I have gathered all my quick plays into one volume titled Ten-Minute Plays. The dram cover a variety of genres—from the comedy of a pair of ice dancers squabbling end their program to the tragedy that a dice veteran at the Vietnam Wall. To purchase a copy, you re welcome go to:


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The Untimely Adventures that Mimi: George and also Martha Washington


Mimi, Percy, and also Benjamin are back at it! (Fans that their an initial book, in which castle accidentally erase Christopher Columbus native history, will quickly realize the hazard of that.)

This time, their location is George and Martha Washington’s mountain Vernon estate in 1797.

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Really, what might go wrong?

Should you wish to discover out, the brand-new book is accessible right here: https://www.schulerbooks.com/chapbook-press/untimely-adventures-mimi-book-2-george-and-martha-washington-edward-bloor-and-amanda

My ten-minute beat The next Right Thing has been chosen to be component of Broward College’s “Take Ten!” beat festival. Because of Covid, the plays will currently be recorded and streamed online.

The following Right Thing will stream ~ above Saturday night, April 24, in ~ or about 8 pm. Tickets space free, but they do ask you come register. Here is the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/take-ten-broward-colleges-original-short-play-festival-tickets-135580469835?aff=ebdssbeac

At last! below is a attach to the Tangerine attribute I did ago in march for book Club for Kids. Covid, that course, intervened.

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The Untimely Adventures of Mimi: Christopher Columbus

I have a brand-new book the end that is a participation with my daughter Amanda and my grandniece Kristina. The is a rollicking time travel story with lots of illustrations, and it simply might readjust the world. Check out the Mimi page on this website.

Thanks to the great cast and also crew of Miami’s Fantasy Theatre factory for their relocating presentation of Centennial.


(Update: Looks like the video clip has expired.)

‘Twill be my third trip come this literacy festival in Ft. Myers, FL. It gets bigger and far better every time.

Good news indigenous the university of main Florida Theatre Department! Centennial has been chosen as a finalist in their Pegasus PlayLab Workshop competition for the 2020 season.

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The Star in the East, my new Christmas story about love, the us Postal Service, and comets, is now available on need from Chapbook Press.