This website is a tribute to Singer, Songwriter Steve Perry and his exceptional career with Journey and also as a solo artist.

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Fan Asylum: Steve Perry Answers her Questions! December 2, 2006 I want to give thanks to all the fans that so conveniently sent in over 2000 concerns in two days. Ns tried to gain to as numerous as possible. i hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a Happy new Year. every the an extremely best to you and also yours, Steve Perry 1) concerning your solo re-issues, from listening to both the new and old CDs, the sounds choose there might be new vocals on several of the songs. Part words sound a tiny little different, or is it just my imagination? walk you actually re-record any type of of the vocals? by the way, love the brand-new releases! SP: all the vocals space as castle were originally on everything. What occurred is v today’s new Digital modern technology and the very amazing ears of Dave Donnelly, I too heard emotions in the vocals and also the tracks that I never heard before. It to be a treat because that me come re-discover lock too. 2) with singles gift downloaded indigenous the Internet, room albums ending up being a dying breed? your albums median a great deal come me. Some of my favourite songs room ones that never made it come the radio. Ns can"t picture never hear “Winds the March,” “Sweet and also Simple” or “Precious Time.” So do you think albums will end up being obsolete? SP: i think friend will have the ability to get the every the original LP monitor listings top top line for a long, long time yet yes, record stores v CDs are disappearing every day. 3) i was 7 years old as soon as I came to be a pan (23 years ago!). I was also young to be able to go to the concert then, therefore I"d like to recognize if there space plans for an ext concert material to be exit on DVD like the impressive Houston ‘81 show? The one i would many love to watch is a complete show native the increased On Radio tour. SP: To my knowledge, no plans. 4) What makes you laugh/happy/smile? SP: now that"s a good question. Ns guess I have to say countless things. Puppies, kittens, sexy chicks, thinkin" around my Dad"s humor, my thinking, baseball, southern Park, listening to magical performances on your original understand tapes, Jimi Hendrix, driving sporting activities cars, Sly and The Family rock and making a girl laugh through my silliness...... And also so much more I can"t continue........... 5) say thanks to you, thank you, thank you! every the re-masters are awesome. I LOVE the Alien task Demos and also the against The wall surface tracks. The sexy and also sultry "Can"t Stop" has come to be one that my brand-new favs in addition to the hauntingly beautiful "One much more Time." my question: exactly how long was Alien project together prior to disbanding due to the untimely death of the base guitarist? SP: us were with each other for a very short time. I"d say 6 months. Us were great together. 6) I"m 14 and have to be a large fan the you and your music because that a few years now. I tried come think the an initial question and also came up through this. Do you have actually a tattoo or have you ever thought about getting one? SP: an excellent question. I"ve to be thinking around that for the critical 8 months. It"s something I have yet to do- BUT.....I have a identify idea regarding what my first one need to be. It"s very personal and if and when it"s done, I"ll define it. 7) thank you for all of your hard work top top the re-mastered CD"s. Friend did something i didn"t think was possible--you took your music and also made the better---I understand it will be remembered and loved for generations come come. My inquiry to friend is: just how would you chosen to be remembered not just as one artist yet as person? SP: come tell me that it sounds better has made mine day because I constantly wanted all our performances, even if it is it be journey or SP solo, to it is in emotionally charged. Ns think that was accomplished but back then, they always sounded better in the studio. With Digital technology- if used emotionally- they space as castle sounded back when we all accepted them as their critical versions. Regarding how I desire to be remembered? i can"t navigate that yet I am doing my ideal to readjust and grow emotionally a tiny every day. That"s the only hope for any future method I will certainly be remembered. 8) ns am 23 year old and also a large fan. Your voice and lyrics were a huge help because that me when I shed my dad once I to be 16. My question is how does it make you feel once someone choose me claims that your music obtained them with the fatality of a parent or love one? SP: Sorry about you shedding your dad. In may of ‘98 Journey and I went our different ways, and the song "Trial by Fire" helped me navigate a minefield the emotions. Lately the song "Be an excellent To Yourself" has been help me. SO- I want to tell friend that i feel really pleased that you obtain strength indigenous the music......... It"s what keeps me floatin" too. 9) I recently purchased the re-issue that FTLOSM and I to be reminded of your vocal variety in the tune “Anyway.” do you have any type of special rituals the you do when you room warming up her voice because that a performance? i am a decided pathologist and I love come hear around things that expert singers perform prior come a performance. SP: I execute all kinds of things before I sing. Mainly stress on the song and drink coffee then i sing the track till ns can"t was standing it. Then ns go ago and watch which power is the critical one. There are heat ups like singing scales that always help. 10) one of my favourite songs of yours is "Listen To her Heart" - have actually you listened to yours lately? What does the say? SP: an extremely good, an individual question. You have no idea whereby my heart has been lately. Oh my"s been to the moon and back. Only a couple of of my closest girlfriend know exactly what"s walk on v me. I will tell you