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This page consists of The Sims 2: Apartment pet cheats perform for Nintendo DS version. Now we have actually 5 cheats in ours list, which has 3 cheat codes, 2 unlockables. Us hope information that you"ll discover at this page help you in playing The Sims 2: Apartment pet on Nintendo DS platform. If you didn"t uncover needed cheats placed request or questioning question about this at special ar of the game. Additionally you have the right to subscribe top top all brand-new cheats that we"ll find for you in the future!

go on the top-left edge of the touch screen and there is a save switch touch it and go on "OPTIONS" climate you will view a title called "UNLOCKABLE" then form inthis code "CASH" and also you will get $10,000. Write it down exactly!(you should right here a noise after entering a code)and follow the same actions for the various other code!BY MINH

Code:Effect:cash$10,000T5v76fMotorcycle Helmet8q739cbackwards baseball cap

Go come the save button on the house screen, walk to choices then into unlockables and also enter the code below

Unlockable:How1 that every item the you have the right to buytype in `stash" in ~ the unlockables screen in small letter lettersTo make her sims motives fulltype in "motive" in ~ the unlockables display in lowercase lettersMotor bicycle helmet for her petstype in this in ~ the unlockable screen: T5v76fbackwards baseball captype this in at the unlockable screen 8q739c

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first that all get a pet which u choose to embrace to continue to be in your apartment, dress it up v a hat/collar/ribbon, now go come the menu,click the bowl nd cick options, click unlockables kind : adopapet then form i24xla34, type cashx1000 then kind (NAME the PET)(HAT/COLLAR/RIBB ON)

now take treatment of the pet until its stamina is full and dont eliminate its hat/co9llar/ribbon till its owner comes and also says "excuse me, however somethings come up, view i just went come a doctor and also found the end i have actually a pet allergy, so ns cant insurance claim my pets from girlfriend anymore, ill simply take it come the pound(pet goes come ____) and says on 2nd thought, ns think my pet yes, really likes continuing to be with you, yet i need some money come buy furless pets, ill sell my pet come you because that 1000 simoleons" climate coz that the cashx1000 you get that however u need to have the ff codes(dont change the clock coz the codes no work)

Code:Effect:46436163- kind on 2:22amadopt a diff colored snake,rabbit,guinea, or hamsterq5e472-12 pm and am for 3 daysget the greatest spa8dd2g-random timeswi-fi attach with other friends68sy3jk-random timesget out of the spa03f3hfw-3amvisit other neighbors in apartment