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Wednesday Songs

Ever felt prefer Wednesday doesn't gain the recognition it deserves? Many people refer come Wednesday as Hump Day since it's the center of the week, an interpretation it's all around getting over the hump and also inching closer towards the weekend. Because that me, though, it's much much more than that. I'd go so far as to say the Wednesday is the best day of the week. Lots of merchants offer discounts top top this day, including air tickets, so be certain to give thanks to me later!

It appears that many songwriters re-publishing the same love for Wednesday. Ns didn't traction this out of slim air. I've excellent my research and found plenty of songs v "Wednesday" in the title. If the isn't sufficient proof, ns don't understand what is. And also listening to this Wednesday songs do my shopping main actor all the more fun and exciting.

Truth it is in told, however, plenty of of these song aren't together happy as I'd want them come be. In fact, you'll uncover several songs on this list that evoke every kinds of emotions. Yet I assumption: v this is what renders this playlist for this reason exhilarating. You simply can't tell what to mean from each song.

In any kind of case, I'm still wait for wacky Wednesday to be a genuine thing. I want to think the listening to these songs v "Wednesday" in the location will aid make that happen.

Best Wednesday Songs

1. “Wednesday Morning” by Macklemore

2. “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” through Simon & Garfunkel

3. “Any Wednesday” by royal Guardsman

4. “Wednesday” by Tori Amos

5. “Wednesday Week” by The Undertones

6. “A Wednesday Car” by Johnny Cash

7. “Wednesday night Blues” by john Lee Hooker

8. “Wednesday’s Blues” by Joe Newman

9. “Wednesday” by rob Mullins

10. “Wednesday Night Waltz” by Andy DeJarlis

11. “Wednesday’s Song” by man Frusciante

12. “Waiting because that Wednesday” through Lisa Loeb

13. “Just Wednesday” through Inspiral Carpets

14. “Wednesday” by Indubious

15. “Wednesday Morning” through America

16. “Wednesday Lover” by The gap Band

17. “It’s currently Wednesday” by Freya

18. “Wednesday Morning” by Slackstring

19. “Wednesday Morning” through Slackstring

20. “(April), Spring, Summer and also Wednesdays” by standing Quo

21. “Wednesday Love” through Jagged Edge

22. “Ash Wednesday Blues” by Anders Osborne

23. “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” through Charles Mingus

24. “Wednesday Morning Dew” by Majic Ship

25. “Wednesday’s Child” by Matt Monro

26. “Awake top top Wednesday” through The Caulfields

27. “Wednesday Night Hop” by Ernie “Bubbles” Whitman

28. “Wednesday” through Kidloland

29. “Wednesday like a River” by Sheila E.

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30. “Wednesday Morning Atonement” through Curtis Harding

31. “Wednesday Week” by The Attractions

32. “Ready Wednesday” by Snarky Puppy

33. “Wednesday's Child” by Paul Revere and also the Raiders

34. “Wednesday” by Energygod feat. Mt. Oddo

35. “Wednesday Night Interlude” by Drake Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

36. “Dreamy Wednesdays” through The Wannadies

37. “Wednesday Morning” by Chicano Batman

38. “It’s already Wednesday” by Freya Clausen

39. “Wednesday Week” by Elvis Costello

40. “Woke Wednesday” by eye Tha Product

41. “Wednesday Night Melody” by Bleached

42. “Welfare Wednesday” by Venetian Snares

43. “Wednesday” by Tomorrows Tulips

44. “Wednesday’s Child” by Emiliana Torrini

45. “A Wednesday in her Garden” through The guess Who

46. “Tuesday Wednesday” by The Woodentops

47. “Wednesday’s son by man Barry

48. “Wednesday” by Rodgecci

49. “The Wednesday Race” by James Morrison

50. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (I Love You)” through Kitty Kallen

51. “Wednesday the Third” by conserves the Day

52. “Wednesday” by Tracy hardly Feat. 2nd Sama

53. “Wednesday Girl” through The Jetset

54. “Windy Wednesday” by Charlie Bedford

55. “Wednesday” by wolf Alice

Carson McQueen
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