System crashes top top VAIO? This post will present you how to upgrade/replace Sony VAIO laptop difficult drive with SSD or new huge HDD to gain peak performance.


Also, you might want to do Sony VAIO difficult drive upgrade because of its terrible performance, for example, 15 minutes for startup. There are many factors that will result in long-time boot, such together too many boot startups or difficult drive failure. However, replace Sony VAIO tough drive v SSD absolutely will make this condition better. Those more, short disk an are cause hard drive upgrading together well. In general, brand-new hard disc brings much better performance in computer experience. Currently learn how to change Sony VAIO laptop difficult drive in detail in following parts.

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How to upgrade Sony laptop tough drive?

In the an initial place, to update Sony laptop tough drive you need to find:

The proper replacement (I median the Sony VAIO compatible hard drives). It need to be a 9.5mm thick 2.5” difficult drive or SSD in order come fit in the HDD OEM caddy & drive bay.

One #0 Phillips driver to uninstall Sony internal hard drive.

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Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Backupper (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista supported) ~ above VAIO E or S series. Click Backup and select Disk Backup.


Step 2. Select the Sony internal tough drive as the source disk.


Step 3. Choose a place to keep the disk back-up image. You may back-up it come NAS, network common folder, exterior hard drive or USB speed drive. If you back-up to USB drive, it must be big enough.


Step 4. Click Start Backup. Wait because that the process to be completed.


Step 5. Develop a bootable media (USB or CD/DVD) to boot off VAIO later.


Step 6. Shut down Sony VAIO and remove the battery. Eliminate 2 screws on every side and slide out HDD sheathe carefully. Then eliminate 2 much more screws of HDD case and slide the case to the left. Finally, background the HDD v its caddy out and complimentary up the HDD.

Important: execute not touch any other cables or circuit on the laptop. Take a photo of the caddy prior to lifting it out will assist you location the new disk in right place later.

Step 7. Install the brand-new hard journey or SSD to Sony VAIO laptop with the contrary method of removing. Plug the battery and lid the cover back. Insert the bootable maker and begin the laptop. As soon as boot up, girlfriend will view the very same AOMEI Backupper Professional instantly running.

Step 8. Attach the device that consists of disk backup image come Sony laptop. Then gain back the back-up image to new disk v AOMEI Backupper. One or two restarts space required.

Sony laptop difficult drive upgrade to brand-new hard drive or SSD is no that difficult as you think. However, more attention and also careful will do an excellent help since this is sort of long-run operation and you can not be more careful with your data and system. This method also uses to ASUS Q501LA SSD upgrade, HP, Lenovo laptop computers etc. You can keep AOMEI Backupper on the laptop as regular backup solution since it is the best alternate to document History and Windows 7 Backup and Restore utility.

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If you want to safeguard unlimited computers within her company, you can pick AOMEI Backupper Technician. With the inbuilt AOMEI picture Deploy tool, you space also permitted to deploy/restore mechanism image paper on server-side computer to lot of client-side computer systems over network.