the listening come the many, numerous tracks during the re-mastering just about killed me. Ns went from exactly how amazing several of them were to full recall storage overload and also then come sadness that time has flown emotional involvement in the music to... Psychic the struggles and also the joys us all had with each various other making them. It to be a roller coaster ride but a good one. 11) execute you think you will ever be able to release against The wall as a full and also separate album? SP: It"s feasible but for now...... The remainder of the songs room sprinkled across all my solo work. 12) The previously unreleased track "One much more Time" the you added to the re-release of for The Love of Strange medicine is certain beautiful, your voice soars with it and is one of my favourite vocal performances native you. Thank you because that releasing it. That is a gem! My question is what have the right to you tell us about this song? SP: that was created for the FTLOSM CD however at the last minute it was not added. It to be a live demo performed to tape. I added the backgrounds later. I wasn’t certain if the vocals were good enough. When I heard the years later I was an extremely pleased. It was a failure on mine part. I"m glad it"s there NOW. I prefer IT, TOO!! 13) If girlfriend were never ever in the music business, what perform you think you"d be doing? SP: make films. Ns love the movie making process. I love manuscript Writing-Directing- Editing-Scoring-Mixing.........I love the ALL!!... OR .....I"d favor to run a "Steve"s Snorkel Shack Rentals" top top the beach of Hanele Bay. 14) that is exorbitant to have some new Steve music to hear to! What to be the biggest challenge you challenged in working with the journey catalog and also yours as well? SP: The challenge was the emotionally roller coaster it take it me on. Someday I"d begin listening come those tracks and I"d hear castle loud and also clear and in their sonic glory and then- they"d emotionally mug me. I typical from tears to...... What the F**K"s as well amazing. Ns guess time provides one perspective.......that"s for sure. 15) I would certainly love to have your music videos native Street Talk and also For The Love Of weird Medicine. Execute you have any type of plans to release them? and my 5 year old daughter would prefer to know what her favorite food is? She is a substantial fan together well. SP: Sony has actually approached that idea together well..... We’ll see...... Five that"s sweet....Tell her daughter I"m very happy she likes me….and my favourite food is the chicken Caesar salad I acquire at the Cha Cha key stand (Orlando"s Caribbean BBQ) in Centerfield in ~ Pac Bell Park….to me the will constantly be well-known as Pac Bell Park (by the moment you read this the name will have adjusted from at & t Park come ???). 16) i was wondering, together with many rather I"m sure, as to what new methods were utilized to make the sound so great on the re-mastered CDs - whether the addition of music tracks, extr musicians, computer programs and the choose were used. SP: Nothing choose that was done. These room all true, ethical performances. We only offered the best Analog to Digital converters accessible plus part old college Analog EQ and also Compressors to lug forward the visibility of all the instruments and also vocals. Some grasp tapes get very sticky in storage wound tight for 25 years. Some necessary to be baked in an oven over night to soften the tape therefore that when we played it, the oxide wouldn’t peel turn off leaving a permanent, terrible result. Lacking chunks of audio.... Very BAD!!! over there were feasible scary moments however it all operated out an excellent and they currently are all digitally re-captured. 17) thank you because that sharing her voice through us. Recently some of your fans were pointing out the track "It Won"t it is in You." have the right to I questioning (if the isn"t too personal), what the line "September love, room you there?" meant? It is among the most beautiful, haunting present I"ve ever heard in a song. SP: Well........I love the memory it offers me. I assumed "September Love" sounded cinematic. It"s type of a film in itself and also for girlfriend it means something special and also for me it method something special, too. Ns think that"s pretty cool. Thanks for noticing together a small thing but a large one because that me too!! 18) i personally feel the “Against The Wall” is among your strongest solo songs. It captured me native the minute I first heard it. You, Randy and also Mike definitely have something the works. SP: Thanks. That was to it is in the title monitor of my second solo CD but Sony refuse to relax the record. In addition to Sony there to be other pressures that wanted me earlier in Journey and only in Journey. That assisted kill this 2nd solo release and also the song "Against The Wall" from gift aired ~ above the radio. That was no released till year later. Five well ...better late 보다 never!! 19) I review in an interview the you really delighted in producing and even stated that can be something the you could like to do in the future to aid other artists, like you did through Rock ‘N role Soldiers. Is this something the you still think about or maybe have actually been doing? SP: Yea.... I just co-produced, along with their Producer Noha Shain, one track for a punk band called GUFF. They"re indigenous Athens Georgia and also a an extremely cool band. Castle re-cut one old trip track called "I deserve to See the In her Eyes." they rocked that seriously. I likewise enjoyed doing part backing vocals with their lead singer Ash. What funny we had. In 2 days it was done. Joe Benson indigenous "Off the Record" reputation loves the so much he wants to play it on his interview display I recently did. SO- correct I"m not just considering it .......I"m doing it and also loving it. 20) after looking at the perform of tour days that were included in the booklets that the freshly re-released journey CDs, exactly how did you ever before do it? Those