Award-winning author Amy Goldman Koss explores what happens as soon as one negative decision intimidates to destroy everything.Cheating on a location midterm is just the beginning. It seemed basic enough—they were given the answers from last year's test and also they used them. But Sarah and her friends obtained caught, and what to be done without much thought leads to greater and also greater consequences. Currently they are dealing with punishment in ~ school, stress at home, and no one is sure how or once it will certainly end."An terrific springboard come provocative discussion or debate about the moral and also ethical questions that this worry raises."—School Library Journal

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It started out keeping my student"s interest, yet it soon became tedious and also redundant. However if your student is dealing with cheating as an issue at school, it can introduce the concept for discussion.
ns ordered this publication for mine daughter. She stated that it to be a good read and also she delighted in it. The publication was compelled for an 8th grade reading project.
A great middle-grade book. I really liked all the various character personalities, their POV and the development of the story.I’m passing that on come a pair of middle-grade grandchildren.

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The story is about eighth grade students who a cheat ~ above a location midterm. Dan, Rob, and also Sarah all cheat top top the test. Dan and Rob obtain off straightforward however, as soon as they to speak Sarah offered them the test. Buy it isn"t allowed off suspension till she turns in the human who gave her the test, Jake, who"s nerdy. Additionally in the story is Kaitie, Sarah"s ideal friend who made decision to not cheat, Ruby, Dan"s ex-girlfriend, and also Jake, the young who provided Sarah the test. The publication is all in the different character"s point out of sviews. Reading Ruby"s point of see was specifically annoying since she wrote like this, "I was, like, act this, like, and also he was all, whatever. Together if i care." ns don"t understand anybody who supplies like the much! Some civilization use that occasionally, but it"s the main word in Ruby"s vocabulary. Also annoying was Rob"s allude of view. He frequently used sentence fragments. I"m all for using sentence pieces sparingly to create an impact, but a entirety page in sentence pieces is overkill. Sarah"s point of check out was normally the many tolerable, unless she started writing one indigenous on one line, one indigenous on the next line, to make herself seem more thoughtful and poetic. It didn"t work. Dan"s suggest of view wasn"t annoying writing wise, yet he was a very annoying, selfish, jock character. The finest pages to be the people of Kaitie and Jake. Maybe if this publication had to be written in different ways I would"ve delighted in it more, but still, the plot is weak. Not much happens, and I discovered the ending somewhat lame. Overall, it"s not the many horrible publication I read, yet I am still really thankful it was among my free books at the publication fair. One much more note, they talk about a calculus midterm. I"m in an development math, and I"m not even in calculus, and believe me, these characters don"t seem like they"d be in advance math. Ns don"t know any kind of eigth graders who take calculus!!!!