A(n) _______ is similar to a form with prewritten text.

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nonbreakingA(n) _______________ hyphen is a special kind of hyphen that prevents two native which space separated by a hyphen from dividing at the finish of a line.
building blockIf you use the exact same text or graphics frequently, you deserve to store the text or graphics in a(n) __________ therefore it can be supplied in future documents.
cellThe intersection the a row and also column is called a(n) __________.
dimensionWhen inserting a table into a document, you have to specify the __________ of the table.
Shift + EnterPress __________ to create a heat break.
borderA solid line at the leaf of a paragraph is referred to as a(n) ____________.
destinationItems in the Office Clipboard are replicated to a ___________ document.
content controlA(n) ___________ has instructions for filling areas of a template.
sortingWhen arranging paragraphs in alphabetical, numerical, or date order based upon the an initial character of every paragraph, it is dubbed ___________.
templateWhen you usage a _______________, i m sorry is similar to a kind with prewritten text, word prepares the document with text and also formatting typical to all papers of that nature.
tableA(n) _______________ is a collection of rows and columns.
end-of-cell markEach cell in a table includes a(n) _______________ that you usage to select and format cells.
ControlTo insert a tab personality in a cell, you should press _______________ +TAB.
linebreakA(n) _______________ advancements the insertion allude to the start of the following physical line, ignoring any paragraph formatting instructions.
asteriskYou can use Word’s AutoFormat as You type feature to bullet paragraphs, by pushing the _______________ key as the first character ~ above the line, then pushing the SPACEBAR.
tab stopA(n) _______________ is a location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB crucial on the keyboard.
layoutTo add columns to a table, click the Insert Left switch on the _______________ tab.

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TABTo advance rightward indigenous one cell to the next, push the _____ key.
normalThe term, clean formatting, refers to returning the formatting come the __________ style
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