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just wanted a few thoughts on this bike. Kinda an impulse buy and also whated to acquire into biking trails and also other off-road. Looks like a high quality bike, yet is the upgradable? i needed something cheaper now because i am short money, yet want come upgrade together i gain better. Things like disc brakes and also shocks. Any thoughts on it? and also other great upgrades come consider? thanks
i would prefer to obtain in come it an ext for the funny of it, not certain if i desire to really race or not, it is why i began low end.i live in iowa now, however i choose to travel and also 0ff-road everywhere with my truck and now this bike looks fun to. Know any an excellent spots near iowa and texas or everywhere between?

Instead of purchase a bike you room not certain is appropriate for friend why don"t you go to some smaller bike shops and see what they have that is used? A friend of mine picked up a really tricked out Team Fisher a few years back for $550. Brand-new it ran $1500. I obtained a year old GT for $300. Ns upgraded the compos top top it and to change it ns would easily be looking at $1200 or more. The only new bike I have bought is mine Cannondale.
Schwinn was bought out last year by Pacific (crap), and also they really room not made half as well together they to be 10 year ago. You"ll notification those points (along through GT) popping up in Target and Walmart. As much as upgradability, it really wouldnt be precious it. I"d go v a giant or Specialized...
You currently bought it right? I would ride that till the breaks, then gain someting better. Not waste your money upgrading it, conserve your money. Constantly buy indigenous a cycle shop, not a large retail store, also if you pay alittle much more it is worth it! and also as said over I would gain a specialized next time. Have fun riding!!
yea, i wanted to see exactly how much ns would favor the sport... At first i couldn"t find any kind of real trails to ride on, then a buddy of mine took me to a few and i have actually been having a blast! i choose the truth that i can be difficult on it since i to be cheap too, the only difficulties i have been having actually are with the moving of the bike and the brakes. I think i might shot and see if i can at least gain disc for it. However i am conserving for a devoted that i experienced it a shop the various other day, those space some nice bikes. Thanks for the help.
i to be looking at obtaining the enduro comp. It"s a small out the my range so hopfully i uncover a used one while i am conserving up.

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I have the exact same magnaflow too and love it, you have the right to usually get a provided one ~ above ebay or cragislist. I want a precious warranty therefore I got it here. Magnaflow 15842. Additionally some that the forum sponsors usually have a sale going on. Either method its a an excellent exhaust system, sound great, and an extremely easy to install.
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