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Genre: Simulation, room Combat center Developer: Lucas art Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: November 20, 2002

To death the sith at the final level, every you mustdo it whipcord her, and also start blasting away withyour double pistols

If any type of of you are favor me, you gain to the finaltarget on the gunship (Chapter 2 critical Level) youcan"t seem come beat it. Possibly its only me.Anyways, walk to the peak where over there is constantly ahandy it is provided of grenades (Probably ThermalDetonators, however who cares). Utilizing these fire atthe top of the gunship. Make sure you aim high toaccount for the arc. 3 or four hits shouldfinish that off. Expect it helps.

At the end of thing 4, ns think, girlfriend fight aDragon. Stock up on missiles and grenades.Lock ~ above the Dragon and also use those. Once you"veused castle up, simply use every little thing else friend have.Don"t worry too much around the adversaries firing atyou. Just be jetpack ready as soon as an enemymissile come at you. Also, once the Dragonlifts its prior leg(s) up, use your jetpack orjump once the feet come down. If not, girlfriend willbe knocked under to her back. Use your jetpackwhile locked on and firing, cuz as soon as you jump,you do sommersaults and can"t fire. Finally,don"t was standing in one spot. That"s why you have actually ajetpack! an excellent luck!!!

When you"re in a difficult situation and you require to find the an additional bounty or make things easier on yourself by snare some of the nearby enemies. Tis method you have the right to kill them easier ir you have the right to scan castle to see if there is a price ~ above the head of everyone in the group. It really helps as soon as surrounde by enemies.

When you confront the Bando Gora (the small people inblack), instead of shooting them usage theflamethrower top top them. It will work-related every time!!

You know how when you acquire through that onecutscene the Longo calls you chicken in theLongo Two weapons Level? As shortly as it"s over, youget pounded with blaster fire. You can overcomethis if you save your hefty blaster and also thenwhen you gain into this level, blast who tosmitherines and get part health, or simply whipout her ID Scanner and also locate Longo and thenunload ~ above him, and you to win the level. Or theeven easier way is to note Longo and also snare himand it"s end in 15 s. Simple.

To death the vicious nexu there is no it tearing youto shreds use among your toxic darts, that willkill castle instantly.

To get binoculars, equip her ID Scanner anduse the watch (thing that changes your view)stick come zoom up. Currently you can use it for finding2dary bounties and zoom.

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While playing, push pause and hold under R2 and L2. While tho holding those two buttons push Up, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right.