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HMS Endeavour - Wikipedia

HMS Endeavour, also known together HM Bark Endeavour, was a British imperial Navy research study vessel that Lieutenant James chef commanded come Australia and new Zealand top top his very first voyage of discovery from 1768 come 1771.. She was released in 1764 as the collier Earl of Pembroke, through the navy purchasing she in 1768 for a clinical mission come the Pacific Ocean and also to check out the seas because that the surmised Terra ...Commissioned: 26 may 1768

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WWII ship logbooks for RP Leary history Hub

Ship war diaries are comparable to the deck logs--they share some qualities such together their setup by deck watches. However, ~ signature again by the CO and also Navigator, the war diaries were submitted up the ship’s work chain of command, so for a destroyer such as the USS Richard P. Leary (DD-664), the war diaries would have actually ...

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Seeking deck logs & documents in Vietnam background Hub

Aug 26, 2019 · indigenous 1957 onwards, lock are consisted of in the ship's Muster Rolls/Personnel Diaries and can be obtained from the source. The deck logs because that United states Navy ships prior to 1940 are located at our Archives 1 place in Washington D.C. United says Navy delivery deck logs native 1941 come 1983 are situated at our Archives 2 location in college Park, MD ...

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Hidden treasures from within navy Deck Logs – NARAtions

Jul 21, 2010 · marine deck logs and war diaries are two distinct species of records, yet they can contain similar types the information. Deck logs usually chronicle routine tasks aboard ship, such as personnel issues, accidents, combat, location, etc., and provide a 3rd party record that can be provided to verify or confirm events.

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How space Logs comparable or various to diaries? -

How room Logs comparable or different to diaries? ... Logs and also diaries to document the daily events of his journeys. ... And also they note their territory on logs, since of power. ...

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Ship logs are comparable to diaries in the they? -

Ship logs are similar to diaries in that they? save on computer information. What is a difference in between diaries and logs? Logs room meant to be check out to the public and also are factual, Diaries are personal and ...

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Deck Log accessibility - Naval history and heritage Command

Due to the substantial nature that deck log records, the NHHC will certainly not carry out duplication for VA deck log requests exceeding a two-month period. Keep in mind that deck logs are marked “For official Use Only,” and that requests by individuals must take a various path from VA requests—they must be channeled through the suitable Fleet because that review.

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Royal marine ships' voyages in log publications - The national Archives

Medical officers’ journals (see ar 6) are the logs most likely to contain info on individuals. Unequal the Army, the imperial Navy go not save unit war diaries but naval logs space the nearest indistinguishable to those diaries. 3. Basic search tips. You deserve to use Discovery, our catalogue, to find for logs by the surname of a delivery or submarine.

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