I finally took a couple of digital pics the the remnants of my office chair at work, you recognize the one the broke and sent me paris backwards a few weeks ago.

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Let me offer you the remainder of the scoop. I called Office Depot about the chair after it happened and the manager i spoke to transferred me to your furniture executive. He checked the item number in your stock and also told me there was nothing they might do since 1) they no longer bring it and 2) since I purchased it end a year back and had no expanded warranty. I stated “who buys prolonged warranty ~ above a $119 chair?” (I average really, WHO?) and besides ns reminded him that warranty or no, even a fourteen month old office chair offered at a reputable office it is provided store should be reliable sufficient that that won’t just break personal in fourteen months.

He go on to describe that it was over a year because I purchased it and also even the manufacturer warranty had expired. In reality it had been virtually fourteen months and because I believe this was a serious production defect, not simply the fabric tearing or a wheel fall off, ns was adamant the something need to be done. I asked the if Office Depot backs their purchases and also he claimed yes, in ~ the guarantee period. ~ a dozen “I’m sorry however it’s the end of ours hands” I finally asked him because that the manufacturer’s information. I did notice the manufacturer info he gave me and also what was on the bottom that the chair to be two various things. I told the Office Depot furniture exec that and also he stated “oh the name on the bottom of the chair is more than likely one that our circulation subsidiaries”.

I contacted the manufacturer he provided me, not only was the phone call number in VIRGINIA and NOT in California wherein the agency was claimed to be, but the number wasn’t also for the manufacturer it to be for a firm that had actually nothing to do with making furniture. Ns looked increase the manufacturer’s number online and also when I referred to as them they were nothing however nice and the young lady i talked to asked me because that the details on the bottom the the chair. When I called her the their firm name and info was not there, she claimed “we room not the manufacturer, I’m sorry”. She was yes, really nice and also I appreciated she time.

In checking out the information on the agency on the bottom the the chair, it to be Swinton path Trading in Boca Raton, FL. No call number detailed and a PO box address. I can find naught on the internet. As soon as I confirm the Florida job-related license database online and also it mirrors the firm with a comparable name in southern Florida go exist but not anymore.

So…WHO is the manufacturer? Well your guess is as an excellent as mine. The furniture man at OD INSISTS that he provided me the correct information, the manufacturer insists they are not the manufacturer.

When I called Office Depot yesterday and also explained all this come the furniture exec, he preserved telling me ns should have actually purchased the expanded warranty and there was nothing he could do. By the time, I’d had enough talk, now I wanted activity and the only means I to be going to get it is if ns took matters a bit further. I politely thanked him and also hung up and also decided that I would certainly contact.

I wrote the CEO that Office Depot, his surname is Steve Odland and also his email is steve.odland
officedepot.com (at the very least it’s what I managed to uncover in my research) and I created him what I assumed was a well-thought out superbly created email (including photos of mine chair) about the entire situation up to yesterday’s final phone call with the regional Office Depot store.

Look, every I want is a keep credit because that $119.99 i m sorry is what i paid for the chair so I have the right to put it towards a brand-new and better chair. That’s it. Ns told Mr. Odland that if I had actually been the manager in ~ Office Depot and a customer approached me in this really situation through these exact details, ns would have insisted he/she carry the chair in and I would have issued a credit transaction for the amount. I stated that Office Depot would hardly lose a profit since of the credit, however in reality they would have actually kept a longtime customer, i m sorry I think is extremely essential to the life that a business. Not just do repeat customers continue to shop there, however they call other civilization they need to shop over there too. Indigenous of mouth have the right to make or rest a company.

This is not the an initial time a agency has tried come screw me over and also it isn’t the an initial time I’ve contacted the CEO and complained (surprisingly they commonly respond and rather apologetically I might add). I am sure I will certainly hear indigenous Mr. Odland and if ns don’t in a few days I will send an additional email, and also then another, and if I need to write the a letter and mail it i will do that too. Certain he has a ton that other more important things going on choose board meetings and major decisions regarding the company BUT…I’ve acquired to think that it’s because he has better things to carry out than address something together “petty” as this, that may motivate him to ask someone to interference on mine behalf. When a client takes the moment to compose the CEO and complain, it’s serious. It method that somewhere follow me the line, someone isn’t doing their job. And most CEO’s execute not favor that, it costs the agency money.

And therefore we’ll see what happens! In the meantime here are some pics!

This is the component of the chair your truly provided to sit in till it broke. It to be a fairly comfy chair through a nice earlier cushion, that’s why ns bought it. I needed a an excellent back support!


This is the column that connects to the steel plate ~ above the bottom that the chair. The basic of the optimal piece you see below that is every lit up is the piece welded come the chair. That is just jagged steel edges when you see it closeup.

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This photo is of the plate on the bottom that the chair i m sorry the pole is supposed to it is in welded to. Together you deserve to see the is not. It is basically sheared right off.