POWAY—A small, famous museum in Old Poway Park might be compelled to near its doors in a pair months uneven someone steps up to take it it over.

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The san Diego Toy & Doll Museum opened up in November 2014, devoted to showcasing antique toys and also dolls and to cultivating the concept of “play.”

Since then hundreds of children and also their family members have walked v the doors.

But founder and also president Elisa Ballard stated the museum’s future is in doubt because she and also her husband must move to the san Francisco area for household reasons.


The worst case scenario, Ballard said, is that they load up the perform — minus the display screens that room on loan — and move it come a brand-new location in the just area in April. Yet that would be a shame, she added.

“We’re hoping we don’t have to move the museum because it would be therefore nice to store it where it is,” Ballard said. “All generations of families seem to be comes in and also enjoying the exhibits and also having a family members bonding experience.”

Ballard has actually been to run the museum with the aid of plenty of volunteers who conduct play workshops. They believe that today’s kids, wedded together they space to their computers, room not obtaining the kind of play interaction that correctly stimulates their minds and contributes to ideal development.


Toys and also dolls from around the world can be checked out on display at the san Diego Toy and Doll Museum in Poway.
(Misael Virgen)
She and her husband have likewise been footing the invoice for the lease and upkeep.

“Unless we can discover someone to take it over and run the museum here, consisting of the financial responsibilities, us will need to move it approximately the just Area,” she said.

Ballard said it would cost about $100,000 a year come pay all museum expenses, consisting of the lease, and to rental an executive director and also part-time help.

Information about the museum and how to contact Ballard have the right to be uncovered at sdtoyanddollmuseum.org.

The toy and doll collection changes every couple of months. Right now a celebrity and cartoon doll exhibition is on screen as is a miniature model car exhibit.

Thousands the vintage items from exactly how Wheels to Barbies, Shirley holy place dolls to remarkable LEGO developments are contained in the long-term collection. On display screen are dolls of every varieties, part a century old or more, and toys native a dozens decades.

The site, in ~ 14031 Midland roadway in Poway, contains a small gift shop where donated neck dolls are for sale as well as brand-new versions that some classic toys like Mr. Potato Head and Barrel the Monkeys.

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The museum is open up on Thursdays, Fridays and also Sundays native 11 a.m. To 4 p.m. Top top on Saturdays from 10 a.m. Come 4 p.m. It will certainly be closeup of the door Easter Sunday. Join is

Most visitors come on Saturday once the wildly popular Poway Farmer’s sector takes place just feet indigenous the museum.

“It would certainly be good if we might find someone to store it going,” Ballard said. “A lot of of human being are saying how sad the is we’re closing. They simply can’t believe it.”