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Depending ~ above its shade, pink can symbolize nurturing, femininity, girly youth, love, or sensuality. Storage the diversity the the color pink through a playlist the pop, rock, country, metal, and also R&B songs with the color pink in the title.

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Eclectic Pink

If you take the purity represented by the shade white and also the sensuality that the color red, the grand result is pink, in shades as wide-ranging as

understated champagne pink,luscious pink raspberry,soft cherry blossom pink,romantic dusty rose, andBarbie pink, young and rowdy.

Pink's meaning often varies according come the vividness that its shade. (Sometimes red is rather mixed through orange or blue to productivity sassier shades that the color.) A stereotypically feminine color, pink have the right to take on nuanced definitions of comfort and also compassion, youth and also playfulness, or romantic love and seductiveness. Consider by example how various companies and products depend prominently ~ above pink in your marketing: Victoria's Secret, Mattel, Baskin-Robbins, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Pepto Bismol, and also Taco Bell.

Some people have dared come argue the pink isn't a "real" color due to the fact that it's represented by a combination of multiple wavelengths on the visible light spectrum rather than a single frequency the light. Ns say that's hogwash. And yes, pigs are one of the couple of non-floral pink creatures in nature, as room flamingos and the pink cyanide millipede.

Pink is the color of ballet slippers and also tutus, bubblegum and also cotton candy. Shocking pink was the color of Marilyn Monroe's dress together she famously sang "Diamonds are a Girl's best Friend" in Gentlemen like Blondes. Sadly, it was likewise the color of Jackie Kennedy's suit once President man F. Kennedy to be assassinated together he rode beside her in 1963. Now pink is a fashionable hair color for the an ext adventurous among us.

For all the this shade can symbolize, do a playlist of pop, rock, country, R&B, and also metal songs with the color pink in the title. We have actually a lengthy list to start you off.

1. "Pink Houses" by john Cougar Mellencamp

This classic 1983 rock song doesn't salute Americana like you probably think the does. Its singer-songwriter, man Cougar Mellencamp, proclaims that it's the opposite, a lament about the inequality of the American dream. The ditty was inspired when Mellencamp spotted an old black man sitting v his black cat external of his pink shotgun residence as highway web traffic sped with his front yard.

The tune ironically has been provided by political campaigns on both the left and the right without an understanding regarding the true meaning. It was honored through Rolling Stone newspaper by being contained on their list of The 500 greatest Songs of every Time.

2. "Pink Cadillac" through Bruce Springsteen

Rev up your engine. You might be singing about a huge gaudy automobile, yet there's a clever double entendre tough at occupational in this 1984 rock standard by Bruce Springsteen.

Addressing his lover, The boss confesses the he puts up with her obtaining on his nerves not because she has money—he has actually plenty that that, too—but instead because of the allure of she (ahem) lady parts. As soon as someone clues this out to you, friend can't unknow it. (I'm quiet reeling over just how I didn't see exactly how this wasn't actually about cars every these years!) Natalie Cole boldly spanned the tune 1987 and made that a optimal 10 hit, back Springsteen had previously vetoed Bette Midler's 1983 inquiry to release the song due to the fact that he perceived it as inappropriate for a woman singer.

3. "Geek in the Pink" by Jason Mraz

Let walk of your misconceptions. Real males can totally rock a pink shirt or tie. However, once they do pick to wear the rose color, women shouldn't malign them because that it.

The male in this 2006 rock tune dons a sweet pink polo and also feels judged together a geek by the lady he's hope to pick up. He acknowledges the he may have actually a brief attention span and also pink upper and lower reversal flops, yet he's certainly not one of those cookie-cutter quite boys. What he rather offers a potential love match just might be a grass-is-greener scenario. The girl that likes just needs to provide this geezer in the Pink a chance.

With his pink attire, the narrator stands out in the crowd, and he uses his would-be lady girlfriend the following advice ~ above love:

Don't judge me by the color, confuse it because that anotherYou could regret what friend let slip away.

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4. "Sink the Pink" by AC/DC

Although never ever released together a single, "Sink the Pink" was regarded as among the ideal songs on AC/DC's Fly on the Wall album, i m sorry Rolling Stone magazine, unfortunately, panned together "sexist and politically incorrect." The narrator in the 1985 hefty metal track wants to display the girl he's v a rowdy time. He hence invokes a number of thinly-veiled references to sexual activity and drugs. The tune lyrics border ~ above lewd. In addition, with drug references choose "give you wing to make you fly," this number might also allude to synthetic heroin, a powerful and illicit drug that is nicknamed "Pink" and can be irradiate pink in color.

5. "Two Pink Lines" by Eric Church

They were fresh out of school and also just fooling about when the hazard of an accidental pregnant hung greatly over your heads. The pair in this 2006 country tune nervously await the an outcome of a home pregnancy test. When the minutes tick away, the young male considers what to do in the event of a hopeful test. Should he face the girl's father, that is sure to be angry, or should they skip town and elope? They had actually only been date a quick time.

