I know that this gospel chorus originates from a song (given in the comments ar below), but we only learned these 5 lines that the chorus.

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Thank You lord For saving My Soullyrics and music: Seth and also Bessie Sykes

Thank you Lord, for saving my soulThank friend Lord, for making me whole;Thank girlfriend Lord, for offering to meThy an excellent salvation so rich and free.Thank you Jesus...

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Philip Grist

I have actually searched in vain – CSSM Choruses etc but can’t find it anywhere.Philip Grist

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Glenn Martin says:

Here room the words of the totality song as I know them.

The people was shed in sin and shameMankind was lost and then Jesus cameHe lugged our sins to Calvary’s treeHe hung there and bled thereFor you and me.

Lord Jesus came down from His throne top top highReady come live and willing to dieFor all of the pain and suff’ring he boreI’ll love Him and also thank HimForevermore

Thank you lord for saving my soulThank you mr for make me wholeThank you mr for offering to meThy good salvation so rich and free.

-Richard Maxwell, wilhelm Wirges, and Seth Sykes 20th century

The music is available in the songbook silver Gems released by Gospel Publishers

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