The definitive list of all Texas automobile museums, train museums and also military museums.

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MOTOR Texas has spent a an excellent deal that time curating considerable list that Texas museums that any gearhead or transport enthusiast would enjoy! you will uncover museums the feature standard cars, antique automobiles, armed forces vehicles and airplanes, art cars, trains, motorcycles and more!

Because most museums are non profit establishments they commonly don"t have actually much of an declaring budget. Lock rely heavily on indigenous of mouth, and also us, automobile enthusiasts.

MOTOR Texas is right here to acquire the word out and assist all museum thrive! We desire current and future generations to check out the development of engineering and additionally see the beauty beauty of automobile architecture that is simply as elegant and also beautiful now as it was in the day.

A auto museum is a good destination because that a Texas road trip.

If you desire to see Texas vehicle museums continue, and to also thrive, you re welcome share this page. It is the easiest, and most an effective thing you have the right to do to assistance the future of car museums in Texas.

Texas vehicle Museum Guide


Before diving in to the perform of automobile museums I desire to share another resource.

I developed a guide dubbed The Ultimate phibìc Texas vehicle Museum roadway Trip guide that functions four vehicle museums that are relatively close together, at least in Texas miles. If you space looking for vehicle museums about the Dallas fort Worth area, you will appreciate this guide!

The Ultimate phibìc Texas car Museum Road pilgrimage Guide

Texas automobile Museum List

This list includes ALL Texas auto museums, and many various other museums of attention to auto enthusiasts, together as army museums and train museums.

NOTE: This list is SORTED by CITY name.

Twelfth Armored division Memorial Museum

"The major mission the the United says Twelfth Armored division Memorial Museum will be to offer as a display and also teaching museum because that the research of human being War II and its affect on the American people."

1289 N. 2nd Street, Abilene, TX 79601(325) 677-6515

Cavanaugh trip Museum


"The Cavanaugh flight Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization committed to cultivating aviation studies and to perpetuating America"s aviation heritage; the museum fulfills that is mission by restoring, operating, maintaining and also displaying historically-significant, vintage aircraft, and also by collecting materials related come the background of aviation."

Cavanaugh flight Museum4572 Claire ChennaultAddison, TX 75001

Photo courtesy the Cavanaugh flight Museum.

RV Museum

The RV Museum is part of Jack Sisemore Traveland RV dealership.

The Sisemore’s have actually been collecting and restoring inexplicable vintage RVs for years. Some of the RV’s in their collection incorporate the Flxible Bus from the movie RV (Released 2006. Certification Robin Williams), the first Itasca motor home ever before built, the earliest Fleetwood in existence and also many other RVs from the 30s through the 70s.

"Step back in time, reminisce and also enjoy the development of the RV industry from its start till now."

The museum is cost-free to the public and also is open up Monday – Saturday 9-5.

Sisemore Traveland4341 Canyon DriveAmarillo, TX

Hangar 25 waiting Museum


Hangar 25 air Museum is housed in a fully restored WWII era hangar. Regularly our museum is staffed by retired veterans and civil service employees who are ready to share their memories of the hangar as soon as it was a hub that activity, first, during WWII as a part of the large Spring Bombardier School and also later as a part of Webb Air pressure Base, supporting the training of end 10,000 pilots native 1952 to 1977.

Hangar 25 waiting Museum is a large Spring, Texas community icon, focused on displaying the proud legacy of a good city and educating our fellow citizens of every ages, top top the military legacies that have been such an essential part of neighborhood history.

Hangar 25 air MuseumBig Spring,

Image source:

Panhandle-Plains historic Museum


Photo courtesy Panhandle-Plains historic Museum

The Panhandle-Plains historic Museum is a world-class museum housed in a 200,000 square foot complex on the West Texas A&M university campus in Canyon, Texas.

They have many exhibits including a irreversible transportation exhibit.

"Few things reflect a society more than its transportation, and that is together true the life top top the Panhandle levels as something else. Indigenous a big-wheeled bike from the late 19th century come the automobiles that the 1960s, this exhibition is always a favorite. Highlights encompass one of the oldest Ford automobiles in existence: a 1903 Ford model A Runabout (#28 of just 1708 produced) and also the oldest assembly line car in the world."


Panhandle-Plains historical Museum2503 fourth AveCanyon,

Clifton classic Chassis


Clifton classic Chassis is a 20,000 sq. Ft. Classic auto museum situated in Clifton, Texas. Clifton, Texas is about 35 mile north west of Waco, and also is a perfect attraction because that a daytrip native Waco.


Clifton, Texas is about 35 mile north west that Waco.

Clifton classic Chassis406 W 5th (downtown throughout from Post-office)Clifton, TX,

Edwin Olsen railroad Museum


The Edwin Olsen railroad Museum is owned by the City the Clifton.

The depot building was built in 1901 because that the AT&SF railroad. The closed in 1983. In 1984 the was moved to its current location wherein it served as the headquarters because that the police department until around 2010.

