The spin-off is coming yet there"s even an ext Sons that Anarchy being planned.

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Following the recent first look at Mayans MC, sons of Anarchy fans room eagerly anticipating what the new show has actually in store but this spin-off can just be the start of a whole brand-new wave that SOA TV shows.

During an interview with Tom Arnold, cut Sutter, the creator of young of Anarchy, revealed that he envisions the present as ‘four chapters’ v the seven seasons of young of Anarchy gift the very first one. Mayans MC represents chapter two and also if that show is a success, we can be seeing the story of Jax"s family proceeding with a prequel and also sequel seasons.


“I have a sense of ‘Sons’ being 4 chapters. If ‘Sons’ to be the an initial chapter then I watch the Mayans as the second chapter. It’s existing day, that after the death of Jax Teller,” Sutter said once talking around the brand-new show.

Sutter likewise revealed the Mayans MC would deal with the last occasions in boy of Anarchy, including Jax Teller’s actions, which left a big body count prior to he exited in the finale.

“We’re going to play the truth of the last day and also the events that occurred with that he eliminated that day and the affect and possibly the trickle under that may have had on northern Cali. So that won’t have a direct influence on the Mayans however we make reference to it in the pilot for this reason that we play the truth of it,” Sutter said.

Speaking that Jax, Sutter additionally said the a potential third chapter would certainly be the prequel that has actually previously been teased in the show.

We"ve frequently been told that after Jax Teller’s dad returned residence from Vietnam, he was as one of the establishing members that the motorcycle club.

Sutter says that the prequel would discover Teller’s journey ago from Vietnam and the production of the sons of Anarchy.


“I think at some point we’ll uncover a means to light a small light on maybe on man Teller’s manuscript, if the Mayans, if we’re lucky sufficient to continue and also then what i would execute is not directly but I would usage that together a potential launching point to carry out the prequel. The first 9 — the would begin in Vietnam v John Teller and Piney Winston and it would certainly be about them coming back to America and ideally to execute each episode have actually a new member join but end it at the end of that so that probably at that allude Gemma’s there yet it’s before Jax is born. Ns don’t want to step on the mythology that us know but we sort of lay track to the beginning and also then stop," the said.


Jax"s story isn"t done yet because there"s also some talk around a direct sequel come SOA - noted there"s quiet enough need for it.

Sutter says that a sequel would certainly revolve approximately Jax Teller’s sons, Abel and also Thomas, after they uncover who your father was and what that did during his life.

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“Perhaps thinking ahead at part point, if any kind of of us room still alive, that there can be a series of occasions that takes us down the line into the future that maybe sets increase some kind of dynamic for Jax’s sons come become conscious of that his dad was and things prefer that. The for me is the dream quartet if you will," Sutter said.

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