Sixteen year old Romiette "Romi" Cappelle is an african American teenager living in Cincinatti, Ohio. Plagued by consistent dreams of drowning, Romi searches because that an understanding of her are afraid of water and also her recurring nightmares. Sixteen year old Julio Montague is a mexico teenager who has actually just moved to Cincinnati. Julio hates the cold weather in Ohio and also wishes he might move back home come his grandfather"s ranch. Julio knows its impossible since his parents moved from Texas because of the heavy gang existence in its schools. Once Julio meets Romi on line in a teen chat room and they discover that they attend the exact same high school, they build an immediate connection. Romi can"t think that Julio is so good looking, charming and also sensitive. Julio has never known another girl like Romi - beautiful, smart and also caring. Although no Romi no one Julio watch their different races as a problem, other people begin to thing to your budding romance. Julio"s father speak him right out the he will certainly never provide of his boy dating a black girl. And also then there space the Devildogs, an african American corridor at school who wear all purple and also make the glaringly apparent to Romi and Julio that they don"t choose the races mixing. Once Romi and Julio stand up to the gang members and also turn the tables on them, the corridor members threaten to get even. The hazard escalates as soon as the gang begins stalking the pair and making overt hazards with guns. Julio and Romi room terrified through the threats of violence. When Romi, Julio and their finest friends Ben and also Destiny create a plan to break away from the gang"s grip, Romi and Julio uncover themselves captured up in a deadly situation.Click right here to check out the remainder of this testimonial

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Plot & Themes

Time/era that story - 2000+ (Present Day)Forbidden/mismatched love? - YesHow mismatched? - interracial loving!Who: - mommaIf one lover chases another... - they alternate

Main male Character

Profession/status: - studentAge/status: - a teenIf he"s not white he should be...

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- hispanicUnusual characteristics? - very naive/shy - Doesn"t understand where to placed weiner

Main Female character

Age/status: - a teenProfession/status: - studentIf she"s no white she must be... - blackUnusual characteristics: - very shy


United states - YesThe US: - Northeast

Writing format

Accounts the torture and also death? - generic/vague referrals to death/punishmentWhat % of story is romantic related? - 90%How clear is the sex? - descript of kissingFocus of story - same on him and also herHow much dialog - approximately even quantities of descript and dialog
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