Swedish Greetings in the brand-new YearPosted by Marcus Cederström on jan 19, 2015 in swedish Language, Vocabulary

January is coming to a close and also most anyone is ago to occupational after having taken time off for the holidays here in Sweden. The won’t protect against you indigenous hearing world greeting each various other using the term god fortsättning. It literally means good continuation together in a extension of the holidays. It’s a wonderful phrase that really comes in handy during the months of December and also January every year.

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Swedish has actually a most phrases that acquire thrown roughly during the holiday season. Yes sir god jul (Merry Christmas) and gott nytt år (Happy brand-new Year), for example. Yet those are usually used for very particular days. Then there is god helg, which is somewhat tantamount to happy holidays. And there’s also gott slut, which is usually a way to wish someone a happy end of the year. Although, I have to admit that i hear gott slut so hardly ever that I thought about not even including the in this post.

When need to you use all these terms? Gott slut is a method to wish someone a happy finish of the year and also should be used, girlfriend guessed it, at the finish of the year. Generally in the days leading up to brand-new Years. God helg is a catchall that gets provided a lot of in the fall and winter as world celebrate all kinds the things. Yet the much more common ways of greeting someone throughout this time of year is through God jul and gott nytt år, i beg your pardon are, that course, supplied at Christmas and brand-new Years. Friend can combine the two and say god jul och gott nytt år in the days and also weeks leading approximately Christmas and brand-new Year, specifically if you don’t think you’ll watch that person until after the holidays. It’s choose wishing them a happy everything, however in advance. And also then there’s god fortsättning.


Stockholm in the late afternoon. Picture Credit: Marcus Cederström

There is no hard and fast rule for as soon as you need to say god fortsättning, but know that it is fairly common. In fact, depending upon who girlfriend ask, you might get different explanations regarding how and when and why it must be used. Generally, you will do it hear world say the in the days in between Christmas and new Years. There it’s being used as if to say, reap the remainder of your holidays! and then in the job (and sometimes weeks) after new Years, you will do it hear the again. Over there it’s being offered as if come say, gain the year to come! now there can be some world who disagree through what I simply wrote, because there is also a line of though that states that god fortsättning have to only be offered up till the epiphany—January 6—because it is the official finish of Christmas.

To confused things also more, Institutet för språk och folkminnen (The Institute because that Language and Folklore) claims that you have the right to use the term at any type of time the the year. There thinking is the whoever claims it, determines the meaning. God fortsättning might be supplied to wish someone a happy holidays or a happy remainder of your life. It yes, really does that all. Yet they recognize that it is most common in the job after Christmas and the beginning of January.

As you’re discovering Swedish, it’s ideal to play that safe—use god fortsättning beginning December 25 and also keep it going in January till you begin to an alert that the Christmas decorations room coming down about town.

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And due to the fact that there space still many of lights up, I’ll monitor my own advice… god fortsättning!


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