were huge tours. Exactly how did friend take treatment of your voice night after ~ night, month after month? SP: i was fortunate. Mine voice to be my friend though it to be a really demanding one. I never talked ~ a show till the sound check at 4PM the next day. Ago then, I had actually a real bad rap in the market for gift inaccessible to the press and promotional people however it was a an option I made. I felt the singing that high especially on the touring schedule would call for shutting down the voice and also not talking lot to anyone. Being inaccessible to be the price i paid to have actually a voice to use when I really essential it, i m sorry was once I was in front of every those human being who had actually been waiting to hear us play our music, i m sorry they made decision was now their music. If I had a possibility to do it differently....I"d execute it the same. 21) give thanks to you so lot for releasing the re-mastered CD"s! They space flawless! obtaining them do me feel as with a young girl again! practically two years ago, I ended a 20 year marriage, simply as my mommy did when I was a teenage girl. Throughout that difficult time in mine youth, I found your songs, such together "Mother Father" and also "Don"t protect against Believin" " had actually really speak to me and now I find it ironic the my 17 year old daughter obtained some of mine Steve Perry/Classic journey CDs. She is a intuitive arts major and she told me the your music soothes her and also yet motivates her creative thinking to draw! my question...What is your "healing" outlet in it all in your music? SP: five girl girlfriend sound so really wonderful.... I favor the way you talk. Thanks for your hard but an excellent question. It supplied to it is in Island vacations now..... It"s changed back to an innovative things and I"m learning to take far better care of myself too!! The song by journey "Be an excellent To Yourself" is helping me lately. Who would have figured? 22) I have rediscovered her music v Journey, and recently found your solo projects. I am truly enjoying the revolution and maturity of her style and voice. In an initiative to far better understand you and your music, here is my question: have the right to you administer three adjectives that you think finest describes yourself and three adjectives you think her friends would use to explain you. SP: i think I"m- Honest-Open-Happy. Mine friends may say I"m- Honest-Funny- Pushy. Editors" note: us say he"s Inquisitive-Playful-Perceptive 23) will you ever have a MySpace account and also what execute you think that the points your pan talk around on the SP fan message boards? SP: I want to make this really clear, I"m no on MySpace- nor have I ever been top top MySpace- and If you watch someone chatting together me ~ above MySpace or on any type of fan court ....IT’S not ME!!! I carry out not visit message boards/forums. Thanks for the opportunity for me to obtain that one out!! 24) deserve to you define your desire of how the relationship between you and also your fans would certainly be? What is the ideal balance between a persons enthusiasm for your art versus respect for her privacy? SP: an excellent one. That"s tough for I obtain star win too, so i think the bottom line is ....If girlfriend love the music? Love the music..... But please don"t park in prior of my house and also stalk me. Where"s the love in that? 25) i love your voice. You room unique. As soon as was the first time friend were aware that you can sing? SP: ns was 3 year old once I began singing about the house. Mom couldn"t believe it. She said me I"d hit these high screaming note that would certainly go right through her head. Poor thing, i must have actually driven she crazy. Later on I do a life doing it. Ns love that!! 26) I want to thank you; her music way so lot to me. I got the Journey best Hits CD for my 14th birthday earlier this year, and also it was my favorite gift. Music is my favorite thing in the world. Ns play clarinet, base clarinet, keyboard, and guitar, I"m an alto in my high schools choir, and I’m also in mine school’s marching band and jazz band. My an initial question is what is her reaction to a whole new generation of youngsters getting into your music? additionally what carry out you perform in your spare time? I like bowling and also playing my guitar. SP: i love a most the brand-new music your generation’s writing and playing. Carry out what us did, keep listening to your old institution music. Mine to be R&B with an excellent singers like- Sam Cooke-Jackie Wilson-Marvin Gaye-Gladys Knight-Aretha Franklin-Jerry Butler-the harmonies that The 4 Seasons- the beach Boys-The Beatles- the Association-Yes- The list is infinite!!! - i love driving mine cars on road trips!!! 27) Your an effective lyrics and soothing voice has helped me with many an overwhelming times...thank you. I as soon as read that you were right into painting. Are you still doing this and also are any kind of on screen or because that sale? SP: I have actually two of my favorite paintings of mine on mine wall.......the rest are covert for they"re no so good. I"m pretty hard on myself. They are not for sale but that"s an idea. Probably a charity thing. think around that. 28) room your suits Armani? You always look therefore handsome in them. SP: You’re too nice. No they space not Armani yet they are some of my fave Euro-suits. It"s really funny to dress up don"t ya think? I choose to get dressed up and also go downtown because that dinner. It"s simply fun come look nice. It brings something the end of ya! I"m around to purchase myself another one or two for the Holidays. Many thanks 29) at the beginning and also end the the formerly un-released tune "Friends the Mine" you have the right to hear world talking as if they to be at a society or having actually a meal together. Did you actually have actually your friends on the recording? SP: Randy Goodrum"s studio was too small for the so i recorded countless times, myself and Randy talking and also laughing around stuff and added real live videotaped club conversation lift to develop the full sound that a live night club. Ns think it sound cool. 30) I have actually heard friend sing v a lot of of males over the expectations of your career, yet don"t recall ever hearing girlfriend sing with a woman. If friend could pick one woman artist to execute a duet with, who would the be? SP: i love buy it McLachlan and also Sade. They would be my an initial two choices. If she was alive- Janis Joplin. 