lucky “the ninja kitty” is a “crazy crawler” who is crawling anywhere Instagram.

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She’s a 1-year-old American Shorthair ninja who occasionally sports a pink bow.

In June, her people shared a video clip of lucky making a tiny mewing sound together she showed up to stalk the cameraman across the carpet. Lied close to the floor, she supplies her claws because that traction, shuffling follow me in a means you have to see because that yourself. It might be difficult not to laugh, and it looks choose she’s having so lot fun. (see video clip below)

In one day, the write-up gathered over2,400 likeson Facebook.

The Ninja Kitty



Images via Instagram


The Night Crawler Ninja Kitty

In an additional video, happy is a crazy “night crawler.” because that her, the carpet is one huge horizontal climbing wall.

In the darkened room, her eyes light like small flashlights. ~ seeing much more Instagram posts, she fondness forcrazy carpet crawlingis evident.

Disappearing right into the Shadows

When she isn’t utilizing her ninja moves follow me the floor, she’schasing her tailor disappearing into a cardboard box. V her black color fur, just her eyes room visible, and also even those are hard to spot.


Lucky the black color Cat hides in plain sight via Instagram


Image via Instagram

Stalking in the Sunbeams

Indeed, this ninja kitty is a grasp of the shadows, disappearing in an instant. However, it shows up she’s simply as fond the basking in a sunbeam or crazy crawling in one.

This ninja kitty periodically wearsa pink bowas she slinks her method along a different carpet.

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Lucky the black Cat in a sunbeam via Instagram

By late July, luck the ninja kitty had actually a soundtrack with her well-known carpet crawling post. Now, it’s complete and really take away it to an epos level.

“I’m just starting to number Instagrams reels and including music to videos, for this reason the James link theme appeared fitting for this one