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This Arizona base map highlights the location of the state capitol,Phoenix, andother significant cities transparent the state. Parts of Arizona"s border states,Nevada, Utah,New Mexico, andCalifornia are consisted of to display the relationship betweenArizona and also its neighbors. Arizona is bordered by Mexico ~ above the south. A little inset mirrors the position ofArizona amongst the various other 47 Continental joined States.

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The allude where Utah, Colorado, new Mexico, and also Arizona meet is dubbed "Four Corners" andis unique among the states.

Arizona base map, Courtesy of
This elevation map of Arizona illustrates the variety of feet or meter thestate rises over sea level. The lowest locations of the state space along the Colorado River whereby a low point of 70 feet over sealevel is reached.

The highest suggest in Arizona is in thenorthern part of the state.Humphrey"s Peak,at 12,633 feet over sea level have the right to be found in Coconino County around ten miles north ofFlagstaff.It"s component of the Kachina Peaks Wilderness Area.

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Arizona maps:Additional maps and also map links from geography:More Arizona geography from elevations:State elevations listed by typical elevation, state high allude and state low point.

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