Your Transit Hub

Located in the love of downtown Richmond, main Street station is an active Amtrak train station. The is likewise the Richmond region’s premier multimodal transport center, with regional buses, consisting of The GRTC Pulse – Richmond’s bus fast transit line, nationwide buses, bike rentals, car services and electric auto charging. For this reason it’s not just a ar to go. It’s a location of connection.

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By Train

Main Street terminal is Amtrak’s downtown Richmond (RVM) location, with organization on the Northeast regional Train. Phibìc to south, service goes native Richmond to DC, brand-new York, Hartford, Providence/Springfield and also Boston, and also east come west come Norfolk/Newport News and Virginia Beach. Or, of course, you have the right to head come DC and also transfer to just about anywhere Amtrak serves.

Plans are at this time underway because that high-speed rail business from key Street station to metropolitan downtowns up and down the east corridor. Recently, plan were authorized for a high-speed passenger rail line from Richmond to Raleigh, and also a northbound high-speed line is currently in the works. Click because that tickets and schedules.


By Bus

The higher Richmond Transit agency (GRTC) is the Richmond region’s urban and also suburban bus line, with numerous buses operation every day. Key Street terminal is within 2 blocks of plenty of of GRTC’s significant routes. It’s also right on GRTC’s Pulse line, Richmond’s east-west bus rapid transit system. Speak to 804-358-4782 because that details, or visit

Main Street terminal is also a connecting allude for Megabus, which supplies low-cost take trip to cities throughout the country on high-quality buses. Arrivals and also departures because that Megabus are just throughout the street in the Richmond take trip Plaza. For tickets and also schedules, go to your website.


By Bicycle

The 52-mile Virginia capital Trail bike follow goes indigenous Richmond to Williamsburg, adhering to the James River and the scenic byway path 5. The Virginia capital Connector bikeway from main Street station takes you appropriate to the trail’s starting point. And this is likewise the ideal ar to rent a bike. The Richmond cycle Share regime at key Street Station allows you pay a short fee to rental a bike because that a couple of hours, and also return the to among dozens of stations transparent RVA. Also, bicycle rental service providers Adventures in RVA are within just a few blocks, and the nearby RVA on wheel has electric bikes because that rent, too. Care to carry your very own bike? GRTC buses are all equipped with bike racks.


Electric car Charging Stations

For electrical cars, main Street terminal will be the premier charging hub in main Virginia. Our parking lots currently feature 4 charging stations, through level two and level 3 service, and a Tesla charging station. Four much more charging stations space planned for next year.

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Park and also Explore

If you prefer to drive your very own car and explore the downtown, park your auto at key Street Station. There room three well-lit automatic parking too many in two areas at the station. Parking is totally free for the first hour, $1 one hour ~ that, and $6 max every day relying on the lot.