TRIVIUM's MATT HEAFY works with With popular music Singer RICHARD MARX ~ above 'Metal' variation Of 'Right below Waiting'

April 19, 20210Comments


TRIVIUM frontman Matt Heafy has actually collaborated v pop singer Richard Marx ~ above a "metal version" the Marx"s classic ballad "Right right here Waiting".

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Heafy questioned the pairing during a new interview with the "Bringin" it Backwards" podcast. Asked just how the collaboration came about, Matt stated (as spelling by "I observed his kid was wearing a TRIVIUM shirt, so ns hit him up on society media. super-amazing guy. We continued to be in touch. One day, i , "Hey, let"s carry out a song together." and also then the texted me, "Let"s perform it." So ns did a metal version the "Right right here Waiting". The did the vocals on that already. It"s sick. Will Putney native FIT for AN AUTOPSY is mix the song."

The initial version the "Right here Waiting" to be released in June 1989 as the 2nd single from Marx"s sophomore album, "Repeat Offender". The tune was a an international hit, topping charts transparent the world, consisting of the U.S., wherein it got to No. 1 top top the Billboard hot 100.

"Right below Waiting" has been extended by numerous artists in the past, consisting of Monica for she album "The boy Is Mine".

Between 1987 and also 1995, Marx fight the top 20 v 14 songs, including three directly No. 1 hits — "Right right here Waiting", "Hold On come The Nights" and "Satisfied" – and had three various other songs, consisting of "Now and Forever", top the Adult contemporary chart. Follow to the New Hampshire Union Leader, that is the just male artist ever to have his very first seven singles reach the height 5 top top the Billboard charts.

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Richard Marx x Matt Heafy!?! now

— Matthew kiichichaos Heafy (

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