A) Condition: Water runs and also will no shut offA run-on problem may be caused by insufficient water pressure, an improperly readjusted Flush Valve Cartridge, or a clogged inlet screen. Refer to "Installation Requirements" for recommended minimum pressure. (See "Points come Remember" for a simple technique to recognize whether your water pressure is adequate). Inspect water pressure, marginal pressure have the right to cause any of these conditions. If adequate water pressure has been verified and also the toilet continues to run-on, the adhering to steps might be required:Make sure the water supply valve is completely open.Check the Actuator adjustment.The do the washing up Rod (I) or push button should not interfere v the Actuator.The appropriate clearance need to be approximately 1/8" as soon as the push button or flush-handle is stationary.On push button kind fixtures, ease the setscrew top top the Actuator (see F on the component list) and rotate the Actuator up (counterclockwise) or under (clockwise) till the proper clearance is obtained.When proper clearance is obtained, tighten the setscrew.Check Inlet ScreenTurn turn off the water supply valve.Flush the toilet to relieve the pressure.Examine the inlet screen and remove anything that might be prevent the circulation of water right into the FLUSHMATE® tank.Reattach water supply line and fully open water supply valve. Check setup by flushing toilet.Remove, examine, and also reinstall the flush Valve Cartridge (3).Turn off the water it is provided valve and also flush the toilet to relax the pressure.Test setup through flushing toilet. Reinstall do the washing up Rod and handle linkage.B) Condition: Weak, incomplete, sluggish, or no flushInadequate water pressure, one improperly adjusted Flush Valve Cartridge, a clogged inlet screen, or insufficient air draw may reason a weak, sluggish, or no flush condition.Make certain that the water supply valve is totally open.Check for suitable actuation adjustment, see condition A-2, "Water runs and also will not shut off."Turn off the water it is provided valve.Flush the toilet to relax the pressure.Disconnect the water supply line from the it is provided Shank (A). (See number 6)Examine the inlet screen and also remove noþeles that might be blocking the circulation of water into the FLUSHMATE® tank.Examine the wait Inducer (D) because that obstruction or damage. (See number 8)Make sure the water it is provided valve is turned off and also the toilet has been purged to relieve the pressure.Reconnect the water supply line and totally open water supply valve.C) Condition: Vacuum Breaker LeakingIf the Vacuum Breaker (E) is leaking, it is most likely that the water pressure is inadequate or the there is inadequate flow due to a plugged inlet display screen in the lower Supply Shank.

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The encourage static press for the 503 collection is between 20 psi and also 125 psi and for the 504 series between 25 and also 125 psi.