After more than 40 years, the to adjust of Bishop F.C. Barnes reflects no authorize of slowing down. His total commitment to serving the Master and lifelong love of gospel music proceed to it is in the driving forces in the life of this quietly impressive man.

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As a teenager in Rocky Mount, north Carolina, Bishop Barnes spent many of his time playing piano, singing and directing the choir in ~ the point out Chapel Baptist Church. After answering his speak to to the to adjust in 1955, Bishop Barnes went on to uncovered the Red Budd divine Church in 1959 and also later, lead the flock at the St. Paul holy Church in Maple Hill, NC the latter of which that still serves together pastor. That was likewise during this period that Bishop Barnes received his Doctorate that Divinity degree from the Goldsboro, NC - based unified Christian College.

Although pastoring is of an excellent importance come Bishop Barnes, it would certainly be music which would certainly catapult him to national prominence. About 1979, Bishop Barnes to be doing a radio broadcast at WSRV in Rocky Mount, NC, i beg your pardon is wherein he met Rev. Zenith Brown. They recorded "It"s Me Again Lord" at house on a reel-to-reel ice cream recorder just to pat on your broadcast. Anytime the song aired, civilization would contact in to the station asking them come play it again. They called so often that the station"s manager encouraged them to make a document of it so the he might legally play it. Bishop Barnes and Rev. Brown went into the studio and also recorded the song in addition to "Come on In The Room". The single eventually captured the ear of Wendell Parker that at the time functioned at waiting Records. He climate played it because that Ron Freeman, the owner the the label. Mr. Freeman love it and he available them a record contract. The rest, as it is said, is history.

They ultimately would document eight albums together, highlighted by the smash hit song "Rough next Of The Mountain". The album of the very same name continued to be number 1 on the gospel charts because that over a year, offering over 500,000 copies. It continues to offer strongly to this day. Rev. Brown parted in 1988 to get married and also Bishop Barnes developed a team he called Company, i m sorry presently is composed of his nieces Deborah Barnes, Wanda Barnes, and Lisa Barnes.

During his much more than 20 years and 14 releases with AIR, Bishop Barnes has been featured on jobs with is kid Luther Barnes and also the Red Budd combined Choir. The Bishop likewise originally organized the Sunset Jubilaires, today one of AIR"s most well-known artists. "I was their very first musician and also lead singer", Bishop Barnes remembers. "After i was dubbed into the ministry and began pastoring, it take it me away from the group, for this reason my brothers Haywood take it over as lead singer". The Sunsets now function Luther as their primary lead singer.

Bishop Barnes and also Company"s latest collection, "Come on In The Room", harkens back to gospel"s "Golden Era", incorporating several of the songs and also sound Bishop Barnes thrived up with. "My mind took me earlier to the way we offered to sing". States Bishop Barnes. "This project features plenty of of the songs that have been a component of my life down with the years. Us took those songs and did our ideal to song them the method I mental they supplied to it is in sung, and to carry the pure sound of gospel music earlier to the people.

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Bishop Barnes received The phibìc Carolina folk Heritage award September 12th, 2000.

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