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I"m do the efforts to day a Savage 99C yet having challenge as most dating i uncover stops at 1951. That is SN #1182810. Everyone have any kind of advise? It has a front sight with elevation ramp and the model is stamped on the next of the receiver simply behind and above the forend "Savage model 99C" it is .308 success Cal. If you need anything else off the gun allow me know and also i"ll get it for you. Thanks in advance guys!!

HelloThanks so much for the rapid reply mad_dog! have the right to i ask whereby i can reference a serial list through this info? if not.. Those the giveaway come the year? sorry i"d just like to know just how you knew therefore fast???

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Shopburb...You can"t always be SURE as to the date of manufacture with design 99s, also with a serial number. A more sure method is by what is called the "Lever ceo Code".As an example, if the serial number is provided to judge the date of manufacturer, then the examples (below) suggest that her rifle was made in 1968 as Joe (Mad Dog) said. However, to be much more sure of that date, examine out your lever Boss code ("LBC") i beg your pardon is a number (the inspector"s number) complied with by a letter indicating the year the manufacture. Keep in mind that her rifle"s serial number falls near the end of 1968 in my documents (below). Note the LBC... "19" is the inspector"s number and "V" represents the year 1968.U= 1967: 1134xxx, 1136xxx, 11391xxV= 1968: 1165XXX(16V), 1171xxx, 1172283(19V), 1184xxx (19V)W= 1969: A009045 (Jan), A226071 (June), A279775, A296xxx,The most accurate method of identify the year of manufacture of design 99 rifles do from 1949 to 1971 is by using what is referred to as the "Lever boss Code"... Even more accurate 보다 the rifle"s serial number.Savage began stamping an inspector"s number and also a letter in a poorly (and an extremely faintly) stamped oval top top the lever boss (the expansion on the lower, front side of the recipient in which the lever rotates) in 1949. This is what is called the �Lever boss Code�.Savage ongoing to use lever Boss code numbers & letters until 1971. The letter "O" and "Q" to be skipped and not used in the Code series due to their similarity. The number to be the inspector"s number add to the letter indicating the year of manufacture... ("A" was provided in 1949, "B" in 1950, "C" in 1951 and so forth)... And so, if a rifle were made in 1968 & inspected by Inspector #12, the would have actually a lever Boss password that looked like this (inside the oval): 12 V you re welcome look (you may need a magnifying glass) at your rifle and also tell us the bar Boss Code.
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