FlourishAnyway believes over there is a playlist for just around any situation and is on a mission come unite and also entertain the people through song.

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Whatever your social cause is, come to be an activist and also make positive change now. Acquire inspired with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and also hip-hop songs about transforming the world.

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You have actually the power to make a Difference

If friend feel small and anonymous, there's a good reason for it. Along with 7.5 billion other world on this planet, you're simply one human swimming in a huge sea the humanity.

What can a single individual do to make a difference? difficulties such together climate change, total control, immigration, poverty, and also pet overpopulation—they might seem also daunting. Is it precious the initiative to shot to readjust the world?

I advice you to instead consider the after-effects of not doing so. Choose an worry you care about deeply. Dare to education yourself about it since facts quiet matter. Connect with other people and also share your story, your vision. Go local or go big, just do something.

Rather 보다 stand there and shake your head, it is in a soldier in the an excellent fight by cram grenades of kindness, love, and also compassion. Disrupt the condition quo v fresh ideas and also a desire to see them through. Hurl smiles and encouraging words. Arm yourself through civility and acceptance for others. Even if it is you're search to change laws, individual lives, or attitudes, the chance is yours to step forward and also make a difference.

To motivate and inspire friend onward, here is a perform of pop, rock, country, R&B, and also hip-hop songs about transforming the world. Now go use your powers for good!

1. "One guy Can adjust the World" by big Sean (featuring Kanye West & man Legend)

Written together a tribute to large Sean's late grandmother, this 2015 hip-hop tune reminds united state that we each have the strength within united state to adjust the world. Mildred V. Leonard was one of the first black mrs captains in world War II, returning house to earn a bachelor's and master's degree and also serve as among Detroit's very first black female police officers—a true trailblazer.

As the family matriarch, Mildred encouraged big Sean to go after his dreams, and he overcome her article of motivation to others:

I expect you find out to make it on your ownAnd if friend love yourself just know you'll never ever be alone ...

And as soon as you acquire it all simply remember one thingRemember one thing: the one male could adjust the world.

2. "Waiting ~ above the civilization to Change" by man Mayer

Every generation feeling misunderstood and disenfranchised since they are young. Each tide of young civilization faces that own crisis of conscience about whether to stand up and make necessary alters in the human being or proceed to clock from the sidelines.

In this 2006 absent song, the narrator describes feeling marginalized through leaders and resents the his generation is pertained to as standing because that nothing. He explains the heavy burden of functioning to readjust an unfair device that controls the circulation of information. (Hey, nothing worth fighting for is easy!) rather than getting angry and also impatient enough to readjust the human being now, the takes the technique that someday his generation will be in charge. Just how do you desire to execute it?

3. "Spiritual Revolutionary" by Nabil and also Karim

With a main message that readjust begins from within, this 2017 hip-hop song motivates listeners to find what inspires them and also know what they was standing for. The cites Mahatma Gandhi's famous quote about changing the human being by starting with yourself: "You need to be the change you want to watch in the world.”

4. "A adjust Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke

Released in 1964 throughout the Civil legal rights Movement, this R&B track was inspired by Sam Cooke's personal experience of racism and discrimination. That reminds us that “You must be the readjust you desire to watch in the world.”

5. "Change" by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera's voice lifts and inspires in this 2016 rock tune as it defines the senselessness of being hated for one's race, nationality, or who you love. Use it together a an individual anthem that tolerance, acceptance, and also love for your other human. We are all more similar than we are different.

6. "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Let the dominoes of positive adjust start with you!

This 1987 tune is one of my favorite pop songs with a message, and also it features a narrator who confesses the he has too often been self-centered quite than being concerned with the world roughly him. By becoming a far better person, he looks for to flourish into a function as a more conscious an international citizen:

I'm beginning with the guy in the mirrorI'm asking him to adjust his waysAnd no message might have been any type of clearerIf you desire to do the human being a better placeTake a look in ~ yourself, and then do a change.

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7. "Make a small Wave" through Demi Lovato and also Joe Jonas

Small plot of kindness can unleash huge effects elsewhere, the so-called "butterfly effect." That's the essence of this 2009 pop song which encourages listeners to reach the end in love and use come benevolent words and deeds to help those in need. What have actually you done today to unleash kindness upon this world?

8. "Change" by Carrie Underwood

When you're top top the an extremely low finish of the fairy scale, also a short-term setback deserve to mean the difference in between having nightly shelter and also being required to live on the streets. Sadly, more than fifty percent a million human being in the United claims today live top top the streets, in shelters, in subsidized transitional housing, or in their cars.

This 2009 country song oozes empathy for such vulnerable civilization by illustration attention to that spare change on your floorboard, sticky with Coke. That forgotten money may not it is in worth much to you, however it could help adjust someone else's world. The tune puts the onus ~ above you: "Whatcha gonna do?"

