This song’s simple melody and lyrics do it straightforward song come sing and play on the piano.

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On this page you can discover Notes, Chords and activities for the song, and a Printable PDF for free Download.

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Piano accuse Video

Click top top the button to watch a sing-along video and download one instrumental mp3 of this track for free.


Click ~ above the switch to clock a karaoke video and also download a PDF document with lyrics to this song for free.


Sheet music through chords in A

To save this cost-free music sheet of “Row, Row, Row, your boat” to your computer, ideal click and also choose “Save image As…”.


Sheet music v chords in C

To save this cost-free music sheet of “Row, Row, Row, her boat” to her computer, appropriate click and also choose “Save photo As…”.


Free Printable PDF with lyrics and also sheet music


To download a ready-to-print PDF of this track for music activities with a music sheet, lyrics and a drawing for children to paint, right click (or tap and hold) on the following link, then pick “Save link as…”.

Row, Row, heat Your boat – complimentary PDF download |

Teaching idea & activities

This is one more round (see likewise “Frère Jacques”, “Banuwa”, “Kookaburra” and “Jack and also Jill“). That way that the melody can be sung precisely the same by an ext voices, beginning one after the other. For this certain song the round come every one or every 2 measures.

When teaching a round, or a canon, try to permit the kids sing through themselves, rotate your ago to them and start singing the second voice there is no having described exactly what to be going come happen.

Some of castle will keep their voice, others will follow the teacher, yet the track sounds already in two voices. In ~ this point you deserve to teach the concept of the canon or round an ext easily , relying on the age and also the level that the class.

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In-class Activity

Children sit in pairs opposite to every other, join both hands and sway ago and soon in the tempo that the song.


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