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Hi, the "service engine soon" light come on and im not sure how to turn it off. Anyone know exactly how to reset the light? BTW, it"s a 2002 XL7 through 59,000 miles on it. Thanks

well, execute you understand why it went off???Find out why and also you can remove the confident battery cable for an hour or so to clear the codes.
im not sure why the went off. As soon as i revolve on my vehicle it always goes off after a few seconds but it currently stays on for part reason. The just occur one day the end of nowhere. I"m assuming it is time to do the 60k mile service because it"s at 59k appropriate now. Top top my various other previous cars as soon as the light goes on, it method its time to execute the 30k/60k/90 check up and also u can just reset the light anytime.

the inspect engine irradiate does not go off as soon as it requirements a service. Ill bet its the o2 sensor.... Is the running any different? Gas usage change?? take it it come an Autozone for a complimentary computer check. They will certainly tell ya why it went off(and shot to offer you the part to fix it too)
the inspect engine light does not go off when it requirements a service. Ill bet its the o2 sensor.... Is the running any kind of different? Gas usage change?? take it to an Autozone because that a cost-free computer check. They will tell ya why the went off(and try to sell you the part to fix it too)
it is no the "Check Engine" light, it is the "Servive Engine Soon" light. They are 2 different lights......i think?

different name very same thing
different name same thing
yes, the "Service Engine Soon" light is aka malfunction Indicator desk lamp aka inspect Engine Light. That does no come on at predetermined intervals like the old Tracker/Sidekick, fairly it method your ECM has stored one or more diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and also you"ll need an OBDII device to read it. AutoZone will review it because that you for complimentary if there are any in your area; that would at least provide you a head start on diagnosing the problem. Plenty of dealers will certainly charge you a $75-100 diagnostic fee even if your car is still under warranty.
that sucks. Well due to the fact that im practically at 60k miles, i"ll go gain the transmission fluid change and have actually the shop to check the code for me. The automobile feels the same as before, ns hope it"s no a huge problem cuz i don"t have much money to obtain it fix. Im a negative college student...=(
This light simply came the end on mine 2002 95K XL-7. First, car is vibrating once cold. After 5-10 minute vibration disappears. Speak to my Buddie, he is a mechanic, will execute diagnostic this up-coming Saturday. Will let know what it is.
This light just came out on my 2002 95K XL-7. First, automobile is vibrating once cold. After 5-10 minute vibration disappears. Speak to mine Buddie, the is a mechanic, will execute diagnostic this up-coming Saturday. Will let know what it is.
keep us updated. Ns still haven"t acquired the possibility to get mine settle yet. Mine is in ~ 66k miles and i quiet haven"t acquired the opportunity to execute the 60k servie yet
keep united state updated. Ns still haven"t acquired the opportunity to acquire mine resolve yet. Mine is in ~ 66k miles and i still haven"t gained the opportunity to do the 60k servie yet
Fouls alarm. I changed my spark plugs 2 weeks earlier and we found out that link was bad causing vibration and also warning light. Link was fixed and warning light reset. It price me $20. Us did diagnostic very first but his computer system could not interact with mine XL-7 for some reason. I have no clue why. So, the ethical is – if you did some repair and also something is not functioning after that, review what to be done first, that could reason the problem. Ns hope it do sense.
Service Engine irradiate - ALDL connector?My business engine quickly light come on on mine 2002 XL-7. I saw Autozone to watch if they can do the diagnostic ~ above it, and also the guy who worked there couldn"t uncover my ALDL connector to even plug the diagnostic maker in....Hello? Is the hidden? Anyone understand where the is??
It is above the accelerator pedal increase under the dash plank you need to feel for it or stand on your head .

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I also got the service engine light come on critical week and took that in come Suzuki and also was told it is a bad O2 sensor.. Ours is a 2006 with only 35000KM.. This is fairly scary come me... Wondering how this truck will organize up after the 60000km warranty runs out!!!!!!!!!!! Also, we had the difficulty with far not working at times and also now the dealer is replacing the rear gate door switch... Waiting for the components to change both the exact same time!!!!
OBDII password reader
A great investment is a OBDII code reader . That will conserve you the diagnostic fees at her dealer. Many sensors can be replaced by "self service" and the organization engine quickly light deserve to be turned off and also reset.Do not worry your self to death these so referred to as safety features with the warning lights etc are mainly minor things. Even a gas cap no screwed in every the method can make it walk off.
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