31) i love your voice, your music, and your words. You put your entirety heart and soul in every tune you sang, be it a power ballad or rock. Mine question: What type of the atmosphere or atmosphere do you need to write such an individual and beautiful lyrics? sometimes a particular song seems so personal and yet it describes so many other people’s experiences in life. As many others have actually said, we deserve to feel her voice, not just hear it. SP: give thanks to you so much for your type words. Anywhere- at any time it have the right to happen. In a car- in ~ home- in the shower- in the center of the night- waking up- singing into a voice recorder- ANYWHERE!! 32) ns absolutely love "Can"t Stop." It is just one of my favorites on the re-mastered CDs. The female back-up singers are amazing. Who are they and what was the motivation for this awesome song? SP: They were "The Waters." three girls that sing your asses off. Therefore soulful and also so sexy. The song was inspired by a girl i knew. Us knew we had chemistry yet she had another so we never explored it. So- the track was a fantasy about what would take place if we ever did a small bit the "Hoochie Koo" -Be it ever so slight- what wake up if ns "Can"t Stop." 33) ns hope this finds you law well. Because we space entering right into the major holiday season, i was wondering, what"s her favorite holiday? i think it"s great that you to give us the possibility to obtain to understand you far better with this Q & A session. Ns hope you have actually a wonderful holiday. SP: I would certainly say the Christmas would be my first favorite vacation then Thanksgiving. I love Christmas trees every lit up through tinsel. I"m old college on the tinsel. It provides the tree shimmer through the lights. Christmas in Chicago and brand-new York is really fun. Happy Holidays to you and yours, too!! 34) What is the properties you many dislike in yourself? What is the characteristics you most dislike in others? SP: In me......self condemnation........ And also in others.........Saying one thing and also doing another. Ns think that"s called ...........Bullshit ! 35) ns was wondering if you save in touch or are friends with any kind of other bands the you toured through over the year and also what space your favorite teams or monitor on her ipod today? SP: i regret no taking photos with or hooking up through all the civilization we toured with. I median AC/DC through Bon Scott- Aerosmith- Bryan Adams- ELO-The Stones- valve Halen- pat Benatar- So numerous that i can"t save going!! i was ~ above a really vocally demanding tour schedule and also didn"t cave out lot or speak after mirrors to anyone to rebuild my voice for the following show. I have a 60 Gig ipod and also it"s packed with lots of music from old school R&B come Enya come Zep- The Beatles to- Radio Head- snow Patrol- The Els- Jelly Fish- and also my new fave - MEW- and many much more digital love chunks the music. 36) thank you for numerous years of beautiful music and your gorgeous voice. We miss out on you so much. You’re experienced, talented and also you make it every look therefore easy. Having appeared on a million stages about the world, have actually you ever before gotten stage fright? If so, what do you perform to conquer it? SP: I constantly had apprehension prior to walking on stage. It wasn"t for fear of the crowd- It to be the unpredictability of voice. You never really recognize till you open it up as to what you have. A voice is no a worry board ~ above a etc or keys on a piano or sticks in your hands slamming drums........It"s an unpredictable human, meat instrument. When I would acquire out there and also start singing- it would gradually warm up and also at part point, I"d feeling it absent in. 37) The booklets because that each re-issue are just beautiful and also include plenty of photos I"ve never ever seen before. You must have spent a lot of time going v the pictures deciding which ones to use. To be it fun looking ago at every those an excellent memories? SP: You have actually no idea how fun the was. I had actually never seen plenty of of the photos before, so it to be as new to me together it is to you. Part pix of Neal and myself were very COOL. 38) say thanks to you because that sharing her beautiful gift v the world!! My first big concert was journey at the climbed Bowl in "82 and also I was never the very same again!!! (in a good way!) Anyway, a girlfriend of mine dram in a cable quartet and told me the you were at a restaurant castle play at and also that you asked for they play "Adagio for Strings." That item has constantly been a favourite of mine. Walk it organize a special an interpretation for you? SP: What a little world. Yes i was there and also they were so good. I can not remember the location so ns sang the melody and they knew that immediately. Ns personally feel the arch of my whole life in the piece. That covers all the things that have actually happened and also all that has actually yet come happen. Mine fave is one performed by Leonard Bernstein. Please keep that ar a secret between us for I perform like going there because that the food and also your friend Quartet"s music...........Pinky swear?.......Pinky swear! 