver- feather broach against the plum color.

The an excellent thing about your choice, is that you can pretty lot accent something with plenty of shades the purple... Yellow, orange, gold, white turqouise, maroon, silver, green, pink, grey, the perform goes on. Good luck, and congrats on her wedding!

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