Revenge that the Nerds(1984)
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Label:BMGLabel number:32038
Running time:not top top fileShipping date:March 31st, 1998
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Album Tracklist
2.Don"t Talk<4:05>
3.One Foot in front of the Other<3:11>
5.Revenge of the Nerds<3:20>
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What is the track at the end of the movie heard when the brothers conserve Gilbert indigenous the soccer team? it is a hefty bass guitar, and also I don"t understand if it is a tune from the album....from BENin INDIANA(answer BEN"s question)
Q:I"m looking for the "Tri Lambda" rap, or "The Nerds Rap" or every little thing it"s called. I haven"t uncovered it anywhere. Additionally the tune played when Takashi rides the bike.... Anyone?(from tullingin Norway)
A:The tricycle track is "Takashi"s Song: A Bicycle developed for Two." (thanks to just a helper,a tiny town)add much more info
A:At the finish the tune is dubbed "Revenge that the Nerds techno rap" (thanks to marty,california)add much more info
Q:Who is the violin player on the campus stage?(from diegoin MILANO - LOMBARDIA - ITALIA - EUROPA)
A:The violin player for the Talent show is Poindexter. (thanks to Mr. Ed,Bay Area, CA)add more info
Q:Who composed & what is the name of the tune the nerds do at the carnival close to the finish of the movie?(from billin mountain diego,ca.)
A:"They"re therefore Incredible" by Revenge. It can be discovered on iTunes (thanks come John,Oxford, MS)add much more info
Q:I"m searching for the song, "In the Nerds" finale, once in the Talent Show section of the Homecoming Carnival the Tri-Lam"s provide a virtuoso performance, sealing a excellent song and also dance routine by supplementing it through an old-school TRS-80 shade Computer through an Audio Spectrum Analyzer cartridge for unique effects. I beg your pardon doesn"t even take into account Gilbert and Lewis" Kraftwerk inspired DJ collection and Poindexter"s fluttering violin licks. The capper? Lamar and Wormser dressed favor Thriller-era MJ, performing part impossibly smooth moon-walking the would put Justin Timberlake come shame." I uncovered a brief .wav paper of it and also they referred to as it the Nerd"s win Song, but it"s not in the Sound Track and no matter just how I perform a find for it, ns still can"t discover it. Tried desperately on iTunes, yet nothing. Have the right to anyone assist me?(from Reniein Milwaukee, WI, USA 53207)
A:You can discover this track on YouTube, and also YouTube videos have the right to be convert to MP3 files (there are number of websites that offer this company for free, a Google search for "youtube come mp3" will administer many results, however video2mp3.net is a an excellent one to use). Or, friend can conveniently copy the track from the DVD using your computer system if you desire the highest quality. However, video2mp3.net walk a pretty great job. (thanks come MrNerdGuy,Mt. Juliet, TN 37122)add an ext info
Q:What is the name of the talent display song? Is there a means I might get sheet music for it? What an essential is the track in?...from Tylerin California(answer Tyler"s question)
Q:What"s the track playing in the talent show?...from The devilin VA(answer The devil"s question)
Q:What song is play in the "Do the on the moon" scene?...from Mel Liniumin ras Vegas, NV, US(answer Mel Linium"s question)
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