"I great I discovered some much better sounds no one"s ever before heard / i wish I had a far better voice and sang some far better words/ ns wish I found some chords in one order that is new/ ns wish ns didn"t have to rhyme every time i sang" - Twenty-One Pilots, "Stressed Out"

It would certainly be pretty if every newly released tune sounded completely different from its ancestors. But in today"s day and age, where everything is stored digital somewhere, it"s practically impossible do music that doesn"t nice much currently exist. Follow to human being who know an ext about music than I do, there are over 100 million songs in existence. To placed that number in perspective, there room only about 8400 feasible chords ~ above the piano. Mathematically, it becomes really straightforward to discover two songs with the same chord pattern, especially due to the fact that there are only so many chords that sound an excellent together.

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But there room some songs that are so remarkable connected, not just in the an easy structure but in rhythm and melody, that you wonder even if it is or no the artist walk ahead and got the initial artist"s approval. I don"t intended to speak to out any musicians here; ns only present to you some pairs of songs that I"ve it was observed to be subtle (or in part cases, not-so-subtle) sound-alikes. In every cases, the older track is called first.

I"ll leave it up to you come decide: music plagiarism? Or is it an imaginative coincidence?

Pair #1: Def Leppard and also One Direction

A lot of these most likely go unnoticed due to the fact that the two songs come from such totally different genres and time periods. I"m guessing many female 14-year-old One Direction fans don"t likewise have a to like on all 5 members of one Eighties difficult rock band. But that doesn"t median that Harry formats and company haven"t heard this classic:

You might not an alert it in ~ first, yet wait because that the chorus:

What do you think? do you hear it? Is it possible that the shorter-haired lads native Britain unintentionally payment tribute to their long-haired compatriots?

Pair #2: modest Mouse and also Lupe Fiasco

As far as i know, Lupe in reality did gain the rights to this indie classic. However the method he supplied it is cool. You"ll notice the choruses right away; just replace "we"ll every float" with "the present goes" and they"re basically identical. But the other facet of the tune Lupe adjusted is much an ext subtle.

See if friend can capture it:

Hear that small plucky, high-pitched etc riff? In the Modest mouse version, it gives the tune a quirky, sad, indie feel. However Lupe sped it up, included some echo and also other things, and voila, something to rap over.

Pair #3: Tom Petty and Sam Smith

Recipe: take 25-year-old soft rock hit. Remove nation twang and swingy rhythm. Switch guitars for piano. Sing around a complex relationship. Sprinkle generous amounts of drama. Boom! four hundred million see on YouTube! multiple Grammy Awards! It"s that simple.

Of course, it help if you have the voice of one angel. Otherwise, an excellent luck with that recipe.

Pair #4: Bachman-Turner Overdrive and also Jet

You need to go to the solo the "Rollover DJ" (at around 1:47 in the video) to hear this one. It offers three different components of BTO"s classic rock staple: the drumbeat, a sports of the rhythm guitar riff, and even the two quickly-strummed chords ~ above the command guitar. It"s unique enough that this one"s probably a coincidence. The math odds were never in their favor.

Pair #5: Dion and also Meghan Trainor

This one"s simply ridiculous. I recognize the Dion tune is old, but it"s still pretty popular. "Dear Future Husband" is a slightly lower pitch, yet other 보다 that, the music is pretty much identical. Both songs also have a slowed down vocal solo in ~ the beginning. However I"m walk to provide Meghan Trainor the benefit of the doubt here. She more than likely time-traveled back to the Fifties, composed this song for Dion and also his Belmonts (whatever the is) utilizing the code name "Sue" in order to placed herself in a an adverse light and escape unwanted attention from all the greasers, and also then went back to the present and also recorded a solution song, in which she regained she dignity through mandating a list of understanding requirements for any kind of future dating prospects.

That"s pretty much the only explanation.

Pair #6: Journey and EVERY other ARTIST EVER.

So, there space these 4 chords that almost every pop artist ends up making use of at some allude in their career. To it is in fair, it"s probably since they sound really good, especially when you add some other notes and also make it a totality progression, prefer in the piano riff that "Don"t avoid Believing." funny fact: It"s also the 4 notes in the Bell Tower iphone alarm/ringtone the everyone uses.

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These 3 guys referred to as Axis the Awesome produced a excellent mashup to prove this. Certain enough, the songs circulation into one another seamlessly. (Warning: this is slightly NSFW)

Bonus Pair: Twinkle, Twinkle tiny Star and the Alphabet Song

Seriously, people?? WHAT IS THIS human being COMING TO? Where space our morals and also our feeling of integrity? Somewhere, an inventive young mom or kindergarten teacher is do trillions the dollars in royalties just due to the fact that she knew she ABCs. It"s a cryin" shame. Despicable.