WASHINGTON, D.C. - at Survivor Series, Batista unleashed the full degree of his unrelenting fury on his previous friend Rey Mysterio, administering a merciless strike that left the official no selection but to protect against the match. Match photos

Though the high-octane Mysterio showed the dearteassociazione.org world every little of his heart from the opened bell, battling because that the attack with everything he had, the enraged animal would at some point descend upon his prey with absolute havoc. In the last moments that the match, the fans erupted as Mysterio looked to be heading to a vast victory of redemption with the 619. However, together Mysterio attempted come channel the late Eddie Guerrero through a follow up frog splash, Batista"s raised knees signaled the beginning of a shocking end.

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The vicious animal proceeded come level Mysterio v an earth-shattering spear, a thunderous spinebuster and also three terrible Batista Bombs, never once going for a cover. It to be clear the he had actually no interest in just winning. He want Mysterio to it is in humiliated. Also after the official attempted to finish the relentless penalty by signaling for the bell, Batista"s rampage ongoing with the execution of a post match spinebuster onto an unforgiving stole chair. Mysterio was left in agonizing pain in ~ the hands of a Superstar that as soon as meant whatever to him.

Standing side by side, the 2 former human being Champions have actually won sign team yellow (Watch), grieved the lose of a "family member" (Watch Eddie Guerrero Tribute), and forged a powerful bond in countless squared one battles. But when both Superstars, together with CM Punk, were selected to an obstacle World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker in ~ dearteassociazione.org Bragging rights in a deadly Four method Match, the fuse was lit because that an explosive parting of ways.

In a complement where every Superstar would certainly be for himself, Mysterio quit Batista native a possible pin over The Deadman. The Undertaker go on come triumph, pinning Batista v a devastating Tombstone. Just seconds later, in a horrific minute that the dearteassociazione.org universe will never ever forget, The pet suddenly snapped, attacking the stunned grasp of the 619 with an indescribable assault.

Five days later on SmackDown, Mysterio do the efforts to mend the mighty rip in your heartfelt alliance, however Batista would have actually none the it. Persuaded his the next ally expense him the human being Title, the stone-faced Superstar walked out of the ring with much more rage in his eye than ever before.

When SmackDown general Manager Theodore long made a match in between the two former friends at Survivor Series, points went from negative to worse. At the main contract signing, The animal demanded that Mysterio sign a "Hold harmless Agreement," preventing legal action against him because that anything he could do come his opponent at the pay-per-view. After ~ reluctantly signing it, The can be fried Underdog proceeded to humiliate his newfound adversary, flipping the signing table onto him, adding insult come injury as he stepped onto it while making his exit.

Two days before their pay-per-view showdown, after Batista price Mysterio his match with Tyson Kidd by disqualification, the masking Superstar found an opened to dish out an additional embarrassing hit-and-run strike on the man he once called a brother. One irate Batista fail to record Mysterio and was left v nothing however egg ~ above his confront for the second week in a row.

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Though Mysterio was bound and also determined to show Batista a next of him he has actually never seen before at Survivor Series, in the end, his heart to be not enough to conquer the furious bite the The Animal. And also now that Batista has actually released his insane wrath upon a Superstar he once called family, no one on SmackDown is safe.