I have a small VB manuscript that calls a mechanism sound together an alert. In windows XP I supplied sndrec32 come play the sound. However sndrec32 was not continued in Vista and Windows 7. It to be light and quick and ideal for such tasks.

Q: What changed this tool? when you click the test button in the sounds window what is it that plays it?

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In Vista, Sound Recorder is instead dubbed SoundRecorder.exe and has different command-line switches.


The just command line option I discovered so far can just be provided for recording.SoundRecorder /FILE myrec.wma /DURATION 0000:00:30

The old /PLAY "C:PathFile.wav" /CLOSE move doesn"t work-related anymore


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Is process Monitor able to choose up once a "system sound"(one the those wav files), plays? I'm using Windows 7

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