39) Recently, i have had some stressful things going on and also needed to perform something that would take back to when I had actually the most fun. For the past couple of weeks I find myself hearne to your music every day. It puts me in a nice place, also in the office. Therefore my concern is: In stressful times what points would you carry out to put yourself in a far better place? SP: Music in my car- driving almost everywhere by myself is a great thing for me. Any of my fave tunes will certainly do. Recently I’ve to be listening to every the re-masters in mine car. Castle sound so an excellent that I obtain proud the them anywhere again!! that feels good!! 40) What is her favorite steed Track in san Diego???? do you quiet live in san Diego? SP: Del Mar is my track. Ns live just a little north of mountain Diego where I go on the coast every morning, coffee in hand top top the So. Cal. Coast.... Ns can"t tell ya zactly whereby for reasons you know. 41) say thanks to you for every the years of gift able to reap your voice! 27 and also counting!! recently I to be able to get my hand on an to escape LP the you autographed. Made mine day think me had to phone call everyone! ns was simply curious aside from miscellaneous body parts, what has actually been the strangest point you have ever before autographed? SP: at a gas station a girl called me to wait, the she really had to acquire my autograph so i did- then she come out the the bathroom with her panties in she hand. YEP!!!.......The prior of she thong was barely big enough to sign!!!!!!!! 42) You have actually been almost everywhere the world - what is in your opinion the many beautiful ar on earth, and also why? SP: I have two. Any kind of tropical island is impressive to me. The sunrises and sunsets- the water.....Oh love it!! Second- is all over on the greatest mountain top. I typical really high. It"s prefer heaven to be on a mountain above the clouds. 43) Of all the re-issues, which is her favorite and why? SP: i am nuts about them every but, few of my faves today are- Journeys- attempt By Fire and also Raised on Radio and also of course every the SP solo re-masters space loaded in my automobile too. I recognize it sounds arrogant to destruction your own music but, I"m so proud of every one of them.......I"M GONNA LOVE THEM!!!! 44) So countless bands room reuniting and touring. Perform you ever see yourself reuniting v Journey and doing a tour? SP: due to the fact that May 8, 1998 we have been officially and legally no much longer together. I"m relatively convinced we"ve gone our different ways. I also know that nothing will ever before take far the magic times and also the music us made...... While us were together! 45) In recent photos I"ve seen, friend look choose you"ve been taking really an excellent care the yourself, really healthy. What have you been doing and also do you feel as an excellent as girlfriend look. SP: give thanks to you because that that. It"s been a personal thing. I"ve been working v some severe old worries that I never ever addressed before. I"d love come tell ya but this is not the place ns knew they were there however I didn"t desire to confront them. Fine I"m feeling much better about myself as a result of facing up to these issues and also fears. Since of that- I"m currently taking much better care the myself. Many thanks for noticing! 46) as soon as you sang " If You require Me, call Me" walk you median it? What"s your number? SP: "634-5789-All you acquired to carry out is pick up the telephone." Editors" note: 634-5789 is the name of a song. You re welcome don"t call! 47) i was wondering how you got involved with the Habitat for Humanity. It should be a an excellent feeling. There to be a photo of you helping out on the Internet. Walk you enjoy doing that? SP: they were collection up appropriate out in front of The Houston Astro"s baseball ball park throughout the White Sox and also Astros civilization Series. So i walked over and also said Hi! They offered me a hammer and nails and also there you have it. 48) There have actually been rumors going about saying that you have been in the studio doing part recording. Is this true? Or execute you plan to do some record in the very near future? We miss out on you for this reason much and also can’t wait to hear something new from you. SP: ns received many of this very same question…..more than any kind of others. I certainly lately have actually been wanting to record again. Working v all these other groups and also especially the GUFF recording has sustained the fire. What I want to speak is..... I"m the biggest doubter I can ever have to deal with, and also that"s why i don"t pay attention to critics. SO- that being said- ns think I"ll sneak into a studio down here and see what comes out. At that time, I"ll understand what I have or not. Many thanks for all the year of love and support for me to sing, for in the end......I song for you! 49) i am really enjoying the beautiful, live variation of “Missing You,” among the bonus monitor on FTLOSM. It bring back great memories the that tourism for me together I witnessed 3 shows. Did you record any of those reflects for possible release as a live CD or DVD? SP: No various other solo reflects were recorded other than that ONE tune which was tape-recorded off the live mixing board. Ns hope you appreciated your 3 live shows.....we had some funny HUH? 50) I’ve heard that a pair of songbooks space coming the end in December featuring music you were associated with in Journey and your solo career. Perform you have more details on these books and also how we deserve to purchase them? i play piano and also would love to have these. SP: correct there will certainly be two songbooks the songs that I have actually sung Solo and also with Journey. There is a piano book and also a guitar book. No sure as soon as Cherry Lane will certainly release them. 51) I’m creating to you from Japan. Execute you have any kind of plans to pertained to Japan because that the promotion of the re-issued CDs which space planned to begin to market in December in Japan? us Japanese fans really want you involved visit Japan again!!! SP: oh my......and I would love come go back to Japan, too. Write Mr. Udo and tell that you desire to check out me. Perhaps he"ll call. Thanks alot......... XXOO 52) I spent my summers on Cape ko living in ~ a Portuguese community, learned a small