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Overall Summary

Seabiscuit to be a racehorse who climbed to call in the 1930s, also though he began out as an underdog. His trainer, James “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons, uncovered Seabiscuit to have actually speed yet didn’t have actually time to develop him into a to win racehorse because he ran in explain races. Finally, Charles Howard and his trainer Tom smith bought Seabiscuit and also trained him for racing glory.

Howard and Smith were both successful in their corresponding industries. Howard do his luck in the auto business, and also Smith learned his profession on a equine ranch. Once Seabiscuit came to them, he was exhausted from all the racing that had been done with him at Wheatley’s barn. Therefore, they started by increase him physically and soothing his nerves. Riders allow Seabiscuit operation freely because he stood up to taking directions from everyone else yet Howard or Smith. Around this time, Red Pollard came in search of work and also got hired since of exactly how well the rode Seabiscuit after gaining to understand what type of horse he was—a very spirited one that didn’t favor being whipped into doing something against his will; therefore, Pollard concluded the it would be finest if he can just ride him gently without whipping that so as not to hurt the anymore 보다 necessary. From there on out, they functioned together come reignite Seabiscuit’s old gyeongju instincts.

Toward the finish of 1936, Seabiscuit was starting to display signs of achieving success. The team operated hard and it payment off when he winner the Governor’s Handicap in Detroit. From over there they moved back to California whereby Howard had actually his residence base. They all set for a brand-new race that available a $100,000 purse by winning other races and also narrowly shedding the Santa Anita Handicap. This was your “coming out party” since until then nobody knew about them; currently everyone did after this loss. After an ext preparation ~ above the West Coast, lock headed eastern to take on few of the finest horses in America.

Seabiscuit to be the dominant horse in the East. He had a young injury as soon as War Admiral came earlier from a Triple Crown win, but he recovered and won again. The owner of war Admiral was tough to pin under for a race versus Seabiscuit, for this reason they didn’t meet before Seabiscuit returned home at the finish of summer.

In 1938, Pollard had a negative accident with among Howard’s other horses and was in the hospital. He argued that his girlfriend George Woolf take over because that him ~ above Seabiscuit, which he did. Back they come close come winning, they lost by a nose.


Howard continued to seek a match race v War Admiral, but it to be postponed. Pollard had healed sufficient to start training again and planned come ride Seabiscuit in the race. However, castle scratched the race at the last minute when Seabiscuit’s knees to be sore. After rest, he recovered just in time for one more injury the sidelined that for several months. Woolf reverted as his jockey after recovering indigenous an accident that his own earlier in the year. Lock raced with each other once much more before Seabiscuit experienced minor injuries that made him miss several races during summertime. He reverted to kind toward the finish of summer on the West Coast and also then went ago East whereby he won against War Admiral regardless of everyone else reasoning he’d lose.

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Seabiscuit had actually a severe injury in his leg, and most people thought the it would finish his career. However, Howard take it him come his ranch where he can rest and also heal. Pollard was likewise there after having actually spent five months in the hospital recovering native an accident. Both Seabiscuit and also Pollard slowly recovered, but they to be planning on to run again regardless of doctors’ warnings about another accident. In the end, Howard relented to Pollard’s pleas due to the fact that he thought that Seabiscuit’s old kind was ago when castle won their last race with each other at Santa Anita Park through 78,000 spectators watching them run for the very first time due to the fact that 1938.