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Finding one apartment withissues like, bad credit, evictions, bankruptcies, andbackground issues can it is in a daunting task. Potential renters through these varieties of troubles will requiremore legwork, research, money, and time to discover a place.



➢Credit score no an issue➢No open unpaid evictions/Felonies➢Rental & utility debts paid➢BKs should be discharged➢Income: 3 timesthe rent

➢Credit score no an issue➢No unpaid evictions for5 yrs➢BKs have to be discharged➢No Felonies➢Income: 3 timesthe rent


➢Credit score min 550

➢No evictions for3 yrs

➢BKs must be discharged

➢No Felonies

➢Income: 3 times the rent

➢Credit score no an issue

➢Noevictions or landlord debt

➢BKs have to be discharged

➢No Felonies in critical 7 years

➢Tax credit units available

Our second Chance Apartment List has Over 100+ Communities!

(The List has actually Apartments In Dekalb, Clayton &Fulton Counties.PlusA few In Rockdale & Cobb.)

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Got Questions? We acquired Answers!NOTE: Please check out All The Information around The 2nd Chance First, prior to Calling. The Most common Questions We obtain Calls about Are currently Answered On our Website. CheckOut The Links above & review The FAQs page Here.

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We have taken the guesswork and an obstacle out of finding second chance apartments.Our staff has done every one of the exhaustive and time-consuming legwork for you. We have actually personally called each home to discover out if they room a second chance apartment community. And also wealsoupdate our perform on continuous basis.