Portuguese then but forgot most every one of it. I was wonder if girlfriend speak Portuguese fluently currently or when you were younger and if yes execute you gain an possibility to use it? SP: Yes i speak Portuguese. In ~ a an extremely young period my grandm turned to me and also said in Portuguese, "You"re walking to discover to speak Portuguese." i said, “HUH?” She taught me. I have a residence demo the a track I wrote and sang for my mommy a year after her passing. Ns sang the in Portuguese using an extremely endearing Portuguese words that mean much more than the precise translation. I know she"d love it. 53) In the future, is over there a opportunity that girlfriend will document a Gospel CD? ns heard your track "People gain Ready" and also it sent out chills under my spine come hear you song that song. SP: ns love gospel music. Gospel to be the very structure of the Rock and Roll I grew up with. It"s a magic thing once I can acquire goose bumps as soon as soulful sounds hit mine ear. Think around"s an extremely cool. 54) Did her mother ever get a possibility to view you execute in a big Arena type show? I’m certain she was very proud of you. SP: oh yes, she did. She got to see us when we were at our really best. The last show she saw was the 4th of July 1982 rose Bowl display in Pasadena CA. She was treated like a Queen by ours crew and also she felt really special. I should thank them because that that. I"ll tell you something else. As soon as she got there, ns hadn"t seen her in a while. Ns was kinda stunned to see how her sickness had progressed. As soon as I was singing "Lights" I began to emotionally loss apart and had great difficulty tucking mine emotions back. I acquired choked up and also for a minute my voice faltered. She was getting an extremely sick and also it was so sad. The didn"t fight me until I was in that minute on stage. I assumed I to be going to lose it in former of 90,000 people. She so love the truth that my dream had been realized and also at the moment...... I really felt the too. 55) gift a radio lover myself as I understand you are--I am curious regarding how her feelings concerning satellite radio? SP: ns love it. I"m glad us have more choices to hear to music. It"s all great when you figure without music- it would all closeup of the door down. 56) You discussed that you aren’t causing obligation to any type of record labels any type of longer. Would certainly you take into consideration putting out a CD on your own and also without touring behind it? SP: Perhaps......I have too many options. That"s the good news and that"s the poor news. Getting into a studio would certainly be my very first priority. 57) perform you still ride your motorcycle? SP: I marketed the first Harley once my i know well crashed just to purchase it earlier from one old friend. Years later on he to be going with a poor divorce and also needed to market the bike. So i bought it back and did tons of practice stuff to it. Ns don"t journey much however maybe it"s- as Joe Deanda, from our roadway crew, offered to say, "Time to acquire some Wind." 58) I review in an interview with you once that you want to sing v an orchestra. As soon as you did "When you Love a Woman" and also "I was standing Alone," go that accomplish your desire to sing with an orchestra or do you have actually aspirations of act something an ext along the lines of classical music? SP: i went to watch Andrea Bocelli critical summer. What one emotional, impressive voice. WOW..........he"s serious and also the orchestra to be stunning. I"d choose to shot something favor that sometime. 59) have actually you ever been approached to sing the national Anthem because that a baseball game? ns mean, girlfriend do have actually a World collection voice. SP: many thanks for that yet that tune is really a serious, demanding song. Anyone plays approximately with the melody because the original melody, if sung as it to be written, is demanding. They do it straightforward on themselves by changing it. If I ever before do sing it, i would desire to sing it with all it original melody and majesty the it deserves. 60) Greetings indigenous the beautiful mountain Joaquin Valley! having actually been born and raised here, i am thankful that throughout her career you have never forgotten the Valley: the beauty, the hardworking people, that diverse society and basic life. What are several of your fondest memory of growing up in the Valley? walk those storage in any means influence your song writing and lyrical content? SP: all my valley memories are in the music. All of them!! The sink is wherein my emotions were formed, especially during High School. So lot of what ns feel around music quiet feels teenage to my heart. I love the innocence of my teen years and also they all taken place there, in the mountain Joaquin Valley. 61) i noticed on the insert the the re-issued that your best claims "Keeping the Promise"....exactly what IS the promise? Is the something you deserve to share? SP: I would really like to tell ya but........well I"ll call ya this...... It to be a Promise ns made to my mommy as she was dying. Out of respect for her and also the promise- all I deserve to say is I"m: "Keeping the Promise." 62) In all the time you"ve operated with various other artists who were your favorite to work-related with? Who motivated you the most? SP: Neal Schon 63) Of all the t-shirts you ever before wore, go you have actually a favorite? was there one the you wore like I wore my trip t-shirts….until they were so thread ceiling you might see thru them and also they virtually fell turn off of me? SP: I liked the yellow tiger publish shirt ns wore on stage. I"d shred them with scissors just right then slip the on. Then come the TAILS......Me love"s my TAILS.......... Ns still have all of THEM!!! 64) If you could be any kind of comic publication hero who would it be and also why? SP: Superman.....I love to fly. For a while i flew helicopters. Ns was going for my license but the written test is a severe commitment so i kinda lost interest. The FAA don"t play. I still fly through my instructor from time come time at any time I gain the itch. 65) I read a long time ago that friend were acquisition lessons to paris a helicopter. Did you get your pilots license and do you paris a helicopter? SP: ns automatically and unknowingly answered your question as i was answering the one above............SWEET!!!!! 