9. "One Tribe" by black Eyed Peas

One planet. One race. One tribe. We space all human and also share a usual destiny, follow to this 2009 popular music song. It advocates forgetting the conflict and instead joining hands to connect and overcome.

Resistance in the age of Trump


The trumped era has actually inspired a resistance. A resistance motion is one organized initiative by a far-ranging proportion the the population of a nation that opposes or resists legally created government and also seeks to disrupt polite order or stability.

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10. "Heal the World" through Michael Jackson

With an emphasis on the strength of love to adjust the world, this 1991 pop track implores the listener to see the world as a reflection of God's love. Uncover the beautiful location in your heart that mirrors that happiness so the you have the right to make the human being a far better place for the living.

11. "What about Now" by Daughtry

This 2006 absent song and also its accompanying video provide a social commentary on readjust and the obligation to act. Ns imagine the the song might be a conversation in between God and a world-weary traveler. Together God references people who are homeless, hungry, and also hurting, that implores the listener to start now prior to it's as well late.

Gun regulate Advocates and the never ever Again Movement


After 17 classmates lost their stays to a gunman equipped with a semi-automatic rifle, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High institution in Parkland, Florida, spoke out versus the an effective NRA pistol lobby and advocated for alters to gun laws.

Laurie Shaull via Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 2.0

12. "I should Wake Up" by Melissa Etheridge

In a human being full of problems, end up being one the the solutions. We require you!

This 2005 rock track urges girlfriend to wake up up and speak the end so that others deserve to feel your urgent contact to action. The narrator feels that she must have been sleeping until now, having actually ignored the plight the climate change, habitat destruction, and also pollution. Comprising for lost time, she desires to spur rather onward come change.

13. "Imagine" by john Lennon

John Lennon sang the peace and unity in this standard rock song during the waning year of the Vietnam War. A te later, that would come to be a victim of gun violence.

This track creates an idyllic picture of humankind laying down its weapons and also joining together in brotherhood, no one hungry, greedy, or self-righteous:

You might say that I'm a dreamerBut I'm no the only oneI hope at some point you'll join usAnd the human being will be together one.


This statue that Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed during the time that the black color Lives matter demonstrations in 2020. Protesters repainted that base with messages.

14. "One Love" by Bob Marley and The Wailers

Now as much as ever, we might use the worldwide unity the Bob Marley is calling for in this reggae-infused track from 1965. The narrator urges united state to hear the kids crying, offer thanks to God, and join pressures for good.

He additionally notes the evildoers with their hearts complete of corruption will have no ar to hide. Throughout his lifetime, Marley to be a vocal anti-apartheid advocate.

15. "With My very own Two Hands" by Ben Harper

What one uplifting song! This straightforward rock track from 2003 inspires hope for the strength of one separation, personal, instance to do an impact. It describes how friend can readjust the human being with your very own two hand by getting to out, holding, and also comforting others. In law so, you have the right to make the people a place that is brighter, better, kinder, and safer. And who wouldn't welcome that change?

16. "Once a Day" through Michael Franti & Spearhead (featuring Sonna Rele & Supa Dups)

You never recognize what curveballs life will throw you, so increase up and live a purposeful life. This 2016 reggae-influenced song nourishes the soul with its optimistic message. Created after his young child was diagnosed with a kidney disorder, it encourages us to each present kindness and also gratitude in our lives as a means of do the people a much better place.

17. "Same Love" through Macklemore & Ryan (featuring mary Lambert)

This 2012 hip-hop song came to be an worldwide hit, the an initial Top 40 in America come promote gay marriage, and also ultimately one anthem for marriage equality. The narrator describes various homophobic stereotypes. I'm sure you recognize them all. He additionally calls the end hip-hop culture for its homophobic slurs by mentioning that civil legal rights are human being rights, even if it is we're talking around the LGBT neighborhood or people of color.

Gay marital relationship was eventually legalized in the United states in June 2015 as a an outcome of a landmark can be fried Court case, Obergefell v. Hodges.


Members the the LGBT community promoted for transgender rights and also for straightforward civil legal rights in employment and also housing. Marriage rights was additionally a vital platform worry prior come the legalization of exact same sex marital relationship in all 50 states.

naeimasgary via Pixabay, free Domain

18. "Change the World" by Colby and Awu

There space so numerous factors splitting our world today, consisting of politics, religion, and also socioeconomic status. This motivational pop song from 2013 urges us to stop dehumanizing and also polarizing the opposition, and also instead seek usual ground.

The fate of humankind is intertwined, for this reason the song proponents seeking to understand others an initial and opening both your heart and your mind to the mindblowing possibility of peace. Hate won't obtain us to a far better place. Just sympathy, empathy, and also positive tandem will. Space you in?

