CoinSilver Wedding Crown, 1972

This crown coin was issued to mark the Silver Wedding (25th anniversary that the marriage) the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh. That is the first modern (decimal) crown-size commemorative coin.

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Both political parties (the reverse and also the Queen"s portrait on the obverse) to be designed by Arnold Machin.

At the moment of decimalisation in 1971, the united kingdom Crown coin (equal come 5 shillings) was redenominated together a 25p coin and also pieces struck prior to 1990 - all the means back come 1818 - proceed to be legal tender for that amount. The old denomination had actually been a constant circulating coin in the 19th century, but in the 20th century the became much more of a commemorative denomination.

The imperial Mint ongoing issuing commemorative coins in the same style - using the traditional coin dimensions, but in copper-nickel simply as the critical pre-decimal crowns had actually been, additionally denominated as 25 pence.

Although no circulating, this coins are legal tender because that 25 pence, but contrary come popular id this walk not mean that banks and also retailers automatically have to accept them. In the unified Kingdom, they are welcomed by royal Mail article offices.

MintRoyal MintMint MarkTotal Mintage
No mint mark7,602,100 (7.6 million)
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Crowned and draped young bust of Queen Elizabeth II dealing with right (effigy recognized as the "Second Portrait", by Arnold Machin).

The Queen attract the "Girls of great Britain and Ireland" diamond tiara, a wedding gift indigenous Queen mary (Her Majesty"s grandmother) in 1947 - i m sorry she also has ~ above the Rank-Broadley and the Gottwald portraits.

Around, the monarch"s legend: ELIZABETH II D · G · REG · F · D ·. Analyzed from Latin: Elizabeth the Second, by the grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith.

Obverse InscriptionELIZABETH II D · G · REG · F · D ·

The reverse attributes at its centre two huge initials: EP (for Elizabeth and also Philip) top top a lift of leaf (or a "floral garland"), through a naked number of Eros between the letters. The initials space crowned through the imperial Crown above them.

Around above, the engraving · ELIZABETH and PHILIP ·; around below, the days 20 NOVEMBER 1947 - 1972.

Reverse InscriptionEP · ELIZABETH and also PHILIP · 20 NOVEMBER 1947 - 1972
EdgeMilledEdge Inscription

Mintage comprised of:7,452,100 circulation great coins, plus150,000 proofs.Off-metal strikes (silver) not included.

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Due come the official face value (which is not displayed anywhere ~ above the coin), some catalogues list it as "25 brand-new Pence".

Issued in SetCoinage of an excellent Britain & north Ireland 1972, mintage 150,0007 coins: silver Wedding Crown, Fifty new Pence, Ten brand-new Pence, Five brand-new Pence, Two new Pence, One new Penny, half New Penny
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