The depot structure was renovated and also opened as a museum in may 2017.

"The museum has a multitude the exhibits consisting of various Santa Fe dining auto china patterns and also other serving items and a hold of other rail memorabilia including kerosene lanterns, timetables, photos, train orders and many various other items such as a drumhead from the AT&SF Ranger and also a late 1880"s potbelly stove. The focus is on the AT&SF but with part items from other railroads the serviced Texas and nearby communities such together the Missouri Pacific, the Katy and the southern Pacific."

Edwin Olsen railroad Museum204 N. Way EClifton, Texas

Open 1st and third Saturdays each month10am to 2pm

Special tourism are available on request v the City the Clifton city office.

Filed under Clifton railroad Museum Texas.

Museum the the American GI


"The Museum that the American G.I. Was established in February 2001 as a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation. The Museum that the American G.I. Started with an perform of multiple award winning artifacts of American armed forces history. One of the objectives of the museum is to be a repository the restored, working army vehicles used by the unified States and also to display the vehicles in action."


Museum that the American G.I.19124 Highway 6 SouthCollege Station, Texas

Photo credit:

Terrill Antique car Museum


At the Terrill Antique vehicle Museum, you"ll discover cars such as a 1941 Packard, a 1915 REO Speedwagon – 3/4 ton truck, a 1927 Pierce arrowhead touring car, a 1931 Studebaker, collection 54, six Cylinder Regal Tourer, a 1929 design A Ford Roadster, and also a rarely 1901 Coffin heavy steam car, developed by Howard Earle Coffin. The Coffin vapor car spent 34 years in the Henry Ford automobile Museum.


The Terrill Antique automobile Museum is located in De Leon, Texas. De Leon is around 100 miles south west of ft Worth, and around 100 miles north west of Waco.

Terrill Antique auto Museum500 N. Texas StDe Leon, Texas 76444(254) 893-3773

Depot Museum


The museum has actually rotation exhibits and permanent exhibits ~ above the development of Elgin and an Area Veterans display in the old ticket office starting with area Veterans indigenous the Texas Revolution.

The Elgin Depot MuseumDepot Square

Vintage flying Museum

"The primary mission the the Vintage flying Museum, a Texas 501C(3) non Profit, is to keep America"s paris heritage in Word, Deed and also Action. Over 200 members currently support these efforts. Twenty aircraft are on exhibit consisting of several which are incredibly rare and also historic. Added displays encompass a committed reciprocal and jet engine room, one FAA Aviation Education source Center, WWII memorabilia and also artifact exhibits, a distinctive aircraft version exhibit and gift shop. Among our greatest achievements and contributions to the neighborhood is the advancement of our aviation education and learning programs. Because 1993, the Vintage paris Museum, in participation with the federal Aviation Administration, has actually been offering the Dallas/Fort Worth community a broad-based collection of education programs. This programs include aviation summer camps for middle and high college students, aviation workshops because that teachers, and also "Take trip Days", (a 1-day aviation endure for primary school students)." - summary from Vintage paris Museum

Vintage paris Museum505 NW 38TH ST. Hangar 33 SouthFort Worth, Texas 76106Phone (817) 624-1935Fax (817) 624-2840

Image resource

Museum that the American Railroad

established in 1962, the Museum that the American rail is a not-for-profit Texas corporation devoted to celebrating the heritage and also exploring the future of railroads through historical preservation, research, and educational programming.


Lone Star trip Museum


"The Lone Star flight Museum is a 501(c)(3) aviation museum and also STEM learning facility with a mission to preserve, educate and inspire. Led through CEO Lt. Gen. (ret) Douglas H. Owens, LSFM’s brand-new $38 million state that the arts facility at Houston’s Ellington Airport opened up September 16, 2017. In addition to the Texas Aviation hall of Fame, the 130,000 square foot facility dwellings the Museum’s famous flying collection of historical aircraft, a $1 million, high-tech Aviation finding out Center and dynamic hand-operated exhibits. LSFM’s vision is to it is in a world-class educational museum linking an expertise of the past with motivation for the future."

Lone Star trip Museum11551 Aerospace Ave.Houston, TX 77034

Image source:

Roadside America Museum


Roadside America Museum is a exclusive collection the memorabilia from the 1940s-1950s. The arsenal is housed in one old Ford dealership.

Owner, Carroll Estes, began his heralding memorabilia collection about 1975. In 2005 Carroll to buy an old Ford Dealership structure in Downtown Hillsboro, which now dwellings his memorabilia and car collection.

Carroll has actually been a member of Dallas Area Street stick Association because 1972 and a member the Lone Star Street Rod association (state organization) since 1974.

To see the collection, speak to the number below and also ask because that Carroll Estes.

One of the ideal times come visit is throughout the yearly Elm Street stick Run hosted in beforehand summer.


Hillsboro is about 60 miles southern of Dallas/Fort worth and about 36 miles north that Waco.

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Roadside America Museum212 E Elm St, Hillsboro, TX 76645Phone:(972)