WHAT: AMY approve & STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMANWHERE: Bon Secours wellness Arena, 650 N. Academy St., GreenvilleWHEN: Sunday, Feb. 28, 6 p.m.

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TICKETS: $38-$78INFO: 241-3800; bonsecoursarena.com

Given the lot the 2 performers have in common, it’s hard to think that Steven Curtis Chapman and Furman college alum Amy provide haven’t toured together at some point.

After all, lock both made your names as modern-day Christian performers in the 1980s (though give has due to the fact that made detours into pop and also country music), they’ve both sold tens of numerous albums, and they’ve both winner multiple Grammy and Gospel Music combination awards. However somehow, up until recently, the pair had only mutual the stage together once.

“It was at some time in the at an early stage ’90s in Los Angeles,” provide says. “And it is it.That to be the just time we’d been onstage together.”

But that’s all adjusted now, since Chapman and Grant space co-headlining your first-ever share tour, which will certainly make a prevent at the Bon Secours well-being Arena this Sunday. The 2 will be onstage together for the entire show, and also they’ll be playing songs from their entire careers.

The tour prospered out that a joint display at the renowned Bluebird cafe in Nashville, which walk well enough that both performers felt the time was right.

“We’d wanted to execute something because that a long time,” provide says. “The difficulty is to try to placed together an night that would make someone desire to spend their hard-earned money to come be entertained. We believed this would certainly be a great package. Fine be onstage together the totality time, tossing it earlier and forth. We decided to do songs native every te that we’ve make music, which was type of nice. There simply aren’t that numerous artists you can travel the exact same timeline with, particularly when the a lengthy timeline. So we’re simply going to reminisce and enjoy every other’s company.”

The set-list forced Grant to go earlier through she catalog, which consists of multimillion-selling albums prefer “Heart in Motion” and “House of Love,” and also she stated that revisiting the songs to be an amazing process.

“My an initial thought is usually, ‘Woo, that keep in mind is high!’ she states with a laugh. “And then of course manufacturing values change and tastes change. Ns think going earlier and listening to material you tape-recorded a lengthy time ago, what girlfriend remember is the endure of recording it. That’s the an excellent thing around music is that it becomes the backdrop to people’s lives. Castle don’t have to know your story, or what that was choose putting the together. The creative process is always an adventure. You have to keep farming and changing and exploring.”

The tourism will benefit Chapman’s show Hope foundation, an company that helps families facilitate worldwide adoptions. Chapman and his wife mar Beth have embraced three daughters indigenous China.

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“That is yes, really Steven’s passion,” provide says. “His family members has to be so critical in overseas adoption.”

The present tour only runs for seven dates, which approve says is because of their respective family members lives (Grant is married to country singer Vince Gill and also has 4 children) and also because they wanted to see how things went on the road prior to committing come a longer schedule.

“I don’t think either one of us space at a phase in our lives where we can pack up and also leave for weeks on finish like we provided to,” she says. “If the a really an excellent experience, we might add some dates later in the fall. But just about anything now is nice precious, especially when it involves making music. I never ever dreamed I’d tho be obtaining on the bus decades after I first started recording. It was a good window the time wherein we were both available, so we’ll see just how it goes.”