Are friend looking to execute something big, Rockstar?

It’s an ext than just a ‘summer job’ in ~ Kidcam Camps. It’s a real job with life-changing avenues & development potential.

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At Kidcam, our viewpoint is a function at Kidcam is about GIVE and also TAKE, and also we are always looking for brand-new Rockstars to sign up with our team of an essential players who desire to it is in a component of other GREAT.

If friend think you have actually what that TAKES to join our team, we have the right to promise you gain in return is so much more.

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Do you have what it TAKES?Are you ready to be a Kidcam Rockstar?Age 15+ (14 for Counselor in Training)Looking for an opportunity to readjust young resides for the better?A problem solver! friend think quick on your feet and prioritize quickly.Flexible & creative to the ever-changing civilization of summer camp.Patient & ResponsibleHave a positive attitude & work well through others.Looking come acquire an abilities to take you to the next level, whether it is college/career.COVID-19 Update

Summer Camp employee are taken into consideration to be part of the step 1b, Covid vaccine group, together we are taken into consideration essential employees as ‘out-of-school time childcare workers.’ us will save you posted as news ~ above this step being open for vaccination, yet we room excited come be considered as critical working group in the stays of ours youth.

What Kidcam GIVES earlier to you?Endless skills & methods for growthLeadership, Communication and also Interpersonal skills.Guidance to end up being a role modelTrainings and CertificationsNetworking opportunitiesCreative and crucial ThinkingProblem SolvingInitiative & SportsmanshipLetters of referral & Services hrs where applicableOpportunities for skilled developmentEvery employee member will close the summer with a takeaway package through tools & resources to support their an individual and skilled growth.Paycheck and more!
Summer Staffing

Interested candidates should use online via the web link below between December – March. Interviews will be reserved for at an early stage March. Applicants selected for an interview will certainly be informed of their interview date and time via email in early March. Only qualified candidates will certainly be contacted.

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best Candidates

Available jobs include camp directors, team leaders, supervisors, lifeguards, counselors, custodians and counselors-in-training.

Teachers and also college-ages students, and high college students, space perfect fits for our camp directors and group leader roles, and our counselor positions.

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Screening Process

All candidates selected for an interview will take component in a an individual interview with a camp director. If hired for a position, elevator checks and national sex offender screenings will certainly be run on all employee 18 years and also older. Staff younger 보다 18 must complete a spontaneous Disclosure form during the On-boarding process.

Camp Locations

Camp areas in Louisiana

Camp areas in Alabama

Camp places in Illinois

Holiday Camps Locations

Contact Us

Corporate 877-4KIDCAM Greater brand-new Orleans Southshore & Northshore 877-4KIDCAMBaton Rouge Camps 225-485-6633Bayou Region-Houma 985-466-1655Lafayette 337-247-9500W Monroe 877-4KIDCAMAlabama 877-4KIDCAMIllinois 877-4KIDCAMSummer contact Numbers