66) top top the credits because that 2006 on the CDs because that the re-masters / re-issues, her name is not mentioned at all, also as a "creative consultant" or "production collaborator", etc., unlike with the two current DVD releases. I was wondering why not as you were affiliated in these, and also obviously, creating the new liner notes. SP: I was in the credits climate .....well.....It was a critical minute decision to pull my credits. I was there due to the fact that of respect for all the musicians and also the music we made together, I wanted to just oversee it......Besides.....Dave Donnelly and his magic Mastering engineering Ears is the one that made all those initial masters sound favor they once did- SLAMMINGLY SWEET!!! 67) "Happy to Give" is still my favorite tune after all these years. This song simply touches my love still today from the lyric, come the melody, and also my favorite vocal power by you. To me that timeless. Just beautiful. Is there any type of song the does the for you? SP: the is on mine FAVE car CD comp. I think the idea that somewhere there"s someone who"s just happy to provide of themselves and also who’s not keeping score regarding who offered how lot is a beautiful thing I still look for. “Where is the one who who"s happy- Happy come give- Happy to offer you Love.” 68) execute you have someone distinct in her life? What carry out you look because that in a woman? SP: i can"t talk about that because it"s part of my personal life and I want to have actually one so ns won"t........... Yet a feeling of feeling in a woman is MANDATORY!! The as well serious and also angry types........ Space not because that me. 69) In her 2000 interview with Joe Benson you stated you were getting an ext into racing. In what capacity and has the interest/involvement continued? SP: Kinda dropped out that racing and fell into BASEBALL!!! "WEW HEW!!!!" "COME ~ above BLUE- the WAS A STRIKE!!" Me love me part baseball !!! 70) friend have developed such a beautiful and also eclectic body of work-related over the years. Standards that will transcend time. My concern is....if you can place 2 song in a time capsule (to be opened in 100 years), what 2 songs would certainly you choose and why? SP: incredible question and tough!.......AH......... I think...........ARRRRRRR .......that"s not fair - 2 ain’t enough...... ARRRRRRRRRR........... OK.............- “Don"t stop Believin"” -Journey- Escape and also from SP solo-..... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR................"Runnin" Alone" native Street Talk. 71) If you could spend whole day v one person (dead or alive), who would that be? SP: Wow..that"s one more serious question and also a great one too.........My first thought to be my Mom and then I believed my Dad but- we had our time with each other ...............I’d say.....Joseph Campbell. 72) I often wondered exactly how you were able come remember all the words to every song. Have you ever forgotten indigenous while friend were to sing onstage? SP: five yea......."Oh Sherrie" to be the only solo hit tune Journey played - I had actually a psychological block........Maybe since it wasn"t a journey song and I was on phase singing it with Journey ns don"t know- but-..... I could not psychic the 2nd verse. SO- I put a cheat paper in front of my monitor so I could look under if I needed to. That"s the TRUTH! 73) I´m writing to friend from Chile. Many human being here know you; some workmates and me listen her CDS at occupational in the PC; and also interchange DVDs to reap it in ~ home. ~ reviewing her pages on the web; i wonder to understand if you really choose cats; because I witnessed a photo in i m sorry you had a kitty in her arms. Ns really love cats; and I have one just like yours. SP: as a boy I never liked cats. That started when one tom cat struck my Beagle. My dog almost lost she eye. Year of not liking cats flew by and also then ns met Sherrie. As soon as she and also I relocated in together it never ever really dawned ~ above me that, along with her came two cats. At an initial I didn"t perform so well v the two cats in the house. So us talked about it many times and also then she said, "Love me..... Love my cats"......ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!........Well they ever so slowly and oh so cleverly won me over. Ns was hooked. Due to the fact that of those 2 cats- i LOVE all CATS.......Me LOVE -KITTY- KITTY- KITTYS!!!! MEOW CITY!!! 74) carry out you enjoy analysis books? If for this reason what are several of the publications & writer you like? SP: boy you acquired me there. I"m what you might speak to a negative reader. Ns really don"t review much. It"s miscellaneous I desire to do more of yet with my multi-track mind, running countless things in ~ once, every the time- concentration ~ above a publication quickly becomes a "mind wonder on to other thoughts" type of moment. Ns don"t desire you come think I never read yet it is a rare thing. 75) do you clock TV? If so, what room your favourite shows? SP: ns don"t watch much consistent TV. I perform watch Baseball, Movies, PBS- stuff like NOVA and FRONTLINE. Specifically when it"s in HD. 76) I observed a snapshot of friend from critical November as soon as you to be at a roll Stones concert in the only Area. Mick’s power on phase reminds me of you. Space you a Stones fan? just how was the show? SP: ns have always loved the Stones however never prefer I did that night. They to be so amazing. The band was seriously playing solid and Mick was singing his ass off. Ns guess you can tell I appreciated being the end in the crowd- Rockin" with the Stones. 