Luckily, the check is negative. As the young woman learns the test result, she is tickled pink then easily gives her companion the brush-off, informing him "see ya around." lesson learned?

6. "Pink" through Aerosmith

Little is left come the creativity in this suggestive, Grammy Award-winning rock song from 1997. It describes the narrator's brand-new obsession with all points pink. Us aren't talk flowers and cupcakes here, folks.

The track narrator mentions exactly how the color of flamingos is both passionate and fashionable, however, the pink bird are around the only nonsexual reference he has actually up his sleeve. The man is salivating over his darling's pink lips (don't also go there), he's digging the pink sheets they lay on, and also alluding to his pink manhood together "my favorite crayon" (Oh, wow, go he simply say that?).

7. "Pink Guitar" through Reba McEntire

This lively country ditty from 2009 is around a woman who desires to beat the cool Ole Opry similar to Johnny Cash and also Dolly Parton. You can't store down a girl with a dream.

As a teen, she earn money act chores, saving up come buy a desire pink guitar. She practiced in former of her mommy then landing a local gig. V stars in she eyes, the future country rocker skipped college and paid she dues by was standing on every hole in the wall surface stage the would have actually her. Watch because that the girl with big dreams:

She likes to play, she loves to rock!Yeah, she's closer to the bottom yet she's headed because that the top.She's got a dream to be a star dressed in black like Johnny Cash,With a pink guitar.

8. "Pretty in Pink" by The Psychedelic Furs

"Pretty in pink" is a metaphor for gift naked, and also the young woman at the facility of this song spends a fair amount that time in the pink. British new wave group The Psychadelic Furs re-recorded your 1981 track for the 1986 activity picture, Pretty in Pink, and the tune showed up during the closeup of the door credits.

The song describes a girl who resorts to promiscuity together a desperate measure for society acceptance. Whereas she really hopes that she is admired and also beautiful, sadly, the girl of easy virtue is gift ridiculed by peers behind she back. Filmmaker john Hughes misunderstood the song's an interpretation and wrote the movie script approximately his failure interpretation.

9. "Pretty Pink Ribbon" by Cake

In an alternate rock tune from 2001 about gender expectations, the narrator points the end the constraints placed upon women and also the special treatment afforded come them. The quite pink ribbon symbolizes femininity.

The narrator is a man who has operated hard to construct his physics strength and also to manage his emotions because culture gives the no choice, however he doesn't feel valued for his effort or self-discipline. That enviously addresses a woman who reaps particular benefits just on account of her being woman (e.g., totally free tickets).

The self-absorbed narrator additionally points out that femininity has actually downsides; if that weren't because that being female, she'd be able to speak she mind, choose him. The fairer sex is meant to it is in pretty, compassionate, and virtuous, and the load of feminine expectations reason women to suffer life really differently.

10. "Pink Sunglasses" by Miranda Lambert

Pink sunglasses do the human being look a tiny better. They're an update from tortoiseshell shades and have means more sass 보다 aviator layout sunglasses.

The white trash honey in this 2016 country tune is a believer in the "power that the plastic—positive plastic.

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" She picked up she pink sunglasses for under $10 in ~ the drugstore, and they occupational sheer magic, giving her the benefits of glamour, a sexy disguise, and a little much more edge to her attitude. Occasionally she also goes to bed in them.

11. "Pretty Pink Tractor" through Tim Hawkins

When the farmer in this feeling 2011 novelty number was confronted with a broken-down tractor he thought he had discovered a instead of on Craigslist. Bought vision unseen, that good deal turned the end to it is in a Pepto Bismol pink tractor v a flowery canopy. He's to be a laughing stock ever since. Also his dad is making funny of him, and now the farmer has his sights set on marketing his pretty pink tractor for this reason he can get one that's an ext conventional—green or brown.

14 Idioms making use of the shade Pink


in the pink of health

extremely healthy

pink tax

the higher price regularly charged for commodities or solutions marketed come women, particularly those the are practically identical to assets or services marketed to men

to have a pink fit

to come to be extremely angry

to it is in tickled pink

to be incredibly happy

pink slime

a meat by-product (lean carefully textured beef) provided as a food additive or filler to reduce the in its entirety fat content of floor beef


jobs that room traditionally filled greatly by females (e.g., teachers, nurses, wait staff)

(as) gay as pink ink

overtly or flamboyantly homosexual

race because that pinks

an auto race wherein the loser turns over the title of their car to the winner


to it is in discharged indigenous a job

park the pink Plymouth (in the garage the love)

to connect in sexual intercourse

to view pink elephants (or pink spiders)

to hallucinate or see things as a result of too much alcohol intoxication or withdrawal

shrink it and also pink it

a marketing strategy for women's products involving duplicating men's commodities except making castle smaller and also pink in color

pink tide

nickname offered to the tide of left-leaning federal governments in Latin America

pink moon

first full moon of feather in the north hemisphere; the is called after pink phlox flowers that bloom in April in the US