Removing dearteassociazione.orgPack documents from your computer is a an easy task but it can end up being quite time consuming. If you want to eliminate a many downloads the can take place that the launcher action up and also you have to start over checking items and also to discover one certain download can come to be quite difficult.

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Because of this, it pays to pay attention on WHAT you room installing in the very first place. Specifically houses and also sims can contain a many other downloads.

The launcher has actually multiple tabs on the side. The two important ones right here are Downloads and Installed Content. If friend download something indigenous the exchange or the keep it just shows in Downloads.


To inspect if miscellaneous is already installed or not, an alert the Plumbob/Arrow prize under Status. Installed downloads also show grayed out. Downloads that space not installed, don’t show up in her game and also don’t have to be uninstalled. If you download a lot/household or a center there space bound to be various other downloads to come v that. Those don’t present in downloads though.

In this example, ns downloaded the house Pension “Rose” und ihre Inhaberin climbed van der Falk and installed it. As you have the right to see only the house shows in Downloads


In set up Content you can see all files that came with the house. The house likewise contains a Sim however that one is absent from the Launcher due to the fact that he belongs to the house. All cc that was offered on the center (here the hair) is now installed as well. Set up content shows in the bespeak you have actually installed them. The newest ones room at the bottom (sometimes ~ above top). If friend close and reopen the Launcher, this order is messed increase and totally random and also you can’t sort.

To uninstall a certain download, you have the right to now examine the box colony to it and click on uninstall. The download need to now be unable to do from her game. To additionally get rid the the download itself go earlier to the download tab and also click delete. If you just delete the download, it will still display in her game.

If you want to uninstall the custom content without utilizing the launcher you have the right to only uninstall them all in one go.

The DCCache folder consists of two types of files and a paper called missingdeps.idx. I’m not too sure what that document is for however it is recreated if friend delete it.


The very first type of files has the expansion dbc, the 2nd one ebc. The ebc-files save the keep content you have actually in stalled, the dbc ones are third party content except houses and also Sims. People are mounted in the folder InstalledWorld but most of the time they contain extra downlaods that are installed in the ebc- or dbc-files.


Backup your game.Move the dbc and also ebc records to a safe ar (if you just want to eliminate third-party content, only move the dbc files) or delete lock if you’re certain that you won’t be making use of them anymore.Start a brand-new test video game (a brand-new one, no an present one)

Unfortunately the launcher is not really reliable and also there are number of issues.

The download is still in my game although I effectively uninstalled it.

Also delete your cache files and check top top the icon ingame to watch if it’s really a dearteassociazione.orgPack you’re looking for. Might be possible that the very same download is mounted through various means.

Download through dependencies can’t be uninstalled

You’ll gain this article if the download came through a world. Friend can’t uninstall those unless you also uninstall the human being itself. Many of the items must be uninstalled independently after removing the world.

It might be that various other items have actually dependencies yet I don’t understand what that can be.

I can’t uncover a specific download in my Launcher

See this How to remove unwanted custom Content

Those 2 folders save backups of her files. Deleting castle will execute nothing in state of arriving in the game. Downloads contains the dearteassociazione.orgPacks, DCBackup the Package-Files that were within the dearteassociazione.orgPacks. If friend delete a download in the tab Downloads, it will certainly be eliminated from the download folder. The papers in DCBackup are never ever deleted. This can lead come problems and also can take up a many disk space.

I would certainly suggest, to relocate the documents in downloads to exterior drive so that you have them handy if you should reinstall. Think increase some sort of sorting device that fits you. I would certainly clean out the DCBackup folder totally except for the record ccmerged.package which is essential for the premium contents to work properly. Just disadvantage you have is that they won’t obtain pack with any lots/households/Sims the you upload.

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Another technique to clean out the DCBackup folder would be to do a perform of all numbers the belong to the download (they display in Custard). If you eliminate a download you deserve to then manually delete the corresponding paper from the DCBackup. This will certainly be very time spend though.

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