The Ted Williams version 200 shotgun is basically an alternative Winchester 1200. It was produced by Winchester come be sold in Sears, Roebuck and firm stores as their store-brand pump shotgun. The 200 bearing Ted Williams's surname will usually look very comparable to the shotgun in the ad. Sears also sold a cheaper plain jane version simply dubbed the Sears version 200. Duty between the two versions is the same but the fit and finish and also features of the Ted Williams version room nicer and superior. Below I have posted some photos the a Ted Williams version 200.

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above is a Ted Williams design 200 shotgun in 12 gauge construction sporting six-position change choke. Notice that is does not sport the floral pattern of the shotgun in the ad.

The bolt is jeweled and looks identical to jeweled bolts ~ above Winchester 1200's. The butt pad is stamped v Ted Williams signature. Composing on the barrel says this model have the right to shoot 3 inch shells. Barrel has actually an EX stamped top top it and I execute not recognize what it stands for. If girlfriend know call me and also let me know. The SP stamp i am guessing method Sears Parts yet that is simply a guess.

If you room not familiar in any method the Sears design 200 it is crucial to know the firearm behind the 200, the Winchester 1200.

-Hunters and also shooters know that they’ve gained to have a trustworthy shotgun that nearly points by itself. They want a pistol light sufficient to carry through a long day but just heavy enough to totter smoothly and also surely as soon as the possibility comes. That’s why more and much more sportsmen are turning to a design 1200—a shotgun that’s lightweight, versatile, and also troublefree. The Winchester design 1200 slide activity shotguns blend fit, feel and also performance with progressed engineering. Twin action slide bars offer the design 1200s a self-starting activity designed to move earlier in a quick, effortless motion. Exclusive prior locking, rotating bolthead locks the steel bolt securely right into the stole breech for superb strength motion and also safety. High-strength rustproof forged aluminum receiver. Crossbolt safety. Expanded beavertail fore-end. Hopeful checkering. Weather-resistant stock finish. Engine turned steel bolt. American walnut stock and also forearm, fluted comb.- Shooter’s scriptures NO. 66 1975 execution edited W Robert Keumjian-

R.L. Wilson says in his publication Winchester one American Legend, "The design 1200 featured a rotating bolt with 4 locking lugs which secured within the barrel expansion (the idea was to neutralize any stress ~ above the gun's framework at the moment of firing).

Following is some details and advertisement photos native Winchester in 1967. Notice the shotguns lined up ~ above the very same two write-ups as the model 200 at the optimal of the page.

Winchester was mighty proud of the rust evidence receiver. The trick was that painted aluminum does not rust however the paint can absolutely scratch. It's funny that they perform not perform the plastic cause guard as a brand-new and improved benefit. I guarantee the it girlfriend or everyone you know gets a Winchester 1200 the create guard will never ever rust. If you room impressed with the features of the 1200 then you will certainly be fairly happy v the 200 cause they lug over.

The wood on this details shotgun demands to it is in refinished but it still looks choose quality lumber minus some must need checkering.

Receiver and barrel top top this shotgun both have the SP stamp. The Ted Williams 200 over did not have a SP stamp on the receiver. I believe the SP stamp was placed to save Winchester from mix of the 1200 and also 200 barrels.

If friend can uncover a Sears design 200 or the splendid Ted Williams 200 shotgun because that a fair deal at your local munitions-hole I would recommend it. I have only found 200's in 12 and 20 gauge. Friend should have the ability to find castle for much less than 200 dollars. It's a working man's shotgun and you have the right to take proud in the truth that it to be made in America by genuine Americans and also the spokesman because that this sports line was the best hitter of every time. Having one is owning a piece of America history at it's finest(even with the plastic cause housing and the alloy receiver). Any kind of one have the right to own a Winchester yet only a special breed of man deserve to wield the Sears version 200. Top top a next note, existing Winchester pump shotguns are made in Turkey. Among the earliest American gun devices in the USA is make shotguns in Turkey.

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Winchester 1200 barrels deserve to not be interchanged with Sears 200 barrels. Winchester reversed the well known locking lug mechanics ~ above the Sears Models. This also means that 200 and also 1200 bolts have the right to not be interchanged. The back of the receiver on the model 200 to be modified come a various shape climate what is discovered at the rear of the receiver on the Winchester models therefore you cannot mix and also match rear stocks. If therefore inclined friend should have the ability to mix and match the forend stocks.