I walk to see the UK Tour manufacturing of Shrek the musical today (read my review here), and also I noticed several recommendations to various other musicals in ~ it. Some space clear recommendations (to Les Mis, Wicked, A Chorus Line, Gypsy, Lion King… I might go on!) however others room mere coincidences concerning plot or characters, yet they tho reminded me of other shows. So right here is mine list:

1. The Freak Flag… Flag

Firstly, possibly the most noticeable one. In ~ the finish of the song Freak Flag in the second act, the villagers that Duloc (all the whom room fairy story characters) create a triangle formation, with a big green flag being waved behind them. This flag displays a snapshot of Pinocchio in the specific same format as the famous photo of Cosette from Les Miserables. The truth that the formation and also marching likewise echo the end of One Day an ext only check that this is a clear reference to the many successful music of every time.

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2. Travel tune Circle that Life

Another noticeable reference occurs during this song as soon as a giraffe and a gazelle pass by Shrek and also Donkey, and also the music briefly alters to a quick excerpt indigenous the circle of Life indigenous the Lion King.

3. Gypsy of my Life

In Story of my Life, Mama be affected by each other sings ‘Mama’s in the mud, Mama’s in distress’ which room lyrics plainly inspired by Rose’s turn from Gypsy.

4. A Chorus heat in Duloc

The finish of What’s up Duloc recommendations the track One (the finale version) indigenous A Chorus Line, by which the chorus song the same constant whispered vocal melody in in between other paragraph in both songs. E.g. In One, the chorus sing ‘commonly rare, an extremely unique, peripatetic, poetic and also chic’, and in What’s increase Duloc, they sing ‘we practised this component both forward and also back, us make one mistake and also we gain the rack’. The Shrek reference is likewise reminiscent of A Chorus line in that the occupants of Duloc are scared to make a mistake for fear of being kicked out – much like the auditionees in A Chorus Line!

5. Farquaad = Matilda

This is definitely an ext of a coincidence than a reference, particularly seeing as Shrek the musical premiered a pair of years before Matilda did, yet I couldn’t assist noticing that Lord Farquaad’s signature posture is spookily similar to that of Matilda’s. Probably it’s since they’re both small.

6. Shared ensemble with into the Woods?

Again, this is no doubt a coincidental similarity between two unrelated musicals, yet both Shrek and also Into the Woods use a random choice of fairy tale characters to make up their casts. A few characters which function in both include small Red talk Hood, the wolf, dwarves, pigs, fairies… probably the producer on both productions could club together to break-up costume hire costs?!

7. Angry witch

Okay, therefore this is simply the reality that a angry witch attributes in the ensemble that Shrek, and also funnily enough, a ‘wicked’ witch is the top lady that the musical Wicked. (Although the one in Shrek lacks green skin). However, the end of What’s increase Duloc attributes a turoulend nod towards the triumphant end of Defying gravity – the ‘oh woah oh ohhhhh’ – together Farquaad appears at the height of his castle. Brilliant!

8. Shrek the the Opera

The final link to an additional musical that i observed is the truth that the plots and themes featured in The Phantom that the Opera and Shrek are rather similar, seeing together they both indicate ugly/deformed leading male personalities who space desperate for love and also initially repulse the women they are infatuated with. However, the noticeable difference is that Phantom reached a heartbreaking conclusion, conversely, Shrek end ‘happily ever before after’ v Fiona accepting Shrek’s appearance and also her own.

Further web research into extra musical recommendations within Shrek revealed that there room a couple more that ns missed due to not learning other shows really well, such as the truth that the finish of Forever references and also I am telling you I’m no Going from Dreamgirls. There likewise seem to have been a few other references which vary in between different productions that the display (see right here for an ext examples).

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I think that the usage of many extra musical referrals in Shrek the music are very clever nods to various other works by the writers of the show, and also I choose the way that they deserve to go unnoticed by plenty of audience members, but provide amusement because that fans of music theatre. Return several instances on mine list space mere coincidences, the present can evidently be connected to many other musicals – sometimes clearly, sometimes tenuously.