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I ultimately shot my brand-new Ruger M77 mark II in .257 Roberts today, and loved it. Great balance, and also I really loved the regulated round feeding and huge claw extractors. Very, an extremely solid rifle. I mounted a Sightron 3X9 top top it, and accuracy was about 1.5 teams at 100 (this is v no fill development, shoot 90 serial Sierra hollowpoints and also 38 gr. Of Varget). I have actually several Rem 700, all varmint rifles with synthetic stocks, and I have to say, the end of the box I perfer the Ruger. To mine suprise the stock cause was fine for me - the broke really clean and crisp. It has actually a hardwood stock, and I could just be a converted synthetic man. What a large difference in looks and feel. --Mykal
Sounds choose you acquired a winner Mykal. I provided to have a Ruger M77 in 257 Roberts about 16 year ago; it to be the tang safety model. In a right of idiocy, I offered it. So, discover from mine mistake and hang top top yours! Should have the ability to get a an excellent load or two tuned in for it.

Shawn: I"ll be maintaining this one. In fact, I"ve to be so impressed with my Rugers (I likewise have a Ruger 77/17 Target Grey model in .17 HMR) that I arrangement to get another 77/22 in .22 Hornet. I invested some time dry-fire practicing in the ago yard this particular day in various shooting positions. I need to say the create is much better than I believed it might be. I had virtually taken it because that granted that i would gain an after industry Reflix (sp) create for it, but I don"t see the need. The is simply a rifle the feels good in the hand. --Mykal
Guess i"m the grey dog here. If i shot a new rifle in a .257 Roberts and only obtained 1.5 grouping v 5 shots in ~ 100 yds. I"d it is in concerned. Ns wouldn"t do one more thing till I had actually the barrelled action cost-free floated, pillar posted and glass bedded. Climate I"d look in ~ the reloading manuals and also start v a medium pack that proved most accurate in the check guns, most likely from Lymans manual. Fire form, neck size, reload and fire again. If i wasn"t down to much less than 1" at 100 yds I"d be mentioning the outcomes with mine gunsmith and also having him check the rifle over.

Tamid: To each his own. I"m happy with 1.5, expecially considering ns haven"t even started to develop a good load yet. Great shooting! --Mykal

That ain"t bad with anybody"s out of the box production rifle. I"m guessing v a tiny load breakthrough and rest in it will certainly go under 1 moa easy.Try some IMR 4895 if you have actually it.I don"t know about the pillar bedding and all that however I would certainly probably have actually the barrel free floating before dark.

Float the barrel yes. Bed that if girlfriend can. Ruger 77"s are an extremely hard to bed correctly. Its that stupid front activity screw the throws everything off as soon as trying to bed it.No require for both pillers and also bedding. Simply one or the other will do. 1.5 inches at 100 yards with hand lots is a bit much for me too. Maybe just tweak the load, rise the barrel and let that go. I think the Rugers shoot far better without bedding. Floating that barrel can just gain you under an customs without poignant the load. Ns would try that first.
Mykal,Can"t seem come remember who stated it very first but, "the only amazing rifle is an accurate rifle". Guess accuracy is every to his own to determine.

Tamid: your quote (only accurate rifles space interesting) originates from Townsend Whelen. In Whelen"s very own writings, 1.5 at 100 conveniently falls within his an interpretation of exact for a searching rifle chambered in .257 Roberts. Together you say, each to his own with regards to a meaning of accurate. --Mykal
OK - to put a cap on this:A new rifle shoot 1.5 MOA the end of package with factory ammo is totally acceptable. Tweaked handloads to discover the sweet spot because that the particular firearm will certainly reduce this also more. Also, as the barrel laps, accuracy will improve.As far as hunting purposes, 1.5 MOA is acceptable, even to 300 yds.

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We all check out the write-ups by people saying the they shooting under half inch teams at 100 yards every day v every rifle lock own. Gift the realist that i am and also a believer in person nature 1 1/2 inch out of a brand-new rifle at 100 yards with what are handloads not even asserted to be tuned to the rifle? I"d be happy too! It speak me the this rifle is at least accurate enough to hunt deer or black color bear sized animals out come 300 yards No Problem! This is a great place come start. To tighten points up I"d shot neck sized brass. Then differnt powders and charge weights and different bullets. I wouldn"t even think of dinking through the rifle unless I could not discover a tighter group handload. If it ain"t broke, why solve it? no chewing on everyone here however heck, sounds prefer you have a winner! i hope as soon as I finally find a .257 Roberts of my very own it shoots as well right native the start.