I have personally own (2) Mini-14 rifles and (1) Mini-30 (7.62X39) rifle and also have found them to it is in both reliable and also dependable. My existing rifle is a 188-series Ranch Rifle.223, i m sorry I have actually owned for approx. The last 15 years.

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Ruger Mini 14 rapid Facts:

- The Mini 14 rifle was originally designed

in 1974 and was obtained from the military M14, M1 Garand and also M1A Avery 5162 template totally free download.

Remains famous with small-game hunters, ranchers, regulation enforcement, defense personnel and target shooters


A dependable rifle easily accessible in many variations that has many obtainable factory and also aftermarket accessories.

Reasonably specific to targets out to

300 yards

Mini 14 owner Manual


Mini-14 (from 1974 come 1977)

The Ruger Mini-14 is a small, lightweight semi-automatic carbine manufactured Sturm, Ruger.The Mini-14 Ranch Rifle version have the right to fire both the .223 Remington cartridge and the similar military 5.56x45mm cartridge, when the target model is chambered only for the .223 Remington cartridge.

Ruger has offered a selective fire different of the Mini 14 because that sale, the AC-556, to police and also military customers. The distinction is the the AC-556 models have actually a slightly longer receiver. There is likewise a GB variation that is because that sale to military and is customized with brief barrels, speed hiders and other specialty accessories.

The Currently available Versions and Mini 14 configurations:

Ranch Rifle

This variant has actually scope bases combined into the receiver, and also an ejector that ejects the invested cartridge situation at a lower angle to avoid hitting a low-mounted scope. The old original Ranch Rifle rear vision was a folding-type aperture, which would certainly fit under a scope, and also lacked a winged former sight. Ruger mini 14 ranch rifle because that sale to civilians.

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Target Rifle

The Mini 14 Target versions attributes a 22-inch (560 mm) hefty barrel and also either a laminated hardwood or Hogue overmolded artificial stock

Overall Length and Weight:

Approx 37 Inches and Approx 5.25 pounds

Magazine and Capacity:

Removable crate magazine through a 30 round, 20 round, 10 or 5 ring .223 caliber capacity

Action:Semi automatically .223 caliber, 5.56X45 blowback action


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Ruger Mini 14 Serial Number 188 2

Check v Ruger to watch if 181 collection is still sustained with spare parts and also factory repairs. Info probably accessible on ruger.com, or get info over there to contact them. "For details on your specific serial number you may call our business Departments: • Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers: 603-865-2442.Ruger Rifles Serial numbers by Year for Ruger Rifles 1961 thru 1993.Jan 25, 2010 limit ring for design 188 mini-14. This is a discussion on limit ring for design 188 mini-14 in ~ the Ruger Semi-Auto forums, component of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; deserve to someone suggest scope rings for a SERIAL NO. 188-95914 KMINI-14/5R? This is a 15 year old mini the was still in the box with.