A conveniently sized paperbound print dictionary for upper grades in high school, and for college student in ar colleges, small colleges, and four-year colleges, written through clear specifying language. The focus is squarely top top vocabulary and definitions. The sophistication level is better than the of the student Dictionary. An excellent for those there is no ready access to digital products.

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Ideal for college student and advanced high institution students, the American heritage High institution  Dictionary is a brand-new paperbound reference book from the editor of the American heritage Dictionaries. That is aimed at users who require a dictionary that is more advanced than the Student thesaurus but more conveniently sized and priced than the 2084-page hardcover American Heritage dictionary of the English Language, fifth Edition. The American heritage High college Dictionary will be especially advantageous for customers who carry out not have actually ready accessibility to our electronic products. Every entry is clearly defined, and also thousands of instance sentences display how entry native are supplied in context. There are no biographical or geography entries, thus allowing much more room for simple vocabulary. A gazetteer in ~ the ago of the book lists countries, states, and also capitals. Numerous word background notes define the advance of native in clear, straightforward language. A style guide, detailed definitions of grammatical terms, and dozens of intake notes provide guidance on grammar and style points. This reference book is designed to it is in a workhorse for writers – good for high college students who space studying for standardized test or who are allowed to use print dictionaries during tests, because that college students who schools absence the resources to administer online content, and also for individuals who choose a conveniently size print thesaurus for their residence or office.

The editor of the American heritage Dictionaries space a team of expert lexicographers with advanced degrees in assorted scholarly fields. The editors familiarize themselves through the vocabulary in specific subject areas, collect products on new developments and also usage, and also work with professional consultants come ensure the the contents of our publication is together accurate and also as up-to-date as possible.

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