Romeo and also Juliet plot 3 is wherein the story starts to warmth up,more things begin to happen and also its gaining worse.It starts of through a knife fight in between two of our “favorite” houses,SPOILER ALERT someone dies,then there’s the feelings of grief, guilt,sadness,suddenly part suicidal thoughts,but then it goes back to our favourite main personalities Romeo and Juliet on their marriage and possibly their last day with each other forever…..Anyways my height 2 songs the I have actually chosen that i think best fit in because that act 3 of Romeo and Juliet are, #1 “Daylight” by Maroon 5 and also #2 Man down by Rihanna.

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#1 “Daylight” by Maroon 5:

I made decision “Daylight” by Maroon 5 as my number 1 since I think that would have been a perfect song simply after your “afterglow” after they consummate your marriage and before Romeo is banished.

“And once the daylight come I’ll have to goBut this evening I’m gonna organize you so closeCause in the daylight we’ll it is in on ours ownBut this evening I require to organize you so close.”

Here i am staring at your perfectionIn my arms, so beautifulThe skies is acquiring bright, the stars are burning outSomebody slow-moving it down

“Marriage night”R&J<1>

The verses shows upon the story perfectly since In act 3 step 3, (even despite shakespeare go not show Romeo and Juliet’s wedding night, because they would all have been arrested or punished for putting on a lewd entertainment) they don’t desire to accept the reality that as soon as that sunlight is out, they have to say good-bye and part but because that the night they just want to stay close, host each other, no to worry about the day ahead and just care around what’s walking on around them.Implying your in your own people now till the sunlight rises.They both want the moment to stop to just enjoy and also savor the moment as much as they can prior to the part.Also making more doe-eyes at each other.

Romeo end up acquiring banished out of Verona ,Italy for killing tybalt after complicated him come a fight because he had killed mercutio,he to be so blinded through his anger he didn’t know the outcome.Once he’s declared to banishment that doesn’t feel favor living because, “There is no civilization for me exterior the walls of Verona, except purgatory, torture, and also hell itself. So to it is in banished native Verona is favor being banished native the world, and being banished indigenous the world is death.”(Act 3,sc 3).That’s why he’s savoring his last moments with Juliet due to the fact that he’s never really walk to see her again.”It’s torture, no mercy. Heaven is here since Juliet lives here.”(Act 3,sc 3)”

#2 Man under by Rihanna:

“I didn’t average to finish his life, I understand it wasn’t rightI can’t even sleep in ~ night, can’t obtain it off my mindI need to acquire out of sight, fore I finish up behind bars.”

“So I’m bout to leaving town, aye uh,

Cause ns didn’t median to ache him”

“Romeo death Tybalt” R&J<2>

The song itself is about ,“a song about a girl that committed a murder the she regrets and also is completely remorseful about it.”This is a good song because that this act due to the fact that its precisely what Romeo went through, he ended up killing tybalt and ended up emotion the guilt after that did it. In the pat Tybalt wants to duel Romeo and when Romeo refuses Tybalt and Mercutio fight. Romeo end up stepping in and because of it ,it leader to tybalt shoving his sword through his arm and also into Mercutio and also killing him.When Mercutio dies Romeo feeling guilty and also in his fury (and because that revenge) he death Tybalt.In the video clip the girl end up leaving the place to get away from all of it and the feasible punishments ,and that’s precisely what Romeo go he end up running away indigenous the fight chin ,while Prince Escalus punishes him through banishment after warning him currently that if anything happens this would certainly be the result or possible death punishment.





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