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Ok, ~ a TON of research study I finally established how to resolve this simple, yet Sentra plaguing problem! There space a ton of subject on this on every the Sentra forums, but none describe how to resolve the issue...I also found out some Sentras 02+ have actually the SCVS constructed into the input Manifold. A lot more expensive!So, I have the action by step procedure on exactly how to replace, part #"s, and a couple of helpful hints.I had actually the code P1130 - Swirl manage Valve Solenoid Failure. After ~ some research study I narrowed it down to two parts. They are almost identical, one has 3 vaccum lines connectors, the other has only 2 vaccum line connectors. 1. Right here is the part you require (Nissan component #: 14930-5M00A)
2. The place of the part is very easy to find and additionally easy to access, ideal in front of the MAF sensor beside the valve cover. (One top top the right!)
3. Eliminate the bolt on the ago side that the sensor, this will help remove the vaccum lines together you can get a better angle top top the clips.4. Pinch and also remove the vaccum heat clips down and also away native the sensor. They will certainly be tough to move at first... I offered MAF cleaner to help breakdown the dirt and grime holding castle on.
5. Un-clip the plug come the sensor. I used a flat head screw driver to push down ~ above the eco-friendly tap and pushed the to pop it the end of the sensor.

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6. Clean out the vaccum lines if they are blocked up as they can develop up dirt and grime and clog the lines. Again, ns sprayed MAF cleaner as it breaks under all the gunk and dries quick too.7. Install sensor reverse of removal.8. Clean the code from your ECM. Obviously require a OBD-II scanner for this, or use among the local part stores one. 9. Gain the much enhanced low finish RPM"s and also smoother high RPM"s. Additionally no SES light!!!!!!

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