19. "Do Something" by Matthew West

Tired of waiting for someone else to perform something around the problem you treatment about? This contemporary Christian track from 2012 bring away the vantage suggest that recognizing the problem is not enough. Wanting change is just a start. You need to do something.

Nothing will adjust if you merely sit still, so obtain up and also own your ar in the civilization to do it better.

Animal civil liberties Movement

Animal rights activists have actually long been pertained to with the residential or commercial property status the animals, manufacturing facility farming, veganism, pet experimentation, companion pet homelessness and overpopulation, fur, hunting, and other issues.

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20. "If You're the end There" by man Legend

Consider this 2008 R&B number an urgent speak to to action. It's time because that the brand-new generation to answer the narrator's plea and lead adjust in the world.

The narrator urges listeners to conquer hunger, hate, and violence through love. He has actually the conviction the a much better world is possible:

If friend hear this message, wherever you standI'm phone call every woman, calling every manWe're the generationWe can't afford come waitThe future started yesterday, and also we're currently late.

Immigrant legal rights Movement

Millions of American immigrants room denied straightforward human rights since they space undocumented. They occupational in low-wage industries and also lack basic labor protections, education, mobility, and access to windy services.

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Even an ext Songs About an altering the World

Do you recognize a tune about changing the human being that must be on this playlist? do a reference in the Comments section below.

SongArtistYear Released

21. We are the World

USA for Africa


22. Love Is quiet the Answer

Jason Mraz


23. We want Peace

Emmanuel Jal


24. I Will readjust the World

Melissa Etheridge


25. One Day



26. Ns Can't change the World

Brad Paisley


27. Ns Can



28. Bomb the World

Michael Franti & Spearhead


29. Far better Way

Ben Harper


30. We're all in This Together

Ben Lee


31. Be One

Natalie Grant


32. Ns Was Here

Lady A


33. Now I'm Gonna shot to adjust the World

Johnny Reid


34. 4 Minutes



35. We're not Gonna take it It

Twisted Sister


36. I Was Here



37. People assist the People

Cherry Ghost


38. What's walking On

Marvin Gaye


39. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

Marvin Gaye


40. Wherein Is the Love?

Black Eyed Peas


41. Heroes (We could Be)

Alesso (featuring Tove Lo)


42. Ns Won't earlier Down

Tom Petty


43. You've got to stand for Something

Aaron Tippin


44. Firework

Katy Perry


45. Brave

Sara Bareilles


46. I'd choose to Teach the people to Sing

The Hillside Singers


47. Revolution

The Beatles


48. Reality to Power



49. I should Wake Up

Melissa Etheridge


50. Us Will climb Up

Andra Day


51. This day I'm Gonna shot and readjust the World

Johnny Reid


52. Eve of Destruction

Barry McGuire


53. There's Still mine Joy

Indigo Girls


54. Looking for Angels



55. That's exactly how You adjust the World



56. Something's in the Air

Tom Petty and also The Heartbreakers


57. I miss America

Lily Kershaw


58. What execute I Know?

Ed Sheeran


59. If everyone Cared



60. Acquire on her Feet

Gloria Estefan


61. Change the World

Derek Minor


62. Because that What It's Worth

Buffalo Springfield


63. Let's make a better World

New Nobility


64. Placed a little Love in her Heart

Jackie DeShannon


65. Love Is the Answer

England Dan & john Ford Coley


66. Reach Out and also Touch (Somebody's Hand)

Diana Ross


67. A Scary Time (For Boys)

Lynzy Lab


68. The Voice

John Farnham


69. Love's top top the Way

Sebastian Kole


70. It is in the Change

Eric Bellinger


71. Burn

Ellie Goulding


72. On the turning Away

Pink Floyd


73. I'd Love to readjust the World

Ten years After


74. Us Shall be Free

Garth Brooks


75. The Change

Garth Brooks


76. People Loving People

Garth Brooks


77. Changes

Tupac Shakur (featuring Talent)


78. Take a Hand, do a Friend

The clip Singers


FlourishAnyway (author) from USA top top September 15, 2020:

MG - You're right. We should constantly be mindful of what we are an altering the human being to. Start with the finish in mind.

MG singh emge from Singapore ~ above September 09, 2020:

Changing the world is therefore romantic yet there are always pitfalls. You have actually made a wonderful repertoire here and I compliment girlfriend on it.

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FlourishAnyway (author) from USA top top September 09, 2020:

John - thanks for these argued songs which I have added. Be well and happy and adjust the human being for good.

John top top September 09, 2020:

Garth Brooks should absolutely be top top this perform somewhere through "We Shall it is in Free," "The Change," or "People loving People."