Oct. 4, 2010 — -- Let"s obtain this the end of the way: Jim Breuer"s no high. By his own admission, the comedian with the heavy-lidded eyes has "looked wrecked" due to the fact that the period of 6 (and, in ~ times, "Saturday Night Live"s" well known dearteassociazione.orgat Boy and also Joe Pesci impersonator has actually been under the influence as well -- but that component of life is behind that now).

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His stories room not the fantastical, rambling tales of a stoner. They"re revealing portraits that what happened behind the scene at "SNL" throughout his 1994-1998 tenure there, before he dearteassociazione.org on to star in "Half Baked" through Dave Chappelle and, an ext recently, construct a family-friendly style of comedy better suited come a married father of three, which that is now.

Below, inspect out Breuer"s "SNL" revelations, culled indigenous his new memoir "I"m not High: however I"ve obtained a the majority of Crazy Stories about Life as a dearteassociazione.orgat Boy, a Dad, and a spirituality Warrior" and his sit down with dearteassociazione.org.com:

~ above "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels" management style:

"He"d called my certified dealer he thought I could have to be "on something" at the audition. When I saw Lorne"s office, he just sat there eating indigenous a huge bowl of popcorn. It was the strangest and also most awkward company meeting I"d ever attended. The didn"t say lot at all together I rambled top top uncomfortably around my accomplishments. Eventually he came out v "I should tell you that some civilization want girlfriend here, and some don"t." Not precisely a poll of confidence for me."

On producing dearteassociazione.orgat Boy:

"dearteassociazione.orgat boy was one of two characters I would perform at bars, trying to pick up girls and get cost-free drinks. I would pretend I had actually Tourette"s, but instead of cursing, I"d usage the dearteassociazione.orgat noise. Like, "Hey man, deserve to I get couple beers and also we"re walking to carry out some shots." The more I would certainly commit, the harder civilization would laugh, and then someone would just dearteassociazione.org, "Drinks space on united state tonight.""

On previous "SNL"-ers norm MacDonald and also Chris Kattan butting heads during a "Twilight Zone"-themed map out with Pamela Anderson:

"During the rehearsal all week, and into the dress rehearsal Saturday night, chris was riding Norm around not law the appropriate Rod Sterling voice ... Simply as anyone in the lay out was trying to concentrate, Norm finally spoke up, unleashing a brutal tirade. "Hey, ah, Chris, Pamela knows you"re gay!" he yelled. "We all know you"re gay. So why don"t you simply come out of the closet and then friend wouldn"t be together an angry little gay guy. Christ, you"re always in everyone"s business! prevent hitting on chicks!" As soon as the finished, us all automatically heard, "Action!""

on Joe Pesci talk him because that his "SNL" impersonation before making a cameo ~ above the show:

"When I an initial met Pesci, I believed he was dearteassociazione.orging to put me in another movie. He literally want to death me. It to be bizarre, it was nuts. But then that did the "SNL" map out with De Niro and that to be the an initial time De Niro had done TV -- that was simply so incredible, ns felt prefer I to be dearteassociazione.orgd. That works v Pesci and De Niro?"

top top the so late comedian kris Farley hosting "Saturday Night Live" in 1997:

"He was a mess when he came in. Ns learned a lot around show business and also life and also false dreams and also hopes the week. They had actually Chris rock on hold and also they had a 24-hour nurse and here"s this guy who can die at any kind of second, and also it was simply like, "Well the show must dearteassociazione.org on" fairly than simply acknowledge that this guy can be dead in ~ any second and that obviously has actually a significant problem.

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"He came into my office saying, "I know you"ve dearteassociazione.orgt weed," and also he went with my drawers and also grabbed my stuff and then he dearteassociazione.orgt hold of Tracy . Then, later, he to be sweating and jittery, ns was looking in ~ him and also thinking, "Pot don"t do you do that."

"That week, he simply kept phone call me. That messed with my head, like, "Why is he calling me?" Saying, "Am ns funny? Or to be I just fat and stupid? Am i funny or to be I simply an a**hole?"

"It was tragic due to the fact that he was among the finest performers I"ve ever seen walk on there. The irradiate went on, he can crush anybody. He was the ultimate performer."

on his feelings around "Saturday Night Live" now:

"I don"t have any emotional attachments to it, never did, the was just a location where ns was in ~ the time. Ns knew when I to be there ns didn"t need to be top top every episode but when ns was on, I had actually to just knock it the end of the ballpark. People only remember the great sketches the you do, castle don"t mental the 400 the sucked. Human being say "You to be an amazing dearteassociazione.orgat Boy, you were an amazing Pesci." however there to be 40 that them the sucked.

"But I never watch it. When I left the show, i just had actually no desire. I can"t even look in ~ it the best way, I always see the whole an equipment that dearteassociazione.org behind it. I"ll clock a sketch and dearteassociazione.org, "Now I know they didn"t want to create that. Ns know exactly who wrote that. That man didn"t want to perform that.""