77) ns was wonder if you obtain recognized lot when you are out this days. If someone does see you, carry out you mind them talking to girlfriend or would certainly you choose they just admire girlfriend from a distance? say thanks to you for your music-I still listen every day. SP: It happens a lot and also I’m totally cool with it. It"s pretty to satisfy the civilization that have actually been fans because that so countless years and now their kids are fans. There space many new young pan that have just uncovered the music and they too protect against me almost everywhere from, top top the street to baseball games. Whether old or young all have a story when they first heard the music or they lost their virginity if a details Journey or SP solo track was playing. That"s so HOT 78) will you marry me? (editors" note: this question was received around 999 times). SP: i was called this question came in countless times...............If i had sufficient lifetimes, enough to marry each of friend that desires to get married me?..............I"d perform it. 79) friend seem to yes, really admire Neal Schon and you men are magic together. Would certainly you consider working v him exterior of Journey? SP: well he is and also will always be a guitar genius and also we were very good together that"s because that sure. There space many, plenty of old relationships I would prefer to go ago to however after they"ve run their course- sometimes only love is left...... Without the desire to walk back. Neal and also I can be in the place. 80) do you ever wish world would protect against asking the exact same questions? SP: Yes and this Q&A is a refreshing change. It"s because that the most component a very interesting and also fun process doing this- but the same questions and you know which i mean keep coming increase a lot. Five well, it"s cool..........It"s yes if civilization keep wanting come hear the answer they"re feather for. 81) end the years people have provided you gifts, thrown flowers and such if you were on stage. I would love to recognize what her favorite gift was (that you received from a fan) and what to be the occasion? give thanks to you for every you have offered your fans. SP: There are so many which I have actually received and many I have kept. I still have actually a handmade quilt the a fan sent me years earlier with music note on it and also a FTLOSM red quilt through the tour logo design hand stitched on it. I have a "South Perry Dr." street authorize that was offered to me throughout a show. Now I know they stole the from a part of town yet I still have it in mine office after ~ 27 years. Ns guess I destruction it. Over there are many other gifts I"ve kept and also still love. 82) perform you have a favorite vintage car?? i remember you had one girlfriend loved but it burned up some time earlier the best I deserve to recall! I restore old cars. SP: because the old vehicle restoring TV shows have been the craze I have actually wanted to do a classic ride prefer that. Ns love exactly how they usage today’s tech and chassis and suspensions through brand new Race engines v the old classic body ~ above top. That"s the ideal of both worlds. Ns have constantly loved the "67" 396-Chevelle and also the "67" GTO. Among those would be precious doing. Ns do have a automobile JONES....OH YEA!!!!!! 83) What is her favorite kind of stuffing for Turkey? do you like old-fashioned bread stuffing, or something with sausage or nuts in it? SP: OLD FASHIONED stuffing because that me!!! mom used to do her stuffing from scratch. I median soaking the range dried French bread in homemade turkey neck and also onion garlic broth. Then putting in olives- pimentos- chopped tough boiled eggs- pan cooking in olive oil- celery and also onions through garlic- and also mashed all together, climate she"d include cumin powder- pepper- salt- allspice- and also other stuff ns can"t remember and the stuffing is what made the Turkey. Five my i can"t believe I remembered all that. The an enig was the cumin powder and also YES- a pinch the cinnamon. SO cursed GOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!! ..........MAMA can ya listen me? .....I miss out on YA !!!!! 84) If asked, would certainly you be willing to guest star on any type of TV shows choose CSI, CSI: Miami, ER...? SP: ns did a cameo the no one caught on a TV present called Roswell a few years ago. I was purchase in a store standing beside the actors as they to be doing your thing. Friend won"t check out me pretending to it is in an actor.........that"s difficult, severe business. Some room good....... However to be great........ Requirements dedication. 85) loving those reissues! ns can"t aid but notice that you reference "the moon" in numerous of her songs. Just curious regarding why it holds together fascination because that you. SP: I"ll tell girlfriend why. Because I was a kid and learned around it in school- I"ve been fascinated through the Moon. Currently when i look at it ns say come myself- That"s the very same moon that everyone who has ever lived has actually looked at. From our caveman ancestors to spiritual icons come YOU and I right NOW. It"s a consistent, easily accessible place, which we have all gazed upon........ "Once top top a time." I know Mom and Dad kissed under the moonlight..............

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And so have actually we all. This or That: Mac or PC- BOTH Coke or Pepsi- COKE cat or dogs- BOTH email or phone call- BOTH tea or coffee- COFFEE boxers or briefs- BOTH LCD or plasma- LCD hand-operated or automatic- AUTOMATIC south Park or family members Guy- southern PARK to sing in shower head or to sing in car- BOTH document or plastic- paper in the plastic therefore it"s packed all in one bag that won"t break!! innie or outtie- INNIE David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar- DAVID LEE ROTH cacao or vanilla- coco Starbucks or home-brewed- BOTH Snoopy or Mickey- MICKEY Godiva or See"s- SEE"S Spring, Summer, fall or Winter- all THE over movies or reading- movies sunrise or sunset- BOTH hills or ocean- BOTH